It’s not too late for a coaching change in Dallas


Last month, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones made it clear that coach Jason Garrett would no longer call the offensive plays.  Or so we thought.

On Wednesday, Garrett made it clear that nothing is clear, and that Garrett may still call the plays.

The bigger question, given the manner in which the offseason has unfolded, is whether a coaching change is still possible for the Cowboys.

In the aftermath of Garrett’s press conference, which featured a 20-minute filibuster before a single question was taken, I assumed it was too late to move on from Garrett.  But then I got to the part of Gary Myers’ Coaching Confidential regarding the departure of Jimmy Johnson as coach of the Cowboys in 1994.  Then, the change came in March, after Jones had bragged to reporters at the annual league meetings that 500 other coaches could have led the team to consecutive Super Bowl wins, and Johnson decided that he no longer wanted to be the one coach of the franchise.

At the time, Jones was pondering the possibility of firing Johnson and hiring Barry Switzer.  When Johnson left (with a $2 million buyout) that’s precisely what Jones did.

So with so many former Jon Gruden assistants now on the Cowboys’ staff, it’s impossible to rule out anything — especially since we’ve seen pretty much everything when it comes to the NFL.

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  1. RED BALL EXPRESS! Mr. Switzer used that quote to define garret the QB for those who forgot! So Glad ole Mr. Garrett took the money to go back to Dallas rather than coach the Ravens! Harboh is on his way to hall of fame Headcoaching career and Red Ball Express is getting ready to head out of town with nothing but disappointment.

    Then again with an owner like JJ it’s real tough to be successful!

  2. Is this about the zombie apocalypse? I didn’t read the article, just looked at the picture.

  3. Does it really matter who is the titular head coach of this franchise? The entire staff is composed of yes-men, back-stabbers, has-beens, never-weres, and hangers-on. Any coach with a lick of personal pride steers clear of this outfit unless he’s desperate for a job.

  4. Who cares? No one. Dallas is now a team no one cares about anymore. Perhaps that’s a legit reason why Garrett should be replaced. I don’t know. What I do know is that no one cares!

  5. “Correction those are Lovie smith guys. Gruden inherited that staff from Dungy. Lovie was part of that crew and is a HC candidate”

    True dallasfan89. Lovie is definitely available and wants a head coaching spot. Defense is a weakness for us right now (along with offensive line), but Lovie may be the type to come in and help the defense, not worry about someone else calling the plays and hold the players accountable. Something that none of Jerry’s other puppets since JJ have done and obviously needed.

  6. I don’t think it is going to happen, but the precedents has featured a Chargers’ Feb. 20, 2007 hiring of Norv Turner and Raiders’ Mar. 14, 2002 hire of Bill Callahan.

    That’s why it’s not technically too late to make a change.

  7. Writers need to get a LIFE! Anything to sell space.
    Pretty simple press conference if you ask me.
    What did you want him to say? Has ANY coach in History Ever Said Anything negative about Their Boss?
    Jason FINALLY has HIS coaches that he always wanted! He lived, played and was brought up breathing the 4-3 defense. But inherited and OLD 3/4 team. Takes time fellas.
    This was a total rebuild! No more Kieth brookings, Bradie James, Terrance Newman, leonard Davis, Koiser, Adams, Gurode, Owens, Barber, Columbo,
    etc…. Out with the OLD!
    But oooooooooookay keep reading and digging more into it. Compare what the two brothers from the Niners and Ravens INHERITED to what Jason got the keys to……
    Know football much? Yeah I didnt think so –

  8. Didn’t Garrett get the dreaded “vote of confidence” from Jones last week or the week before???? That just means your days are numbered buddy.

  9. I agree Dallasfan89… Lovie will be there before Gruden – but lol’z all around at watching that squad – as assembled by JJ of course – playing under Lovie for the first three years. That will be a disaster in the making. All the first round picks in the world wont turn them around under Lovie. He wont be given the time needed in Dallas to fully implement his system to maximize the talent that it needs on both sides of the ball. Hell, he got 9 years in Chicago and only fixed one side of the ball game… JJ wont give him that type of leash. I wholeheartedly agree that Lovie will be the next HC of the Cowboys, but it will remain a disaster.

  10. as a bears fan I have to say that Lovie is a nice guy and a good defensive coach but if you guys think romo sucks now wait until he works in a Smith offense. I thought florio had gotten over his gruden man crush after he was sure he was going to be the next eagles coach and that didn’t happen just like gruden said it wouldn’t. he is not going to coach the cowboys this year or any team for that matter.

  11. ::shudders::
    All they have to do is put that picture up in the visiting team’s locker room and they’re set for a 8-0 home record.

  12. A new cliche from the ending of the Andy Reid era should now be applied to Garrett: “Put him out of his misery”.

    Jerry is clearly putting him through one and he should just say “I failed with Garrett” and end all this crap!

  13. As many have pointed out above. That face is priceless. I’ve gotten some good laughs from this article. You guys at pft always find the best pics to put up. Thanks.

  14. That picture gave me a flashback to the movie Poltergeist when the clown puppet attacks the kid.

    Time out! Time out! Aw! Wait a minute! Can I cancel that and keep the result? No? Dang it!

  15. Nothing usually against ravens fans, but before you act like you have the best franchise in football, keep in mind you are probably in for a hard year next year if you lose all of those players….oh, and don’t be so high and mighty, you did lose your franchise to a flyover state, only to turn around and poach one from Cleveland. At least we cowboys fans don’t have to worry about that happening to us.

  16. Jason is that how you look when you have eaten so much crap and just can’t say yes anymore?

    You gotta want out of there but just can’t leave 8 mil on the table

    I feel ya

  17. Am I the only one that thinks this guy is a moron? I hate to be cruel, but, after listening to his press conference he’s either in a huge state of denial or down-right dumb.

    He talked as if he had the power to make changes to the Dallas Cowboys personnel when we all know that Jerry Jones makes all of the important decisions.

    I cannot fathom why any coach would want to work under Jones. It’s obvious that he’s the master and you’re going to be his puppet. Jones will never relinquish those powers, similar to Al Davis so here’s to the Cowboys being irrelevant for a long, long time!

  18. He looks like a nit wit. However, that title is already occupied by plastic Jerry….

    Being irrelevant is their only talent. Couldn’t happen to a bigger bunch of J.O.’s.

  19. I find it hilarious that every time I criticize how far Florio is reaching for a story my comment gets deleted. It is amazing to me that someone who loves to make fun of players and coaches around the league has such thin skin when the tables are turned. I guess snarky comments can only be directed at players and coaches but definitely not Florio.

  20. Lombardi couldn’t coach this team through a SB run with Romo at QB. There’s no possible way he could hold it together for 3-4 consecutive big games.

  21. Garrett really isn’t that bad of a coach. The problem is that he needs to stand up to Jerry Jones, which is nearly impossible in that franchise.

    Really look at his work as a head coach so far. When he became interim coach, he brought in a team that was doing terrible to the point that Wade Phillips got fired. He led them to finish off the season right and every one’s hopes shot up.

    The next year, he had a team that was rebuilding. DeMarco Murray wasn’t discovered till a few games into the season and then he got injured and missed the rest of the season. I want you to have a solid rushing attack with Felix Jones & Sammy Morris, it doesn’t work.

    And the 2012 season, the Cowboys were the most injured team in all of the NFL. They were hit by so many key injuries its crazy to me that they even went 8-8. And the key players who were left were dinged up like DeMarcus Ware.

    Not to mention they had a player KILLED by another one of his teammates, who might I mention, was the starting Nose Tackle due to Jay Ratliff being a walking hospital patient.

    I think this is a guy who just had a lot of bad breaks and has an owner that won’t let him build the team how he wants to.

  22. It appears the clown parade has extended its route all the way from the home of the Jets to the land of the Cowboys. Yee haw!

  23. Nice ‘journalism’, Skippy. I’m sure that’s how Dallas just recruited 1/2 dz new assistants, by telling them the HC may or may not be there much longer. Because that gives them real confidence in the organization’s stability.

    Have you ever worked at a real Company ?


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