Resurgent Niners trail Giants in San Fran fervor

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The 49ers made it to their sixth Super Bowl this year, 18 years after their last trip to the title game.  But the success of the San Francisco football team apparently hasn’t fired up the San Francisco fan base.

Ann Killion of the San Francisco Chronicle explained earlier this week that the Giants seem to be the favorite sports team in the Bay Area.

She points to the fact that, during Super Bowl XLVII, Baltimore was the top market in the country under the Nielsen ratings — and San Francisco was 28th, behind the likes of Dayton, Milwaukee, and Jacksonville.

That wasn’t the case during the World Series, when San Francisco and Detroit were the top markets watching the Giants and Tigers, respectively.  And so, as Killion describes it, there’s a “different vibe with the 49ers than there once was,” with a lower level of passion than the Giants generate.

The 49ers have the talent and the potential to rekindle flame.  Still, the current version of the team already can never fully compare to its predecessors, since the new Niners have lost the first Super Bowl in team history.

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  1. since the new Niners have lost the first Super Bowl in team history.


    NO. The new Niners were the first to be ROBBED of a Super Bowl in team history, big difference!

    disgruntled Niner Fans everywhere, who still can’t even watch a replay of the game because of how blatantly obvious the Refs cooked the outcome.

  2. Ann Killion is TRIPPiN! Anyone at Giants FanFest could see that bout 20% of the people at the Giants’ fan celebration were wearing 49ers gear. Even Murph & Mac on KNBR talked about it.

  3. As an East Bay resident that commutes to San Francisco daily I can clearly say the numbers don’t lie. Although the niners are well represented, Giants always seem to be the first loved.

    Personally, I have too much ADD to follow a 160+ game regular season of baseball but working on Market St. in SF it was the closest to madness I’ve ever seen the town. Blocks deep were fans and they couldn’t even see the parade.

  4. To me, this is all about how sensational the (baseball) Giants and their fans have been in recent years. There’s something special about that team, you can almost feel the magic through the tv! And i’m a KC fan

  5. One, some fans are butthurt that their team is moving south. Two, and most important, is that the fanbase in this area is the most front-running piles of crap you have ever seen. They have two cars: Ones is gold with the option of having niners or giants stickers and custom license frames, the other car is silver, for the Raiders with the same type of license frames. Then they just throw on flags for the A’s and Sharks. It’s sad really.

  6. I have no idea how ratings work, but do they account for people watching at bars/parties? Where there are large groups of people watching one TV? This might account for some of that- people are more likely to watch the World Series at home with just their families than in large groups than the Super Bowl, at least IMO.

  7. I like the Niners as much now as I did when I was six. Always have, always will. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Even if your a fan of a different team, you know what I’m talkin’ bout!

  8. I grew up in Baltimore; my wife in San Fran, but she was rooting for the Ravens. She said Baltimore needed it more because it’s not as nice a city. I said get me more dip and talk to the ring baby!

  9. I wonder how much the move to Santa Clara in ’14 has to do with it, but probably not as much as losing the SB, which the fans certainly are not used to doing. Being a 4-point favorite didn’t help either. Fans love winners and Los Gigantes have won the big prize in two of the last 3 seasons.

  10. Someone really should do their research. Local rating for the San Francisco Giants had its highest rating for Game 4 at 38.7/64. San Francisco 49ers rating peaked at a 54.0. True the San Francisco Giants had the number one market in the United States for the World Series but the overall viewers was a lot less than the Superbowl.

  11. City is full of uneducated football fans! I travel their for business and you can literally see random people with no football knowledge claiming they love the niners!

    To me support is fine however the culture in the bay isn’t about your own team bc they have no real loyalty the culture down their is really more about how ” better they are than you” So whichever flavor of the month or year is the way they sway..

    I dare anyone that visits their from other cities to tell me that the avg fan even watches football for enjoyment and not just to talk crap.

    Literally people will see a jersey of their own team and nearly start a MOB cursing and pushing in places like restaurants and malls. It’s crazy!!

  12. Ann Killion makes her living hating on her city’s sports teams! Bill Walsh was right about reporters! They hope you fail!

  13. if you don’t live here how are you going to criticize the fan base, I’ve lived here my whole life never seen anyone with niners and raider license plates, as for this stat on ratings, more people watched the Superbowl than the highest rated world series game… all this proves is that Jacksonville and Milwaukee didn’t watch the world series

  14. Well you also have to take into account that the SF market is shared by the 49ers AND Raiders. I would say the fan spilt in the Bay Area is 50/50 between the two teams. Raider fans hate 49ers and vice versa.

    The SF Giant love in the Bay Area is pretty overwhelming though. From SF to the East Bay to San Jose. Everyone loves the Giants. Poor A’s lol.

  15. I do hope most of you realize that the Bay Area Media Market is more then just SF. The city of San Francisco only accounts for 800K out of a region of 7 Million.

  16. The ratings just show how popular football is across the country compared to baseball. If your team is not in the World Series, you won’t watch; pretty much everyone in every TV market nationwide watches the Super Bowl.

  17. Winning 2 World Series in the last 3 years and that fact that the 49ers are leaving both helped in that. But I will have to say in my opinion its on San Francisco that the 49ers are leaving. The 49ers did their part winning 5 Super Bowls and coming close a 6th if it wasn’t for bad officiating.
    There are teams out there without 1 Super Bowl and they have a new Stadium. Of course it cost a lot of money but it also brings in a lot of money. But that’s done and over with now. From now on I will no longer refer to the team as the San Francisco 49ers. Only the 49ers or 9ers. Thanks for nothing SF.

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