PFT Live: Will Palmer be the Raiders’ QB?

Mike Florio gives the Oakland Raiders an offseason to-do list. The Raiders need to decide whether they will keep Carson Palmer at quarterback. Based on recent performance, he’s making too much money. Will he accept a pay cut? They also have to decide whether it makes sense to keep the injury-prone Darren McFadden who’s in the final year of his contract and more.This video is no longer available. Click here to watch more NBC Sports videos!

5 responses to “PFT Live: Will Palmer be the Raiders’ QB?

  1. I totally agree with everything you said Florio. I just doubt the fan base actually has the patience to let Reggie McKenzie and Dennis Allen do their job.

  2. Unload them both (McFadden and Palmer) now! Rebuild the team and give Pryor a chance to develop as the quarterback or go after Smith in S.F. Palmer and McFadden has to go……….

  3. I have to watch the video, but no doubt the raiders need to keep both DMC, and Palmer next year, as well as Tommy Kelly. Pay DMC, and renegotiate Kelly, and Palmer. DHB, Huff, McClain, Briesel, can also come to the table and renegotiate.

    Place the tag on Lechler, and try to resign Shaunessy, Des B., Meyers, & Wheeler for sure, and hopefully Goodson, Mitchell, and maybe Gaither.

    Draft the DT from Utah

  4. This year is Palmer’s final one. They won’t let him go, he has this year to get back Jacoby Ford and back to the power run offense coming back and work out of play-action again (his strength) but with a real running game threat again.

    As far as $ goes Palmer, amoungst others with HAVE to restructure, also DHB and a few others.

    Huff should be gone immediately, he is horrible, can’t tackle/cover/or lead, he has been fooling us all for years. I like him as a person and always been good to the fans but wow kid is bad.

  5. Palmer HAS to restructure his contract. DHB, Huff, McLain, Kelley, and Briesel should pack their bags. Get Wheeler to re-sign..he’s getting better every year. Sorry Raider Nation…Pryor is NOT a starting QB in the NFL. Palmer, along with Moore, Ford, Streater, and Criner will be fine when the power run game kicks in. I loved Bush stepping in for DMac last year…solid job, but Goodson has the “home run” ability that Bush didn’t.Palmer, DMac, Goodson, Ford, Reece, Moore…better offense than a LOT of other teams. The Def and injuries killed the Raiders last year.

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