Secaucus, Carlstadt mayors threaten to withhold emergency services during Super Bowl

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As the countdown for Super Bowl XLVIII begins, we’ve got a feeling that the New York edition of the game will raise plenty of issues and questions and topics and news items.

Here’s the latest:  The mayors of Seacausus and Carlstadt are threatening to withhold emergency services for the day of the game, according to

Hey, what’s a New York/New Jersey Super Bowl without a little New York/New Jersey attitude?

A lengthy statement issued last week explains the reasoning, which has nothing to do with the fact that the game will be played on a Sunday in early February.  “The teams have never been good corporate neighbors to the region,” Carlstadt mayor William Roseman said, referring to the Jets and Giants.  “The teams don’t care about budget caps and what the impacts are on the taxpayers of Carlstadt.  I had to cut back my police department budget by a total of a million dollars over the last several years.  While we are forced to lay off Police Officers, the owners of the Jets and Giants are filling their pockets at taxpayers’ expense.”

Roseman later suggested that the emergency services will be provided, if his town is compensated for its costs.

“I don’t think that’s an unreasonable thing to request,” Roseman said.  “We feel as though we give and we give and we give and we get nothing back.  And we just can’t give anymore.  We can’t afford it.”

The points are valid, but it’s also critical that proper emergency services be available on the day of the game.  And I’m not just saying that because I’ll be there.  (Although I’ll admit that’s part of it.)

Here’s hoping that this and all other issues relating to an open-air, cold-weather Super Bowl get worked out.  And that Mother Nature decides not to take a gigantic white crap on the region on game day.

36 responses to “Secaucus, Carlstadt mayors threaten to withhold emergency services during Super Bowl

  1. Chances of the NFL paying up: 0.

    Chances of the NJ state government actually allowing emergency services to be withheld: -12.

    NFL wins again.

  2. “But…but…but..I’m John Mara. Things have been given to me my entire life! You must give me what I want, because I am John Mara!”

  3. The stadium and the Giants’ headquarters are in the town of East Rutherford. The teams have no obligation whatsoever to help finance the surrounding towns. Carlstadt is complaining because routes 17, 120, and 503 approaching/leaving the stadium from/to the north are in Carlstadt, so they get tons of traffic, but no revenue. Secaucus is complaining because all the passengers now coming via train generally transfer in Secaucus, but they never have to leave the station building to do so – again, no revenue for the town.

  4. I think the mayors are saying that the week in extra spending placed on emergency departments because of super bowl with no NFL kick back or tax benefit is counter productive to the local area as a whole.

  5. Anti-New Yorkers should put aside their hatred and root for this SB to be successful. It will be the first SB where real fans have a prayer of going b/c corporate heads will not tolerate the weather. If this game succeeds, other stadiums in cold climates have a prayer of hosting too.

  6. I’m flabbergasted. The 1% ers are greedy and will suck everything they can from the Middle and lower classes and the taxpayers? I’m shocked that the NFL billionaire owners would do such a thing.

  7. Try with holding emergency services from someone and budget problems will be the least of these Mayor’s worries. After the lawsuit that would be filed ,that somone would own those one or both of those towns.

  8. “granadafan says:
    Feb 12, 2013 4:29 PM
    I’m flabbergasted. The 1% ers are greedy and will suck everything they can from the Middle and lower classes and the taxpayers?”

    You’re an idiot. The Giants/Jets aren’t sucking anything from anyone. Met Life was built with private funds, not public. Because of that the team don’t have to give jack to the surrounding governments outside of the normal taxes. The governments didn’t want to pay, but now they want to play? Yeah, no. Security should be set up the same as every other Super Bowl. If the local emergency services are compensated, then compensate them. If not, then don’t. Its not as if the mayors of Seacacus and Carlstadt are going to kick back any of the new tourist money from the SB to the NFL or Giants/Jets.

  9. Poor blue staters. Eventually they find that no matter how high taxes are (and taxes are extremely high in NJ and NY), if you don’t control spending, there will never be enough money.

  10. Yea, but who would want to own Secaucus or Carlstadt? They would have to be nuts. If they win that lawsuit they lose.

  11. I’ve lived in NJ my whole life. I’m OK if the Giants or Jets don’t pay anything to the state, but at least call yourself the New Jersey Giants or the Jersey Jets.

  12. edge661 says:
    Feb 12, 2013 4:07 PM
    Should of never granted ny with a sb.

    they didn’t they gave it to NJ………

  13. Tax payments on the training center are covered by an arrangement that dates back to the New Jersey Sports & Exposition Authority’s construction of Giants Stadium in the 1970s, according to John Samerjan, a spokesman for NJSEA. The authority, which still owns the property, pays about $6 million annually to East Rutherford in place of property taxes for the Meadowlands complex, which also includes a horse-racing track and the Izod Center.

  14. The NFL should gladly pay for addtional security and emergency services — of course, they should bid those contracts out and we’ll see whether Seacausus and Carlstadt can provide service on par with other cities and/or private providers.

  15. Gee mayors, I guess you don’t get any economic benefits from TWO franchises located next to you. Requesting payment for services is one thing…trashing your towns’ two Golden Geese is another.

  16. Dear Part-Time Mayors:

    Care to contemplate how much money your residents earn from working in NYC, and then taking the 5:15 into your town with the money?

    As far as calling the teams “NJ” Giants and Jets, I’d wager the stadium is closer to NYC than many sports franchises are to their namesakes.
    How many NFL/NBA/NHL teams are still playing in the city on their jerseys?

  17. Lets see what would those two town have to offer anyway I go to every Giants game have never seen anything other then State Police.

    Secaucus used to be the home of pig farms then Hartz Mt bought all the land with bird seed money and it is the home of large warehouses.
    And no one going to Metlife would have any reason to enter the town proper.

    Carlstat another fine town and the home of not so big warehouses.
    Local bars gas stations and diners may see some football cash but neither town has anything to offer a football fan.

    The Highways go thru there towns but as to emergency services????

    What services are this two clowns holding back?
    Yes your neighboring town is the home of the Giants and Jets your towns are the home of nothing

  18. How far off is this super bowl?

    The drama is already . . . . I don’t think there is a word for it.

  19. road 3500 said it best; surrounding towns want money from the Giants and Jets? why because they have it? that’s ridiculous. should Springsteen pay them when he has three weeks of concerts? it was said that this area is the highest taxed and its soooooo right. the revenue from the SB will offset any need for “emergency services”. stop you’re whining and maybe we will get another SB

  20. First thing Goodell has done to better the game. Football was made for the outdoors. Just wish it was on real grass.
    Why are we calling this a New York.super bowl? The stadium is clearly located in New Jersey. I’m sure NYC will be compensated by the league. Due to being the “host city”. Yet they are not hosting. Just the cities teams. The teams that share a stadium, and aren’t even located in thier respective city. What a joke.

  21. How many NFL/NBA/NHL teams are still playing in the city on their jerseys?

    My bet is that the vast majority are in the same state as their namesake at the very least. NY has one team and that would be the Bills. NJ has 2- Giants and Jets.

  22. Everyone whining about them being called the NJ Jets/Giants are morons. New York is referring to the city, not the state. If the bengals stadium was moved a quarter mile away, it would be in Kentucky, and guess what, they would still be the Cincinnati Bengals

  23. This is why suburbia is fundamentally screwed-up. You have 30 towns in one small area, and none of them give a crap about their neighbors, and everyone has their local little big-wigs.

    If these guys can’t afford their cops, here’s an idea: merge with the (otherwise-indistinguishable) town next door.

  24. NJ towns have mutual aid agreements for fire, EMS and police. These mayors are not really going to withhold anything, otherwise, East Rutherford will not respond to emergencies in their towns.

  25. I hope mother nature does take a big giant white crap on the region so that this stupid idea is never thought about again ever. The Super Bowl is more than just a game played on Sunday night. It’s an event that lasts two weeks. They can’t even have the NFL Experience because there’s no room in NY. WTF!!! For kids and parents, that was one of the best outside functions out there. Throw NY their bone, then never ever ever do this again.

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