New Colts coordinator will get creative with Andrew Luck


New Colts offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton is about to begin working with Andrew Luck for the second time, having previously served as the offensive coordinator at Stanford during Luck’s final season there. But when Hamilton talked to reporters today about his plans for the Colts’ offense, he talked about a lot more than just using Luck as a pocket passer.

“We’ll do a great job of mixing in some power runs, mixing in the downfield passing game, maybe even mixing in some wildcat plays, mix in some read-option, pistol-type schemes. Just really try and present once again a lot of conflicts for our opponents,” Hamilton said, in comments distributed by the Colts’ PR staff.

Luck, who ran 62 times for 255 yards and five touchdowns last season, has the athletic talent to get outside the pocket and make plays with his feet, and Hamilton obviously knows that. But Hamilton also knows he doesn’t want Luck taking too many hits, which is why Hamilton also made a point of talking about the importance of the offensive line.

“You start upfront with the offensive line,” Hamilton said. “We’ll continue to work and develop that continuity. I mean that’s where it all starts. I think it’s important that we have balance in our offense. We’re not just a one-dimensional football team. We want to create conflicts for our opponents. We want to have the ability to not only push the ball downfield and hit the big play in the passing game but we’ve got to be able to run the football.”

A credible threat to run the football may help Luck do what he does best, which is operate as a pocket passer.

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  1. Great, first we had to put up with the Wildcat trend, now everyone has to use a “pistol” offense? I wish coaches would stop following whatever flavor of the month offensive scheme/buzzword is, and just run offenses that just plain work.

  2. This is a great hire for the colts! Luck is the cream of the entire crop from last years draft, and protecting him is a must! I believe we are at least another year away, but, when all the idiots said we wouldn’t win over 3 games last year, it made me laugh. So glad the colts brass didn’t fall for the rgME over hype! Rg3 has about 1 year left, while luck is looking at a solid 15….

  3. I’m a non-colts fan, but I do enjoy watching Andrew Luck play. However, I wouldn’t get too creative with him, not like what the redskins did with RG3. The read option can be effective, but just know that your QB is gonna take some shots while running it. Just solidify the running game, let Luck throw the ball downfield, and let him run when he has too.

  4. 2 wide receivers to left.
    2 wide receivers to the right.
    Then we snap the ball. Then the quarterback fakes left.
    No no no. He fakes to the right!

    Wait, he fakes the fake. He thinks about faking.
    I’m lost. Where am I?

  5. Luck has the athletic talent and the body size to be a Steve Young / Randall Cunningham type threat to run the ball. Getting better in the run game (whether its the QB or RBs running the ball) only makes the passing game more effective.

  6. Pep will be installing a few of these plays but he is not changing the offense to be a pistol or wildcat type offense. This is a good thing as it gets put on tape and makes the defenses at least devote some time to stopping it. Nothing new here.

  7. There were plenty of things that were broken in that offense.

    The west coast offense will be the best thing for Luck. Even if they don’t replace some of the average at best lineman, running an improved scheme that doesn’t ask too much out of the average at best lineman will reduce the # of hits that Luck takes, which will reduce fumbles/turnovers/etc.

  8. thegreatgabbert says:
    Feb 13, 2013 3:28 PM
    When the pocket breaks down, Andy’s luck will run out.


    Luck has never seriously been shut down or intimidated by protection breakdowns…. you must be an RG3 groupie…

    Luck is the best rookie QB prospect for true career franchise QB in a long time… and opening up his style of play is something that, with his skill and brain, will only make him much more dangerous over the long term…

  9. just hope he doesn’t over think his self..seems to be the trend with OCs these days. Luck is a decent QB..we’ll see if he’s one of those “system” guys in the next few years

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