Kiffin wants Cowboys to study Seahawks defense


New Cowboys defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin hasn’t had much of a chance to work with his players yet.

But he’s sent out word about what they need to study.

Both defensive lineman Jason Hatcher and cornerback Brandon Carr said during radio interviews on KRLD-FM (via the Dallas Morning News) that Kiffin had told them to watch tape of the Seahawks from this past season for clues about the new 4-3 system he’s installing.

“I kind of asked him what our philosophy and what the look of our defense was going to be, and as a prime example he said, ‘Go see Seattle film and you’ll probably learn a lot from those guys and just watch how they move on the field.’” Carr said. “That’s some homework for me to do for the next couple of weeks.”

The Seahawks led the league in scoring defense at 15.3 points per game and were fourth in yards allowed at 306.2 last season (compared to 25.0 and 355.4 per game for the Cowboys), making them a good example to learn from.

Of course, Kiffin could have as easily suggested his old Buccaneers defenses, but it’s probably easier for this generation of players to find high definition video of last year’s Seahawks.

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  1. Pete Carroll is a disciple of Kiffin and they have a very good relationship. Being a 49ers fan I’m happy that the Seahawks will have other teams like the Cowboys and the Jaguars competing for defensive draft picks and free agents.

  2. Cowboys are perpetually stuck where the 49ers were under mike singletary. Everyone in the world could see the talent of the roster, but it had no one to put all the pieces in the right places.

  3. You can’t study physical.

    The Seahawks did nothing special scheme wise. They just used a scheme that allowed their naturally hard hitting, intimidating, and physical players succeed in.

    Mo Claiborne and Brandon Carr are no punks but neither of them have the edgy attitude that comes along with Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner (not to mention Browner is damn near a 4-3 Linebacker playing cornerback)

    Dallas has garbage safeties. The only hope in imitating the Seahawks defense for the Cowboys at Safety is Barry Church. He’s big safety with a vicious hit stick, but he’s still unproven.

    The Cowboys have the linebackers to match up with the Seahawks when they’re healthy. And if they bring back Anthony Spencer; Demarcus Ware & Spencer will easily match if not better the Seahawks defensive ends.

    And we all know that Jay Ratliff has talent but he’s been a fool lately, so Dallas needs to revamp the interior linemen.

    That’s a whole lot of work to do on the defense in one season.

  4. It’s the personnel that makes the Seahawks D successful, not just the scheme. Sure Bradley comes from the Kiffin tree of defense, but until you have the personnel in place, you won’t be successful. The Seahawks have a horrible pass rush (especially without Clemons) and a mediocre linebacker crew, but they have the best overall secondary in the league to offset the deficiencies of the d line. Sherman, Thomas, and Chancellor are all in the top 3 of their respective positions in the league. That’s hard to replicate.

  5. People like to rail against Sherman and Browner for their use (alleged or otherwise) of Adderall, but many seem to forget that Adderall is NOT a banned substance. All that is needed to legally use it in the NFL is a doctor’s note. Sherman and Browner did not have a doctor’s note. And everyone treats them as if they were using steroids. They were not.

    So, everyone pounding that PEDs drum needs to stop and think about that.

  6. Dallas has legit top tier CB’s in Carr & Claybore. Ware has better pass rusher over. KJ Wright & Wagner are both studs inside but Lee/Carter may match up but health issues. S & FS are the heart of what we do on D. Earl Thomas All Pro covers so much field its unreal. Big Kam is loaded in the box so much he could play LB but he has range to cover dudes as well. Ratliff teams can run at him but Mebane/Branch its difficult task. We play a hybrid 4-3 because a DE is sitting pretty at 320 plus. Pete drafted all the right guys for this team.

  7. Anyone who thinks the Seahawks have mediocre LB’s either doesn’t know football or just flat out doesn’t watch Seahawks games.

    KJ Wright is a stud and is one of the most underrated players in the League. Bobby Wagner is not far behind him and Leroy Hill has peaked, but still is fast and physical.

    What sets them apart is their size (length) and speed. They run down ballcarriers and doggedly pursue them. They are also great in zone coverage because of their length.

    It’s easy to watch what a team does on film. It’s another thing to try and replicate it with different personnel.

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