George Wilson lining up visits after Bills release

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The good news for guys who are cut in February is they have a head start on the free agent marketplace.

And just-released former Bills safety George Wilson is taking full advantage.

According to Jason LaCanfora of, Wilson has already set up visits with the Lions and Titans, and more could be coming.

Getting Wilson’s $2.9 million salary off the books was apparently more important to the Bills than keeping the 31-year-old safety, who was a solid player for them.

It also increases the importance of hanging onto safety Jairus Byrd, a pending unrestricted free agent.

12 responses to “George Wilson lining up visits after Bills release

  1. This was a stupid move IMO. They should have kept Wilson, if not for a year than at least a few months to trade him for some value. Releasing him just gives Byrd unneeded leverage.

  2. Come on Lions, sign this guy.

    Any warm body at safety is better than our rotating practice squad now (excluding Delmas, in the 3 games a year he plays).

  3. He was ok, had a better 2011 than 2012. He plays a position that Searcy, Brooks or Williams can play. If anything this makes our play for a CB in the draft much more likely. If the Bills/Marone like Nassib and Nassib likes them, then he can do them a favor and bomb the combine so that he can be picked in the much later rounds. I don’t see this guy as a first day pick. Maybe a 4th rounder at best but he plays the premium position.

  4. Bills coulda cut Kelsey and saved $5 million, or cut Fitz and saved some too. Wilson woulda been good depth, especially if they coulda got him to take a pay cut.

  5. As a Bills fan, This guy was always a hard working solid player, but the Bills have serious problems and need as much money as they can get to try to fix it. They have almost zero talent at most positions. They can run the ball, and have one solid WR. That’s about it. If they want to compete with teams like the Pats anytime soon, they have got to get a few more smart drafts in and retain the few good young players they have.

    Side note, I don’t think Baltimore has the cash to give Flacco the big contract and retain Ellerbe and Kruger. I’d like to see the Bills make a run at Kruger

  6. The Bills are a model for the NFL You just see what they are doing and then do the opposite. Only a team that has so little depth would cut good players at positions of need. Both Wilson and Barnett have a few years left. They will have better years now. Go Buffalo Orangeman.

  7. @meytonpanning

    There is no trade value for a 32 year old safety coming off of a terrible year. Byrd already had a ton of leverage because he’s an all pro safety, and was light years better than anyone in that secondary, even with Gilmore improving as the year went on.

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