Mike Glennon will throw too, falling in line with other QBs

Getty Images

West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith’s decision to throw at the Combine has had the intended consequence, one that scouts will be happy to see.

After the West Virginia quarterback said yesterday he’d go through a full workout at the combine, Southern Cal’s Matt Barkley and Syracuse’s Ryan Nassib followed suit.

Now, according to James Walker of ESPN.com, N.C. State’s Mike Glennon will also throw at the Combine.

Given that Smith is considered at or near the top of this year’s quarterback class, his decision effectively shamed (or motivated) the rest of them into doing the same. The workouts quarterbacks are put through are far from a perfect indicator, and it’s harder to look good, but it does give scouts a chance to grade them apples-to-apples. But now if you don’t throw in Indianapolis, when everyone else is, the questions will build.

As it pertains to Glennon, he could look good in this setting. He’s more of a classic pocket passer with a strong arm (though he’s skinny to the point of looking frail), and might look better playing against air than some of the others.