Report: Harvin could be seeking Megatron/Fitzgerald money


We reported on Monday that Vikings wide receiver Percy Harvin is planning to hold out if he doesn’t get a long-term deal from the team this offseason, something that could be complicated by his reported contract demands.

Josina Anderson of spoke to a “high-ranking Vikings source” about Harvin and the source said he didn’t think a holdout would solve Harvin’s contract desires. That’s because of Harvin’s lack of leverage in the situation, but the standoff could also be impacted by the fact that Harvin apparently sees himself in the same class with Larry Fitzgerald and Calvin Johnson as the best wideouts in the NFL.

“[Harvin] is a star player in our league, but I would imagine that he sees himself in the class of the top wide receivers in our league,” the source said. “I do know at his production, when he was healthy, he was producing along with Larry and Calvin and those guys. I could see Harvin’s agent making the argument that he deserves their type of pay.”

He can make any argument he likes, but it’s hard to put Harvin in that kind of company based on their careers to this point. Harvin does many things well, but he doesn’t overwhelm defenses the way the other two men have done in their careers. Johnson just signed an eight-year, $150.5 million deal before the 2012 season and Fitzgerald is in the middle of his own eight-year, $128.5 million deal with plenty of guaranteed money in both cases.

If Harvin really is looking for that kind of money, his chances of getting a contract with the Vikings aren’t too hot. They probably won’t look any better to another team, which could mean this saga has a while to play out.

64 responses to “Report: Harvin could be seeking Megatron/Fitzgerald money

  1. Megatron and Fitz aren’t worth Megatron and Fitz money.

    This is foolish.

    The 5 years 55 million VJax got sounds about right. Maybe a little less due to the injury thing as I don’t think VJax has ever missed time due to injury.

  2. I hope we can get something for the guy. It’s just not realistic to pay him this with Adrian here. I’ve done my research, and i’m fairly confident in my findings that the Vikings would be the only team in the league paying 2 non-QBs $10mil+. Florio you should check this.

  3. Flynn goes to Vikings and Harvin to Seahawks. Seahawks will give him 5 year $115,500 deal after they trade for him. A significant portion of the deal will be incentive/performance based.

  4. “Harvin could be seeking Megatron/Fitzgerald money”

    Quick…someone throw some water on his face….cause Harvin is dreaming again.

    Like others have already said, he’s good, but he’s not worthy to be mentioned in the same sentence as Fitz and Megatron..

    Just saying…..

  5. One thing he has against him is his bad attitude. That coupled with his lack of respect for coaches would/should never earn him that kind of money.

    Oh yeah, and those “migranes” he has when he doesn’t get his way.

  6. I like Havin..but the NFL pays by what they think you can bring in the future not the past..He was having his best season BEFORE he got hurt..missd almost half the year..I see the franchise tag in his future just like the Steelers did Mike Wallace.He’ll get paid eventually, but it wont be what he wants. ” Fitzgerald or Megatron” $ those two guys are the cream of the crop.

  7. Let me get this straight.

    A guy who has never had a 1,000 yard receiving season in the NFL and hasn’t caught more than 6 TD passes in a season could be seeking Megatron/Fitzgerald money? Seems reasonable.

    Pay the man.

  8. Mega and Fitz= ELITE level talents, they stay on the field, and no egos

    Harvin= High level talent on a team full with mid level talent (minus AP of course), injury prone, and has more baggage than American Airlines.

    Good luck bud….there’s always the skins when looking for overpriced contracts!

  9. I doubt Harvin is asking for that. However I do believe his Agent is asking for that. Ofcourse his Agent would request something like that because he works of commision!!

    It’s just an arbitrary starting point for negotiations. Harvin will sign of any something like what Pierre Garcon signed with the Redskin last offseason, 5yr $43M.

  10. This is why teams ask all sorts of “inappropriate” questions at the combine and some won’t take a chance on guys with character issues. Take a headcase and give him lots of money, you just get a wealthier headcase.

  11. So an unnamed source speculates that Harvin’s agent could make the argument that he deserves Fitzy/Johnson money? Pardon me if I don’t rip Harvin for being delusional until he says it himself.

  12. Megatron and Fitz are in a league of their own as far as receivers go. Harvin is good when healthy but not worth that much. I can see someone giving him $50-60 million over 4-6 years though. Anything close to or over $100 million is laughable.

  13. Basically Harvin, much like Mike Wallace, is a Wide receiver who doesn’t care if he is ever playing for a winning team again. Last time I checked, the two teams (Cardinals and Lions) who pay their starting wide outs like they are starting Quarterbacks haven’t exactly been the most fun two teams to play for losing all the time.

  14. snarcasms says:
    Feb 13, 2013 3:21 PM

    This is more absurd than Flacco wanting top QB money, which is beyond ignorant.

    Beyond ignorance is making a statement like the above statement after Flacco had another great season capped by being the SB MVP. He’s brought his team to the playoffs and won more games in the past five years than other “top” QB’s. Flacco is one of the top three QB’s in the league and that is why he WILL get top QB money honey.

  15. Ugh…As a Vikings fan I hate hearing this. However, you put Harvin on the Pats and I’m not sure he wouldn’t be the most productive WR in the league, statistically by the end of the year. Hell, prior to injury he was on pace for 110 catches for 1200+ yards and 5 TDs. That’s with Ponder as his QB in a run first offense.

    He’s not the same type of WR as Fitz or Calvin, but I think he can be every bit as productive.

  16. If those are his demands it’ll be next to impossible for Minnesota to get anything of note for him.
    How about, more realistically, Harvin accpts Gronkowski money; 6 years/$56M. That may not get it done but at least it doesn’t come off as delusional.

  17. chawk12thman says:
    Feb 13, 2013 3:24 PM
    Flynn goes to Vikings and Harvin to Seahawks. Seahawks will give him 5 year $115,500 deal after they trade for him.

    Umm…sorry buddy, I don’t know the cost of living up there in rainy Seattle, but EVEN I wouldn’t accept a deal playing pro football for that kind of money…

    And I was hoping the 9ers would take a run at him this offseason, but same situation as Mike Wallace…other people have to agree with your perceived value of yourself…nobody is gonna pay him that kind of money

  18. ^flacco is one of the top 3 QBs in the league???

    LMAO. Gosh are ravens fans sore winners. Look, I gained some serious respect for flacco this postseason. He is clutch and has a huge arm.

    But that doesn’t erase the fact that he was pedestrian during the regular season.. And to be top 3, you must think he is better than manning, Rodgers, or Brady. Which one? (Or Brees for that matter, who I can’t stand).

  19. Solid player when healthy but you get the whole package with this guy. I feel like there are fewer teams willing to pay out big money to the headache type players these days.

  20. Delusional…. this guy deserves the jests. Wonder how’ll he like sanchez throwing 5 yards over/under his head.
    Maybe teblow can skip a couple off the turf to him. Ponder is looking better I think.

  21. He is a top 5-10 receiver in the league, but no way he gets what Calvin and Fitz are paid. He was an MVP candidate before his injury this year. The Vikings need to pay him accordingly. This is all speculation thou, he hasn’t asked for that as far as we know.

  22. That wouldn’t surprise me one bit. Harvin is very emotional and unpredictable and clearly he has no intention of playing for the Vikes, unless he gets this kind of money. So, he is almost certainly gone.

    Birk and now Harvin. Crazy that two of our most talented players can’t wait to get out of Minnesota.

  23. Both Megatron and Fitzgerald are class acts which adds to their value immeasurably. Harvin is nowhere close in skill or class.

  24. If he actually played a full season and keeps producing then yea, maybe he does deserve “close” to that kind of money. But I think this is his way of getting out of MN.

  25. Harvin is more of a headache than his migraines.. Trade him. We proved we could win without him. Trade him then sign a running back that has really good hands n put him at wide-out.

  26. Harvin is more delusional than you vike fans who think you could ever win the Super Bowl.

  27. Harvin is valuable, but he’s not going to get that kind of money from any team except maybe Washington.

    Thing is, what that probably means is Harvin plays out the final year of his contract (after skipping all non-mandatory mini-camps), hits the open market next year, and lands a much bigger contract, but not this kind of money. Only Dan Snyder would be careless enough to pay out like that.

    Sorry, but if I’m the Vikings, and this is true, and open to any prospective trade talks.

  28. His contract sounds like a “headache.”
    He’s good but would you pay $10 mill a year for a guy who can only play 8 games a year?

  29. 1) Harvin is not worth it based on his production, diva attitude, and injuries (real and not so real). 2) Megatron is a fool and Harvin would be a fool for signing a very long term contract 5 years plus. In a few years, as the NFL makes billions more, the cap is going to go higher and other receivers will soon surpass those contracts. Then Megatron and Harvin will be pulling a Revis or MJD and whining that they are underpaid.

  30. Browns, perhaps? Are they willing to gamble that much?

    As a Bears fan, I hope so. Harvin may not be in Megatron’s league, but he doesn’t suck either. I’ll tell you that. I’ll breathe easier with him out of the NFC North.

  31. Harvin is a matchup nightmare for defenses and a coaching nightmare in his spare time. He is one of those guys that will wear a few different jerseys during his career.

  32. whats with these short, annoying recievers who think there equal or better to calvin johnson.. i mean i dont understand it. are they taking drugs, are they drinking to much, not enough o2 to the brain.. i mean i cant imagine whos hyping these players up to think there rly that good..

    ull prob get 5-6 mil a yr and like it loll
    unless u piss more ppl off then they will both get the T.O treatment

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