Frazier agrees to contract extension with Vikings


A year ago, there were reasonable doubts about Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier’s future.

But after he piloted the Vikings to a 10-6 record and the playoffs, he earned the right to stay.

According to Jon Krawczynski of the Associated Press, Frazier has agreed to a multi-year contract extension with the team.

The Vikings held off on talking about an extension (Frazier had one year left) until the end of the season, at which point they seemed eager to talk.

Frazier’s calm approach was appropriate for a team with a young quarterback, which exceeded every fair expectation last year, and today he was rewarded for it.

UPDATE 6:55 p.m. ET:  The Associated Press report was incorrect.  The Vikings merely picked up a one-year option on Frazier’s existing deal, putting him under contract through 2014.

27 responses to “Frazier agrees to contract extension with Vikings

  1. WoW. He will be fired before that contarct is up without doubt.

    AP wrote his contract extension, the offense was hindered by playcalling and the secondary and defense was mishandled with personnel decisions all year and off-season.

    But he’s a good guy, so I can’t hate.

  2. Great job turning the Vikings around Leslie Frazier. Second-coming of Bud Grant in many ways. It’s nice to have a solid head coach and a young, solid core group of players to once again be a perennial playoff team- and hopefully land some Lombardi trophies.

  3. The extension is deserved. No coach is perfect, and neither is Frazier, but he guided the team through a tough transition year and actually made the playoffs in a supposed rebuilding year. To the dopes that say AP carried him, don’t forget that AP was on the team in 2010 when Klink was fired and for the 3-13 record in 2011.

  4. Did he thank Adrian Peterson?Without him this is a mediocre football team.


    And what are the Pats without Brady?

  5. I mean, he’s not an awful coach, but give them a 1,000 yard rusher instead of Peterson and that’s probably not a playoff team. We will see though, maybe Ponder will step it up this season. Fraziers forté is developing quarterbacks, isn’t it? If Ponder becomes a 4,000 yard passer in the next couple years, then ill be real impressed with Frazier.

  6. Did he thank Adrian Peterson? Without him this is a mediocre football team.
    Well, they started 5-2 but Peterson got off to a slow start. Thought he did a solid job especially w/ Christian Ponder as his starting QB.

  7. funshipm174 says: Feb 13, 2013 5:12 PM

    Did he thank Adrian Peterson?Without him this is a mediocre football team.


    And what are the Pats without Brady?


    11-5 in 2008 with Matt Cassel at QB.

  8. Here’s to hoping Ponder can play with some consistency. The team finds a solid deep threat. Keeping Percy. Then I think we could be pretty decent next year.

  9. Every coach in the league has a player that without the team would undoubtedly not have great seasons. Lions have CJ, Packers have Rogers, NO has Brees, Pats have Brady, HOU has Foster and Watt, it goes on and on.

    This was well deserved for Frazier.. Congrats to him and I hope he keeps the ship pointed in the right direction next year. His players love playing for him.

  10. Nice to finally be excited about next season. After 3-13 I was nervous ad we went to the playoffs. Only one way to go and that’s up let’s get what we need in draft and free agency a get closer to the big game.

  11. Coach Leslie Frazier is doing a helluva job as he and Rick Spielman continue to build this team up from two of the most miserable seasons that a franchise can have. He deserves this extension and I wish him the best of luck.

  12. oops…this wasn’t an extension….his option was picked up for 2014 is all it was.
    More of a prove last year wasn’t a fluke type move by the team. Makes sense given what the team went through with Childress being fired months after his extension.

  13. Something tells me this isn’t an extension but really an option being picked up. I could be wrong but just my feeling.

    (OK, you got me, I looked at the next story!)

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