Scouting Combine won’t include John Lott

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When this year’s crop of incoming rookies heads to Indianapolis next week and shows up for their effort to bench-press 225 pounds as many times as they can (or, in the case of Fred Smoot, to do it once), a familiar face won’t be there, straining and yelling and screaming at them to get one more.

According to the Cardinals, strength and conditioning coach John Lott won’t be attending this year’s Scouting Combine.  Instead, he’ll be staying in Arizona to work with rehabbing players and supervise any players in working out on their own, according to the team.

Still, Lott has been barking at the bench-pressers for 16 years, and every year the Cardinals have players rehabbing and working out on their own.  It’s unclear why a new approach is being used now.

Lott’s antics have in the past prompted complaints regarding the fact that he pushes the players beyond their comfort zone, risking injury with that last rep or two.

“Who cares if my guy gets 24 instead of 27 reps?” one agent told PFT last year.  “No one has ever won a football game because of how many times a guy can lift 225 pounds with his arms.”

While there still may be someone else pushing guys to push the bar up an extra time or two, the guy who’ll be doing it won’t be John Lott.

23 responses to “Scouting Combine won’t include John Lott

  1. He won’t be missed. Looks like ANOTHER so called strength “coach” who looks like he never lifted weights in his life.

  2. “Who cares if my guy gets 24 instead of 27 reps?” one agent told PFT last year. “No one has ever won a football game because of how many times a guy can lift 225 pounds with his arms.”

    probably not. but players have slipped down the draft board some for not maximizing their effort. which costs them $$.

  3. I understand that Manti Te’o wants to do the 15 minute personal interviews by email at the combine. Mike, could you check that out for me.

  4. If I’m not mistaken that is the same agent who said I don’t care if my guy gets picked in the first round or the third round.

  5. saw this coming, got to be a little too much about John Lott towards the end there…remember him calling Tom Zbikowski “Rudy” one year, Tom was not too happy about that…

  6. This year they will have a guy named Norman who asks the players “Are you O.K.? Don’t get carried away now, those darn weights are heavy. Do you want to stop and get hydrated? Just imagine you’re strolling through a field of clover with your new puppy dog. The sun is shining, song birds fill the air with their cheery notes, gophers poke their heads from their burrow to scold you…Is that better? I thought so….”.

  7. I think the combine is a total waste of time as these players have videos of the games they have played so putting them through this combine is just another media circus with little value.

  8. He’ll be missed. I love watching him, get the big boys amped up. I have a feeling if Warmack lifts it’s going to be a sight.

  9. ” he pushes the players beyond their comfort zone”

    You obviously have never had a strength coach. I figured based on your size, but you surely have to been exposed to one at some point. It’s their job to push people past what are perceived as one’s limits. It’s the only way to get better.

  10. Smoot did not lift at the combine. Lifted at his pro day. As usual you don’t know what you are talking about!

  11. These players should risk getting a hernia before they even get a paycheck? I know it’s a different sport, but Kevin Durant couldn’t do many bench presses either. A player can play or he can’t. And these coaches and scouts MISS on a LOT of players just the same.

  12. What I want to see is how the guy reacts to being coached. does it matter the final count of reps probably not, but do I see the kind of guy that responds to a coach positively or negatively when he is out of his comfort zone and he knows his future may be on the line.

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