Roddy White calls IOC “retards” for dropping wrestling

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The International Olympic Committee decided to drop wrestling from the group of 25 “core sports” for the 2020 Summer Olympics on Tuesday, a decision that was not met with great appreciation by Falcons wide receiver Roddy White.

Like many other football players, White wrestled in high school and Pat Yaskinskas of reports that he’s spent time at the U.S. Olympic wrestling team’s workouts in the past. White took to Twitter to voice his displeasure, which included the same unfortunate word choice that led to Ravens Joe Flacco issuing an apology during the week before the Super Bowl.

“Out of all the sports the Olympics could’ve dropped they dropped wrestling they are retards,” White wrote. “IOC come on seriously wrestling is a sport that almost every country does and you drop it I’m pissed #saveolympicwrestling”

White apologized for using “retards” in a reply to someone who took offense to the word, but not the sentiment behind his overall thoughts on the subject. While this isn’t Amateur Wrestling Talk, we’ll take a moment to agree with White and anyone else who thinks the IOC made a bizarre decision.

Wrestling may not be the most popular sport in the world, but it is one of the few events with a direct line back to the games in Greece that inspired the modern Olympic tradition. Beyond that, the matchup of two men against one another with no tools available to them other than their own speed, strength and brains is about as pure an athletic event as there is in the world. The Olympics are supposed to celebrate such things, not shove them in a closet.

38 responses to “Roddy White calls IOC “retards” for dropping wrestling

  1. This coming from a guy that scored a reported ‘4’ on his pre-draft Wonderlic. Roddy is just upset he won’t get to see The Rock wrestle Ric Flair for Gold.

  2. Wrestling isn’t going anywhere. They are using this as a ploy to get people talking about the Olympics in preparation for the 2016 games in Brazil.

  3. I wrestled in high school and college, so I may be biased here, but how can they drop one of the “sports” that requires probably the most physical strength/ is the essence of on one.

  4. Finally. I never understood how two half naked bears with cauliflower ears sweating and rolling all over eachother was an Olympic sport in the first place. Its perverse

  5. Roddy White is partially right. The IOC messed up bad! They deserve all the heck that comes their way. Their pockets were probably lined with currency of some sort to include the Pentathlon, of all things, above Olympic wrestling. Bob Costas is going to have to rescue Olympic wrestling.

  6. OK, the unPC bit wasn’t the best thought out way to describe the IOC, but aside from that, thanks, Roddy! Wrestling is one of the last pure sports…one that requires no special equipment, and that accommodates men—and women—of all sizes. Not every country can afford to train and equip modern pentathletes (which ‘beat’ wrestling for inclusion in 2020), but wrestling is ubiquitous in almost every culture on earth.

  7. Wrestling epitomizes the Olympics and is one of the original sports. White is right that dropping this sport is idiotic. Any sport where the pinnacle is not an Olympic gold medal should be dropped. That includes basketball, soccer. Drop that stupid “gymnastics” with ribbons and dudes jumping on a trampoline too. Drop the horse “sports” too as they’re only for the uber wealthy and only a few nations participate, mostly Europe.

  8. Well he was wrong to use that word…it is offensive. But, he is right that the IOC screwed up. Wrestling is one of the ORIGINAL Olympic sports! Wrestling is out but Badminton and the Biathlon stay in? Huh?

  9. no wrestling in the olympics? seriously!? i mean thats kind of crazy seein as how wrestling fits the mold of an olympic sport to the T.. weird

    on that note why did roddy apologize? ahh ofcourse its the new america
    black ppl, gay people and these people so offended by roddys use for ‘retard ‘should for a super group called ‘ yeah were annoying, we take anything you say break it down, twist it and make you look bad..unless your black, gay or handicapped then its ok and you get a pass’ buy the album!

  10. He’s not “wrong” to use the word, it’s his choice of words, that’s it.

    Obviously, it’s his opinion that using the word retarded is fine.

    If yours is different, great. That’s YOUR opinion.

  11. I hope they kept the “Ski for 2 miles, then stop and shoot targets” thing, because I think that has practical, day to day applications.

  12. Already dropped baseball. Need less violents sports like men’s synchronized swimming and ballroom dancing. Used to have tug of war – maybe they’ll bring it back?

  13. I am not a wrestler, but agree with Mr White. The olympic board may need to take a different route on this one.

  14. I haven’t seen anyone disagree here or elsewhere that has commented.

    We know what the IOC is thinking, $$$.

    Pentathalon over wrestling, really? Speedwalking, badminton, ping pong, the list goes on of other events they could have scraped over the OLDEST sport.

    Any sport in the Olympics that needs to use an animal of some sort over one’s own strength should be first to go…

    Half the problem is that the wrestling events are rarely broadcast. I get it to some extent and I wrestled as well…by the freestyle division is a lot of fun to watch. If the commentators were worth their salt it can be easily explained as to how Greco Roman works as well.

    Nothing is sacred anymore, even one of the oldest events that is supposed to be sacred to the core…

  15. I am with Roddy on this one.

    Wrestling has been a cornerstone of the Olympics for so long. You have crushed the dreams of guys who enjoy it.

    Preferably Will Ferrell in Ladies man.

  16. Go Roddy! Ok, maybe he slipped with “retard”, which many of us have probably done. Apology accepted. Epitome is the best word to describe wrestling’s relationship with the olympics.

    Why does it feel like Goodell somehow had a hand in this?

  17. i’m indifferent to the wrestling however i’m getting more & more ticked everyday over these bafoons who can’t handle hearing words like retard or gay or whatever else get’s thier panties in a bunch everytime someone makes a comment. it really is getting out of hand and it makes me sick that we even pay these sensitive a-holes any mind let alone sending out another post to tell them how sorry you are for your choice of words. well in this case i will say that the i.o.c is a bunch of gay retards for dropping wrestling and i AM NOT sorry for my choice of words

  18. 9 of 15 members of the IOC executive committee who voted to do this are European. Its not even an International committee. They voted purely to eliminate a sport where Europe, especially Western Europe where the money and bribes come from, struggles, and the US excels. They have no regard for tradition or the kids dreams they crush, only for cash bribes and fixing their countries medal counts.

  19. Though Roddy White is more widely known for his football career, White has earned some pretty heavy wrestling accolades in his day — so his cred in this regard carries some juice some folks out there may not be aware of.

    And yeah — they need to keep wrestling. We have so many lame-o events in the Olympics, and the IOC decides to ditch wrestling. No wonder White is frustrated as heck.

  20. Could’ve used a better term, and it’s better than the one I used….but I agree 100%.

    Greco-Roman wrestling was THE original sport from the games, and free style was added. dropping both is ludicrous.

    This is what happens when you let pro athletes in and then pull them back out of competition….and put idiots at the helm. Exposure level dwindles. The only way to keep the games maintaining the audience they want is to put big money up for the medal rounds, or put a bullet into the losers. Too many things getting everyone’s attention these days….and the same reason an LA football team won’t ever work.

    If anyone knows what wushu is/was in the last Olympics…please advise.

    Roger Goodell would be a great fit for the IOC committee at the rate he’s going.

  21. As a Giant fan, I disliked Roddy White only because of the negative comparisons and comments he has made about my team’s WRs. However, my whole opinion of him has changed because of his stance on this IOC/wrestling issue. Actually, the use of the word “retarded” in this scenario is actually a knock on the mentally handicapped for a whole different reason. The decision to drop wrestling was so ill-conceived that its even below the intellect of the mentally handicapped.

  22. More people would watch wrestling than golf if it were actually televised. Who wouldn’t watch an international match between the U.S. and Iran or Israel and Palestine or England vs. France. Olympic golf is unwatchable. If those pros don’t care if they win, why should we?

  23. It could’ve been worst…at least this wasn’t the Special Olympics Commitee that White called retards.

    And I also agree, getting rid of wrestling is a bad decision when there are tons of other boring sports to eliminate.

  24. The Olympics will not be on any television in any household of my family or my own, due to this decision by the IOC.

    Wrestling is the purest form of sport that we have in this world.


  25. This is crazy. I played a lot of sports in high school and by far wrestling was the most challenging. It required daily dedication even in high school. I used to laugh at the kids who threw up in double days for football. Football was fun, baseball was something to pass the time, and wrestling was seriously consuming if you wanted to be successful at it that is.

  26. The word he used is inappropriate, hurtful and reveals not only his character, but also his limited vocabulary. The interesting thing to me is, that Roddy White is using this term. I have heard him add his insights and eloquence to more than one conversation over the years. Roddy might want to consider staying away from terms that might bring attention to HIS obviously developmentally delayed command of the English language, to mention only ONE area of incompetence.

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