Frazier’s job security remain unclear


The good news for Vikings coach Leslie Frazier is that he has signed a multi-year extension.  The unknown news for the rest of us is the number of years the extension covers.

The duration of the extension will drive Frazier’s job security over the next few seasons.  If it’s a two-year extension, for example, he could in theory be on the hot seat as soon as 2014, since there would be only a one-year buyout.  If it’s a four-year extension, Frazier would likely be safe through at least 2015, given what it would cost to pay him to not coach the team for the balance of the deal.

That’s precisely what happened with Bears coach Lovie Smith after an NFC title game appearance in 2010.  He wanted a four-year extension, taking him through 2015.  He instead got a two-year extension, taking him through 2013.

If he had gotten a longer-term deal, Smith most likely wouldn’t have been fired with three years left on his contract.

So until we know how many years were added to Frazier’s three-year deal that went through 2013, we won’t know whether he’ll need to worry in 2014 or at some point after that.

Still, he won’t have to worry in 2013.  His performance in two years as the head coach means that, barring a complete and total disaster, he’ll be around for at least two more.

UPDATE 6:55 p.m. ET:  As it turns out, Frazier’s security is unclear because he hasn’t gotten an extension at all, contract to the Associated Press report.  Instead, the Vikings picked up a one-year option on his existing deal, putting him under contract through 2014.

5 responses to “Frazier’s job security remain unclear

  1. Not sure what to think of this. Frazier is a great person but without Peterson having a historic season, the Vikes record would’ve been sub-500. If his best quality is that “he remained calm while working with a young QB”, I’m not sure that makes him a great head coach. Mid-season, when the Vikes lost 4 out of 5 games, it looked like Frazier would be let go. There were plenty of fans and TV/Radio personalities calling for his head. Hopefully he can lead the Vikes deep into the playoffs in 2013 and this will be viewed as a great decision.

  2. You can say that about any team really purplepillager. If this guy hadn’t done this, or that guy didnt do that, then that team would be in a lesser spot. The way the team bounced back from those 4-5 midseason losses to finish strong and make the playoffs is definitely a testament to the coaching staff and players. That all starts with the head coach. I think his best quality was managing a 3 win team from a year ago, to a ten win team with a severe lack of production most times by his QB.

  3. The Vikings would be a great team if they just had a good consistent qb playing there. This is a team who maybe should take a chance on one of the qb’s this year because Peterson isn’t getting any younger and picking up a franchise qb should be priority number one. Ponder can start if he wins the competition but from what we’ve seen he doesn’t look like a championship qb. If someone like geno smith or matt barlkey is still on the board in the second round they should take him. They may not pan out, but if one does end up playing better than Ponder that’s a good look.

  4. “He and his bad team is hiding behind his MVP. Leslie is as qualified as the next guy to make sure the Vikings continue their legacy of never winning a championship.”

    The Packers are hiding behind Rodgers and a couple of above average WR. The rest of the team totally sucks! The Packers defense is battling the Saints as the worst Defense in the NFL!

    The Vikings have tons of great young players including 7 pro bowlers and the pro bowl MVP, the league MVP. harvin, Kalil, Smith, Blair, Greenway, Rudolph. Face it!

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