Antonio Brown ready to become a leader for the Steelers

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The Steelers let several veteran players go before the 2012 season and there figure to be more departures this offseason as the team continues to say goodbye to key members of teams that went to two of the last five Super Bowls.

Many have noted that a lot of the leadership from those teams has been lost as the Steelers transition away from those players, something that wide receiver Antonio Brown hopes to address by taking on more responsibility for guiding the team back to the winning record that eluded them in 2012. Brown told the team’s website that he wants to serve as a bridge from the teams of the past to the Steelers of the future.

“We have a lot of young guys,” Brown said. “A lot of guys haven’t been around here for the history of this team. I want to make sure guys understand the importance of being here, the tradition and what is required from our peers, coaches and everybody inside this building. You have to know the history of something if you are a part of it. You have to know where it started, where it came from and what it’s about. You know where you are with it now and where you want to go. I can help teach guys about that and take that type of approach. Every man here has to understand the importance of what the Steelers logo stands for, the men that came before us and wore the jersey and we have to understand the importance of it, be humbled by it and work with that mentality.”

If Mike Wallace leaves as a free agent, Brown will have more on-field responsibilities as well in 2013. It’s the natural progression for a player the Steelers gave a long-term extension last year to serve as the foundation of their receiving corps, albeit one that further underlines the way things are changing in Pittsburgh.

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  1. This guy goes about his business the right way and fits perfectly into the blue collar mold of Pittsburgh, not that it matters but he’s definitely got this Ravens fan’s respect.

  2. Good for you AB. But the Steelers logo does not stand for showboating after every 1st-down catch. Please live by your words this season.

  3. I am really interested to see the contract Wallace gets. I hope it is much larger then Brown’s. If it is close that will be upsetting because Wallace is a much better player to have on the roster. Brown is an average wr with an above average contract. Not good business.

  4. Just hold on to the ball Bruh! lol all jokes aside it’s ABs time to shine..its gona be hard if Wallace leaves but he will be a Pro Bowler in 2013-14.

  5. Certainly doesn’t play l like a leader. In 2010 he was the number2/3. It is always easier to play well when you are the forgotten man. NO Wallace, No Ward etc. He is a little guy with some speed.

    Also, stop acting like you won the SB every time you get a first down.

  6. AB is the hardest working guy in camp at practice and in the film room. That’s how he made the team. Working harder than everyone else. If Mike Wallace hadn’t been afraid to work for that big contract he wants he’d have it now and be staying in Pittsburgh. Instead he showed his ego is more important than the team.
    To me that says deal breaker time to go.
    If Ab can teach newbies his work ethic then I think he’ll be a heck of a leader. Better than someone teaching younger players that getting paid is all it’s about.
    I mean seriously, I bet alot of you armchair QB’s out there would give a left nut to be an NFL player. I know I would and I wouldn’t need multi-millions to do it. When you sign on in the NFL you sign on to a team. Your job is to make that team better not just your bank account bigger.
    All Pittsburgh asked Wallace to do was show up. He was still under contract. He knew the team had cap problems and instead of helping he took the selfish way out. Then when he did come back he sucked in the new offense he should have been there to learn at camp and OTAS.
    If your work deserves it you should get a better contract and more cash but after this year would Pittsburgh be justified to ask him to take less because of his performance?
    With AB, Sanders, Cotchery, Burress, Gilreath as a base I think the WR position will be fine next year.
    We should be more worried with the TE positon.

  7. It cracks me up everytime i hear someone say “he’s under contract and he should honor that”. I think Wallace did nothing wrong. He’s been a big part of the steelers and they should pay him. Why shouldn’t he try holding out for more money? Everytime a player holds out for more money you hear fans and owners crying about them not honoring their contracts, but the owners seldom honor players full contracts. They think its ok to cut players when ever they want. How often do owners actually honor a full contract? Oh hey we paid you a 100 million dollar contract for 6 yrs, but you got hurt your first year into that contract trying to win games for me, sorry bout your luck. Your cut say goodbye 100 mil. If the owners can cut ties anytime they want, the fans and media shouldn’t make a big deal about players holding out for more money!

  8. Love how a steeler homer calls out AB for his showboating and his comments are supported and when an opposing fan says the same exact thing he gets down voted.

    Pittsburgh fans are the biggest jokes in all the NFL.

  9. @pgh15212 …

    It really doesn’t matter to me what kind of contract Wallace gets … as long as he gets it from another team. We don’t need a diva who sits out an entire off-season rather than learn the new offense, then proves ineffective once the season starts. And I’ll never get over him telling the media he dropped those balls after losing focus because we were running the ball too much. Thanks, but I’d rather have the guy who’s worried about doing right by the logo.

  10. ravenator says:
    Feb 13, 2013 1:41 PM
    Love how a steeler homer calls out AB for his showboating and his comments are supported and when an opposing fan says the same exact thing he gets down voted.

    Pittsburgh fans are the biggest jokes in all the NFL.

    Not as big as you…..

  11. I would hope the World Champion Ravens homers would feel the same way about one of their own doing the same thing. Though you do give gatorade baths during the regular season, so I see your point.

  12. We may lose Wallace (most likely), but we have no guarantees of keeping Sanders yet. He’s a free agent, so that’s tbd.

    And yeah, our TE position is compromised big-time with Heath’s brutal injury that occurred so late in the season.

  13. He can be a leader in teaching the other WRs on the team how to walk 20 yards down the field and stare into the end zone camera after every catch. Best WR on a third place team…impressive.

  14. My biggest fear was that the Ravens might sign Wallace. Combine Wallace’s speed with Flacco’s strong arm and we are talking about a deadly combination. My fears, however, have been put to ease now that the Ravens are in just as much salary-cap trouble as the Steelers.
    I truly don’t want to see Wallace anywhere in the AFC North.
    As for Brown: Talk is cheap. This guy piles up the yardage as a return man and receiver but finds the end zone less often than Al Bundy. Heath Miller is the Steelers’ offensive heart and soul.

  15. AB cares more about his 20 yd catch celebration than actually winning games. Maybe that’s why they were 8-8 and missed the playoffs, one year removed from being Tebowd into irrelevancy

  16. @bobzilla, you’re flat wrong.

    Flacco and Wallace together would be a comedy of errors. Joe would underthrow Wallace by 5 steps instead of the usual 3. And I don’t even know if Wallace knows how to jump, so how in the world could he possibly go up and get all those Hail Mary’s?

  17. We all know Wallace only catches balls that are thrown right to him..I have yet seen him lay out to catch a pass that he could have caught with a little effort! the dude will not get dirty..That being said he won’t end up in the AFC NORTH…but I’d still rather have him with us then against us. I wish I could see Browns red zone targets..seems once they cross the 30 they go away from him..If its not Miller aka Mr Always Open getting the ball we have issues down there. Don’t know if its Ben or the plays it self
    ..90% bet its the plays. Hopefully Haley watches Film on these other teams that have high red zone % and learn some new route combinations..too many weapons to be so poor

  18. Wouldn’t be at all surprised if 17 Wallace ends up a Bengal. They have tons of cap space, and they need someone to draw attention away from AJ Green. Cincy could be just a few players away from being top cat in the AFC North.

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