Nassib will do everything at the Scouting Combine, too


More and more of this year’s top quarterbacks will be rolling up their sleeves and doing all of the various drills at the Scouting Combine.

Joining USC quarterback Matt Barkley and West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith is Syracuse quarterback Ryan Nassib.  Agent Brian Ayrault tells PFT that Nassib will do “everything” in Indy.

It’s an encouraging trend for this year’s quarterbacks, but it’s also arguably a reflection of the fact that this year’s crop of rookie quarterbacks is regarded in some circles as worse than Blaine Gabbert.  If any incoming quarterback were viewed as a sure-fire, top-five pick in the draft, that quarterback would most likely not be doing “everything” in Indy.

Nassib made a late rise during the 2012 college season, getting a boost with a bowl-game win over Smith’s Mountaineers at Yankee Stadium.

Still, neither Nassib nor any of the other quarterbacks are high enough on the board to justify shying away from throwing not to former teammates in a familiar setting (i.e., the Pro Day workout) but to pass footballs to guys they know little if anything about under an assembly-line setting in a building the quarterback likely never has even entered before as a player or a spectator.

And so with none of the top quarterbacks at the top of the draft, they have every reason to use the Scouting Combine as the possibly springboard for getting there.

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  1. Nassib to Buffalo in Rd2 – Marone will take the QB he is most familiar with. Plus besides Geno Smith I cant see anyother QB’s going in the 1st RD unless they start blowing scouts and personal away at the draft.

  2. I’m actually glad to hear the QBs from this draft class step up and do everything at the combine.

  3. Why are people doubting these kids so hard? Yeah their senior seasons might not have been the best but don’t just count them out. If you don’t give these kids what they need to have a chance at success like a line and wide recievers then they won’t. It’s like attending first grade all over for them, they don’t know anybody or the system. Some will burn out on their own accord as in taking it for granted or not working hard or just not made for the next level. Then there are those who prosper and stay awhile. We should be hoping these kids can realize a dream that most of them have been working towards since pee wee football. But there will always be nay sayers and harsh critics I know. Here’s to you guys and have a great combine and career.

  4. Geno, Barkely, and Nassib are better than Gabbert. I’m not sold on Glennon, he has a big arm, but no wheels. You have to have a little wiggle nowadays. There isn’t a rookie that will be drafted to a team with a stout O-line that will allow them to camp in the pocket and read D’s.

    The best Oline out of the team’s that need QBs, is KC and even there some upgrades could be beneficial. Although w/ Charles in the backfield, the Chiefs could turn around quickly if Andy Reid can coach up Geno.

  5. I do not understand why Barkley is not considered a top prospect. He has a lot of starts which NFL teams love. He played against good competition with some success. He is accurate. He has a high football IQ and is and very high character. He may only be 6-2 but that is taller than Drew Brees and Russell Wilson. What am I missing?

  6. I still don’t understand the idea of having QBs throw at the combine. They are in a controlled settings, no pressure from coach and teammates, no defense on the field. I mean, having a QB throw at the combine goes against everything a QB would do in a game setting.

    Do the regular work outs, like the sprint, weight lifting and the interview. Really, that is all the scouts should ever need from a QB at the combine, their game tape should reveal the rest.

  7. lol, Nassib is NationalFootballPosts top player in the draft! I’ve seen enough of this guy in the 5 games I saw him play in to know he’s not gonna be the next Tom Brady or Jan Brady for that matter.

    Between Bunting giving “scouting reports” on USC players that didn’t actually play that season and Lande who has no clue and thinks Damontre Moore is not a 1st round talent, it goes to show everyone at NFP is not to be trusted.

  8. I remember all the ignoramuses back in the day with Donovan McNabb saying all the same things about him. “Not enough passing experience”, “not an NFL QB” (even though at that time Syracuse ran the pro-set) and he was throwing a TON) He gets in the league and it’s “Whoa.. what a surprise… who knew? Ummm… everyone who ever watched a Syracuse game that season knew.

    The lack of awareness of both casual fans and even pro scouts of ANY Qb who doesn’t play in some major program continues to astound me.

    I’m not trying to predict anything for Nassib here, but if people don’t think this guy has pro potential, it’s simply because they don’t watch college football.

    Hilarious to see the comments….

  9. I’m not an expert, but I heard rumblings of this guy’s talent mid-way through the CFB seasoon. I’m very interested in how he does at his pro-day. This is not meant as a dig at Syracuse, but I don’t know how talented his offense was around him during the season, and this isn’t the first time I’ve heard high praise for this guy.

  10. All of the 2012 class will end up worse than Gabbert as well. Along with the 2011 and 2010 classes. The future is not decided by draft nerds, and other couch bound observers, but by the coaches and players on the field. You watch.

  11. The guys from the 2011 and 2012 QB classes occupy most of the top spots in Combine events, all time. E.J. Manuel might be the only guy in this class who changes that at all.

  12. Not a first round pick for sure. I wouldn’t take him in the first two rounds.

  13. Enough already with the Glennon arm strength buzz. His short and medium field accuracy is atrocious. Other buzz says his leadership skills are questionable. Until proven wrong my grade is given as ‘questionable’.

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