Promoter admits Ray Edwards’ opponent was “terrible”

Getty Images

We noted yesterday that former Vikings and Falcons defensive end Ray Edwards won a boxing match against an out-of-shape opponent who fell to the canvas without Edwards even hitting him. But it turns out that Edwards’ opponent was even worse than previously believed.

Initially, Edwards was supposed to fight some guy named Mike Smith, who had only boxed once before, and had lost that one fight by first-round knockout. That Mike Smith wasn’t me, and it wasn’t Edwards’ coach during his time with the Falcons, but whoever it was, he didn’t show up to the weigh-in. That left the fight’s promoter, Cory Rapacz, scrambling to find a replacement. And the only replacement Rapacz could find was some guy named Nick Capes, who isn’t even a heavyweight and who entered the fight with a record of 0-3, with all three of his career fights being first-round knockout losses.

Rapacz acknowledges that Capes had no shot, but Capes was the only licensed professional boxer who could be found to step into the ring with Edwards on short notice.

We knew he was terrible as one of the fights was on YouTube,” said Rapacz on Facebook, via FOX-9 in the Twin Cities. “It was obvious what we were getting. He had a federal ID and was over 200 pounds so we took him.”

Edwards is expected to step into the ring next month against either Van Goodman, whose record is 2-3-2, or John Moxey, whose record is 1-2. Sadly, either one of those guys would have the best record of any opponent Edwards has faced in his brief boxing career.