Ray Edwards’ boxing “opponent” suspended for taking a dive

Even though defensive end Ray Edwards currently isn’t in the NFL, he’s continuing to generate headlines.

Even if the headline comes from a punch to the head that didn’t connect.

According to the Associated Press, the North Dakota Combative Sports Commissioner Al Jaeger has suspended Nicholas Capes indefinitely for taking a dive only a handful seconds into a fight with Edwards.  Jaeger said that the video evidence “clearly shows Capes was not hit before he dropped to the canvas.”

Though an investigation is proceeding, the promoter thinks Capes is getting roughed up unfairly.  (As opposed to being, you know, not roughed up at all but acting like he was.)  Capes was a last-minute replacement due to a no-show, and promoter Cory Rapacz says that Capes “didn’t realize what he was getting into” before passing through the ropes to fight Edwards.

And so instead of being a coward and not fighting Edwards at all, Capes decided to be a coward regarding his cowardice and pretend to get knocked out.

24 responses to “Ray Edwards’ boxing “opponent” suspended for taking a dive

  1. So they suspend the guy who was supposed to dive for taking a dive.

    This is why I stopped watching boxing many years ago.

  2. The story makes this sound really bad, but after watching the video there’s no way this guy should have been in the ring with someone of Edward’s size.

  3. Edwards is sure going places fast with his boxing. I mean that guy looked like a real terror. Seriously, a fat grandpa is the best Edwards will fight?? – and even then he needs the guy to take a dive.

    Edwards should be embarrassed, but I am sure he is not.

  4. You can’t blame Capes for his actions. Up against an infinitely physically superior Edwards in a last minute match. I wouldn’t have taken a full force punch from Edwards.

    If anyone should be suspended, it should be the promoter for putting the two fighters in the ring together rather than canceling the match.

  5. Come on….look at that guy

    I drive fast on the highway. I don’t call myself a race car driver….put on boxing gloves and get in a ring? That doesn’t make you a boxer and that man clearly was not a boxer.

  6. I’ve said it before and I will say it again, Ray Edwards is a chump for taking these fights. You want to be a boxer? Go train at a real gym for 6 months and they will find you a real opponent. Any gym setting him up with these fights has zero respect for boxing. Real tough guys don’t take fights that are cake walks. Just a chump trying to regain the glory days, because he will never have them in football again.

  7. I could tell it was a fixed fight well before the blatant flop–Edwards is MUCH bigger than Capes (except perhaps in the gut), and neither of them were even trying before the “uppercut”.

  8. I haven’t seen a dive as beautiful as that one since Greg Louganis won Gold at the Olympics.

    Seriously, that bout was a farce from the get go. I don’t blame the guy for hitting the canvas.

  9. Whatcha gonna do when Hulkamania runs wild on you? And to all my little Hulkamaniacs, say your prayers, take your vitamins and you will never go wrong….

  10. People act like this doesn’t happen all the time. Amateur boxer gets scared at physically imposing opponent and dives. This guy just didn’t do a very good job of it.

  11. I’d be scared too going up against the all time NFL sack leader…. Maybe “Sugar” Ray Edwards is gonna try to get 25 K.O.’s next?

  12. Florio, How can you call someone a coward for not wanting to get knocked out by Ray Edwards?

    Would you have stepped in that ring?

    And what the heck is Ray Edwards thinking? Really Ray? You bench 225+, you’re 6’5 and ripped and you’re fighting a weeble…SMH

  13. Both sides are morons. If Ray Edwards is serious about boxing, he should have never gotten in the ring with this guy in the first place. The opponent….just a moron all together. That dude shouldn’t be in the ring other than maybe do some cleaning or maintenance. Whoever sponsored the fight….biggest moron of the bunch.

  14. The guy took a dive because he GOT PAID to take a dive. From the story I heard, and I heard it from a guy who works with the guy who took the dive. He went to North Dakota to help set up the ring, then was approached and offered a few hundred bucks to fight AND take a dive. End of story.

  15. That pudgy little dude had no business in a boxing ring. Put some quality in the ring or Edwards will never be thought of anything but some chump who had to get nobodies to fight him in order to win.

    That punch missed that dude by 6 inches. Even on that grainy phone camera it was a big time miss. Edwards shouldn’t have even took the center of the ring to be announced the winner. He should have been disappointed in the opponent and left without allowing that win to be put on his record.

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