Glennon, Barkley could benefit from a Combine bump

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The Scouting Combine a/k/a the Underwear Olympics are little more than a week away, and as usual the big names belong to quarterbacks.

This year, with the top quarterbacks in a shallow pool lining up to run the gauntlet of workouts, there are two names to watch as the T-shirts-and-shorts phase of the pre-draft process commences.

As one team-side league source explained it, North Carolina State quarterback Mike Glennon and USC quarterback Matt Barkley are expected to have strong performances in Indy, which could vault them much higher in the draft than most expect them to go.

Glennon is the quarterback who bumped Russell Wilson from N.C. State to Wisconsin in 2011; presumably, Glennon has talent.  (Then again, Tyler Palko is the guy who bumped Joe Flacco from Pitt to Delaware.  Tyler who?  Exactly.)  Barkley would have been among the top picks in 2012, but a poor showing last season coupled with a shoulder injury and the chronic failure of recent USC quarterbacks to achieve sustained success at the NFL level has dragged Barkley down.

For plenty of scouts, the hay is already in the barn, since none of these workouts reflect actual football skill.  But the Underwear Olympics and the tightly-controlled Pro Day workouts still can help — or they can hurt.

10 responses to “Glennon, Barkley could benefit from a Combine bump

  1. Why does everyone assume Matt Barkley would have been a top-end draft pick last year? Sure he came off a great year statistically but he never went through the grinder of the combine and the tape analysis of the scouts and GM’s, he very likely could have fallen last year too. He has obvious flaws that show up on tape and he doesn’t blow anyone away in any facet. I don’t buy him being a top-end pick last year.

  2. Look at Palkos’ stats in 2004, plus Pitt went to a BCS bowl game that year. There was no way they were going to bench him. Pitt made the right choice at QB at the time. Revisionist history is pretty embarrassing.

  3. Your understand of the Russell Wilson vs Mike Glennon situation isn’t very accurate. (I just graduated from NC State and am very familiar with the drama surrounding it)

    Wilson wanted to play baseball during the spring and summer (because people were telling him he had no future in the NFL), so the coaching staff let him. When Glennon arrived and the coaching staff became miffed at Russel Wilson’s need to play baseball instead of being at practice, they let him go to Wisconsin. Glennon didn’t ever technically beat out Wilson for his job. Wilson just wasn’t allowed to compete for it anymore.

    If Russell Wilson were under the impression that football was an option long term, it might have changed the situation somewhat. However, that does not mean that Glennon bumped him from the starting job.

  4. Barkley might be able to get back into the first round with a good showing at the combine and in individual workouts, but right now I see him as high second round pick. Glennon I see as a late second to third round pick.

  5. I thought Barkley couldn’t get his arm over his head the first week of January? Now he’s gonna go out 6 weeks later and throw some darts around the field and improve his draft stock all the way back to where it once was? Doubtful.

    I get the take on all challenges train of thought but I don’t see any reason he should throw before his pro day or later.

  6. Matt Barkley may just show everyone up come combine time. His only major knock is his arm strength, which A)Has not mattered with QB’s like Joe Montana who didn’t have much of an arm. B) His arm strength can be improved with some work. Other than his deep ball, he’s pretty accurate. He can read the Defense and make the changes at the line. He doesn’t have the quickest feet, but can get out of the pocket if needed. Barkley has good leadership skills and is well liked by his coaches. All around he seems like someone who will be able to come right into the NFL and compete for a starting position.

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