Cowboys hope to keep Spencer, don’t know if they can

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A large part of the reason that the Cowboys want to get an extension done with Tony Romo this offseason is to help get themselves under the cap by the start of free agency.

One of the things the Cowboys might want to do with the money they clear is re-sign Anthony Spencer. The outside linebacker would likely be moving to defensive end in Monte Kiffin’s 4-3 defense, but that isn’t something that’s put him off staying in Dallas. Executive vice president Stephen Jones said it hasn’t shaken the team of the feeling that they’d like to keep Spencer on the roster in 2013 and beyond either.

“We’re always in the business of keeping great football players,” Jones said, via the Dallas Morning News. “And he is one of those.”

The issue, as you likely gleaned from the open, is going to be money. The Cowboys could franchise Spencer again, but the $10.6 million price tag for that would be just about the cap-unfriendliest way of keeping Spencer in the fold. That makes a long-term deal much more appealing, although such a deal is no slam dunk.

“Unfortunately you’ve got to make difficult decisions,” Jones said. “What that will entail we don’t know quite yet. We’ll be moving forward in a quick way. But obviously Anthony Spencer represents everything we want to be about. He plays hard. His leadership is tremendous. And then on top of that, he’s a great football player.”

Be it a deal with Romo or other roster shuffling, the Cowboys need to find cap space in a quick way as well because failing to do so could leave Spencer to hit the open market in search of another team to call his own.

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  1. They need to figure out what to do w/ Miles Austin’s money. Jerry needs to learn ala the Giants to get two years of production out of guys before the extension. 400K is still a lot of money, Miles wouldn’t have held out, and they paid him like a 1. The contract wouldn’t have been any higher if they waited a year.

    If you restructure Romo, Austin, Sign Ware to some sorta extension to bring his # down. Bring Carr’s base down and turn it into a bonus, there will be wiggle room. Whether that will be enough to pay Spencer remains to be seen.

  2. Jerry Jones is saying a lot of things these days. While he fires the wrong people and let the wrong players walk. WHile keeping the wrong ones. Jerry also said this about his overmatched Head Coach;
    “I saw things in our head coach that really give me a lot of promise for not only 2013 but for years to come,” Jones said, via the Dallas Morning News. “I’m excited about Jason Garrett.”

    This is truly an owner who is out of touch and only focused on staring at himself in the mirror. Check it out. Jason Garrett looks exactly like a younger version of Jerry Jones! He could pass for his Son. That’s his blind spot right now. And it’s a big one. Because Jason Garrett and Tony Romo are locked at the hip in Jone’s Psyche and field of vision. He will ultimately have to make a choice. Garrett can not be successful with Romo as his franchise QB. And Romo will never be any more productive than Danny White or Jason Garrett as the Dallas QB.

    This decision should be easy. Keep Spencer. Keep Garrett, since that connection seems DNA deep. Flush Romo free up cap space. And go hard after Flacco or Alex Smith

  3. I doubt they will be able to sign Spencer. But Jerry and his son Stephen “Mini me” never seem to learn when a player has peaked and is going past his prime.

    They sign them and pay them for what they did in the past and not what they can do going forward.

  4. This is the year to do right by the cap. DO NOT make any stupid big dollar signings that do not include a player who has played well his entire career. Don’t pay Spencer big money based on ONE year.

    JJ needs to stop paying big money to guys who have ONE big year – Austin, Barber, Free, and now Spencer.

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