Troy Aikman: Fans don’t realize how good Tony Romo is

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Troy Aikman is a Tony Romo fan. And Aikman wishes more NFL fans were Tony Romo fans.

Aikman, the Hall of Fame former Cowboys quarterback, said on 105.3 The Fan that it’s frustrating that the average fan doesn’t recognize how good a quarterback the Cowboys have in Romo.

“I’m a big fan of his and I’ve said it all along,” Aikman said, via the Dallas Morning News. “He’s a special player. Unfortunately, not enough people recognize that.”

The Cowboys won three Super Bowls with Aikman and have only won one playoff game with Romo, but Aikman says that Romo is capable of getting the Cowboys back on top of the NFL.

“I maintain that they’re close,” Aikman said. “And I know that people keep asking, ‘Hey, can Tony Romo lead this team to a Super Bowl?’ And I believe that he can. It’s hard to do. Whether or not he ultimately does it or doesn’t, to me, isn’t really the primary thing. The main thing is you build this team, if you believe that he is capable of doing that, which I believe he is and I believe the Cowboys feel that way as well. Then, you can put the other pieces around him and you have a chance to be really good.”

The Cowboys may have a chance to be really good with Romo. But they haven’t actually been really good since they had Aikman.

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  1. I have a lot of respect for Aikman, however, with the current GM they will never build a super bowl team around Romo.

    Even then I would have to see Romo lead a team, he is a very consistent choker.

  2. the only thing romo is good at is blowing the game at the end. he cannot win the big game. cowboys will never win a super bowl as long as romo is the quarterback.

  3. Askman is partially right about Romo.
    Also, if Romo was surrounded by Emmett Smith, Michael Irvine, and the great O line the Cowboys had in the 1990s, Romo would probably have some more playoff wins.

  4. You are only as good as you perform. Tony Romo is NOT a winner. He is NOT a CLUTCH player.

    I could swear up and down that my house is worth a million bucks. It ain’t worth that if the mkt ain’t willing to pay that amount.

    Im sick of everyone telling me how great this guy is and how we as fans jus’t don’t understand or see it.

    If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck…its a fkn DUCK.

  5. I’ve defended Romo for years, realizing he’s a good QB stats-wise and can have some clutch wins. Unfortunately, he can also make some really dumb plays at the most inopportune times…it happens. Amazingly, he puts up great numbers; I know he had a high number of picks in 2012…but he also had close to 5,000 yards.

    Doesn’t help that his offensive line has looked like swiss cheese…if he had a line to block for him, I think he could truly shine.

  6. I’m a Cowboys fan and I’ve been anti-Romo for his whole regime, except for last season. Romo took a step last season and became much more cerebral of a quarterback and much mentally tougher. Besides the Skins game which all of you non-cowboys fans watch and jump on here to bash, Romo took a huge step last year. He was different and I now support him. Go Cowboys

  7. Troy Aikman doesn’t realize that one of the primary factors in judging the QB of a team that is expected to make the Play-offs…is how many Play-off wins does that QB have?

  8. hahaha

    Remember everyone,, Troy Aikmen left the NFL due to concussions.

    Nobody knocks Toni’s skillset.. we knock Toni’s performance in high pressure situations..
    Whether it falls onto the OL, WRs or whatever,, this guy chokes when the games on the line.
    Regular season, post season you name it…

    Toni is not clutch.
    No matter the situation, i’m betting against Romo.

  9. Stop it Troy! Special players lead their teams to the playoffs. Romo has good regular season stats but he is not an elite QB. Fox should ban you from calling Cowboys games because you are not even close to partial. Your slobbering love fest with Romo is way overboard!

  10. Aikman we all know how horrible Romo is. I’m sure Jerry is paying you to say that. Aikman will judge everyone but somehow Romo is elite and god like? come on now……

  11. Troy, that’s because he’s just not that good. The franchise and NFL have done all they can to prop him up, but if you take away the star from the helmet, he’s a bottom 1/3 guy.

  12. They are clearly in the throws of a bromance. I can’t see any other reason for this crap. Romo is pretty solid during the regular season, but then when pressure mounts vs. good teams, and some not so good ones, what happens? DERP!

  13. Does aikmen actually watch him fail ever single big game?? Is he trying to say that better players around him will make him not throw those huge interceptions and the wrong time? Aikmen is delusional!! Just like the cowboys.

  14. I’m a big Tony fan and believe in his potential. There are much bigger problems at Valley Ranch than anything negative Tony might do from time to time. I remember when Elway was called a choker and ask Dan Marino if you have to win a Super Bowl in order to be thought of as great. Since Troy won SBs, salary cap and free agency have prevented many once-great teams from living up to their old potential. This is the first year the 49ers have been competitive since 1996; many other teams such as the Bears and Dolphins haven’t been able to draft or keep great teams together. The Giants have won SBs, but with lousy records; things just came together for them. Tony has led the Cowboys to three playoff appearances; led them to the NFC #1 seed; were two games out of a SB appearance and Tony personally accomplished the same things his first year as RGIII–playoffs, lost game, made Pro Bowl.

  15. 100% agree. Too many fans think because you win a Super Bowl, now you are a great QB. Fact is, 31 starting QBs every year don’t win a Super Bowl. It’s ignorant to think that one position (the most important one admittedly) is the ONLY reason a team wins a Super Bowl. I’d rather have Tony Romo than both Eli Manning and Joe Flacco. Numbers back me. Romo has never had a QB rating under 90 in his career. Maybe Dallas fans should worry more about keeping their overpaid best players healthy (cough, miles austin, demarco murray), or maybe having their big money on defense that they invested start playing up to their ability (20th in the league in sacks, 19th in pass d, 22nd in run d, 24th in PPG d, and tied for dead last in INTs). There’s more to winning a super bowl than a QB.

  16. Fans don’t realize how good Romo is, however, fans do realize how bad he is (in big spots).

  17. i believe that if they get a real strong coach they can win a title. someone that knows what he is talking about and is strong and ruthless and possessing a fire and willing to do what it takes to be a champion .. a figure like jimmy johnson.

    get a coach like that and this roster can win

  18. As a Redskins Fan,had many years of Aikman crushing us,but I see what he’s saying. When Troy was playing the Cowboys had the most massive O Line i’ve ever seen, Micheal Irvin, Emmit Smith. Since Romo been QB they’ve giving him a cast of misfits excluding Ware & Witten.

  19. Absolutley NOT a Dallas fan, but Aikman is right. Romo is a very special player, and gets blamed for a lot of stuff for things outside of his control.

    Romo can play, and is the least of Dallas’s concerns.

  20. MY GOD! People still support this obvious loser yet hate on Flacco? Before this season, Flacco won multiple playoff games (including two AFC Title appearences) and couldn’t advance cause an idiot coordinator and has been receivers dropping the ball (talking bout you Housh & Evans) in the crucial moments yet he was HORRIBLE! Romo is one of the main causes his teams can’t advance with his game sealing picks & fumbles yet he’s still sooooo good?! Nobody can tell me there isn’t a media bias when it comes to players. Nobody!

  21. Fans today don’t realize anything they can’t see in a 5 second highlight or have explained to them by some stats (see Mark Twain’s take on those).

    To treat any individual player as though he is responsible for the outcome in football is ludicrous. This is not tennis or boxing.

    I’ve always thought Romo was way above average and that sports fans are way too results oriented.

  22. People need to realize that Tony Romo’s offensive line was one of the worst in the league and forget that Demarco Murray, Witten, Bryant, and Austin were all hurt last season. Don’t get me started about Rob Ryan’s defense.

    He still managed to the throw for 4900 yards, 29 TDS and still managed to get his team to go 9-7.

    Yeah, he’s 1-3 in the playoffs, but people forget Peyton Manning was 0-3 in his first three appearances.

  23. Jerruh is not a football guy. He thinks he is as he has ridden on the shirt-tails of JJ and Tuna —but his negative influence on the team AKA replacing key players is not happening. He simply doesn’t have the skill set.

    THAT is just as big a problem as the QB problem so many of you have identified.

  24. I think people here (this comment board) need to respect Aikman and acknowledge that teams win championships and not just QBs.

    A Hall of Fame QB who was lights out in the postseason and 3-0 in Super Bowls is someone who KNOWS what he’s talking about.

    I agree with Aikman completely. Will Romo succeed? I have no idea, but I do know six weeks ago, pretty much no one thought Joe Flacco would be holding the trophy.

  25. Romo’s history since day 1 has been to make bad decisions at the worst possible times. Who can forget the fumbled hold in the Seattle playoff game and it is has happened every year since. Romo is talented but some QB’s just don’t process information quickly enough in fast moving situations. McNabb was another guy who saved his worst for the biggest games.

  26. I think we can put to bed the Flacco vs Romo debate. So tired of the cowboy fan boys who insist Romo is a better QB. Hah!

  27. I’m a Romo fan, I love him right where he is.
    I feel the same about Vick.
    And the backup for the hobbled RG3.
    They should stay with thier teams forever.
    Go Big Blue!
    Oh yeah and Jerry Jones is the a hall of fame GM.

  28. romo is a compiler. stat geeks looking at the back of football cards talk about how underappreciated he is.

    throwing for 4000 yards in the NFL nowadays is not a big deal.

    it’s like when people say so-and-so had 10 sacks last year. And I say to them, is that all? They’re pass rushing on every play nowadays, they SHOULD had 10 sacks at least.

  29. I’m a Giant fan and disagree with the majority sentiment. Dude is good and piles up big stats on us most games. He’s just a bit snakebitten is all. Can’t blame him for JPP blocking a tying FG or for Crayton dropping a likely back-breaking 80 yd TD catch and run in the 07′ playoffs. Little plays like this happen against Dallas. It’s only magnified 100x when it’s Romo that throws a pick.

    I’d take him in a heartbeat if we didn’t have Eli. I bet a good handful of teams would make him a $100M QB if he were on the market. Every year I hope that Dallas finally dumps him but they never do. It’s the smartest decision they make with that team year in, year out keeping him.

  30. I would say this is a certain fact: Troy Aikman knows more about football and QB play than any of you know-nothing self-proclaimed geniuses who blog and post on here.

  31. Troy is right. How many other teams would love to have Romo as their starter? KC, Arizona, Jets for example. Fact is if you don’t have balance it’s hard. If your offensive line can’t block, you can’t run or pass. The line made it easy for defenses to defend the pass, especially knowing it was coming most of the time. Get this man a line and healthy RBs and I think you would be able to see what he can really do. The 90s Cowboys teams were loaded and had balance. Troy never had to do it all on his own. Once they build the line and if the defense can step up, Dallas could surprise people.

  32. Romo’s far from perfect, but he’s put up some remarkable numbers behind a line that would have gotten a lot of QBs killed. A bit of a Catch 22 in that without Romo, Dallas would have been forced to upgrade their pass protection a long time ago–and with a better line Romo may not have thrown so many picks in big situations.

  33. “The Cowboys may have a chance to be really good with Romo. But they haven’t actually been really good since they had Aikman.”

    and they had Smith, Irvin, Newton, Williams, Novacek, Allen, Haley, and a top 5 defense.

  34. Here’s all you need to know about the importance of quarterbacks in the Ultimate Team Sport: Trent Dilfer and Joe Flacco each have Super Bowl rings, and Dan Marino does not…
    What more needs explained?

  35. The other thing to always remember about Romo is the dude was UNDRAFTED, which is utterly amazing. Yet, he gets heat like they took him #1 or gave up a slew of first round picks for him.

  36. REALLY? You are going to try and compare Flacco to Romo? LOL… come on… are you cowboy fans this delusional? Flacco is WAY better then Romo in every aspect. Romo couldn’t hold Flacco’s jockstrap. This will get thumbs down due to the cowboys fans but the truth hurts.

  37. I hope the cowboys keep Romo for many years to come. Who else are they gonna find that will be better out there?
    The second they cut him they will be searching for his replacement and some other team will be happy to pick him up.

    That is, some other team that actually has a chance of winning something. Nothing can ever be accomplished in an environment where the owner is on the sidelines like Jones is.
    He has suffocated that franchise and the end is certainly not near for him.
    He’s as spry as a young lad, which is great for the rest of the NFL!

  38. Because Trent Dilfer is just as good as Joe Flacco? Seriously? Flacco is light years ahead of Dilfer and Romo for that matter.

  39. Hes won alot of playoff games, big December games and Super Bowls… fans just dont realize it.

  40. People say Romo is like Flacco–false. Romo is better passer and more athletic. He doesn’t have the cast that Flacco does and he’s not nearly as lucky. (Think of Romo airing it out to Jacoby Jones twice like Flacco did–anyone in the league would have picked that off and people would be talking about how badly underthrown the ball was).

    With that being said, I would probably take Flacco over Romo only because he is less likely to completely blow games.

    Flacco rarely wins games, but he doesn’t lose them too often either.

    Romo will absolutely just throw games away sometimes.

  41. bobonmycob

    Flacco is better in one respect–luck. He has more wins but a way better cast too.

    Don’t even try to say that Flacco isn’t the luckiest qb on Earth. Look at his two big passes to Jacoby Jones in the post season. Both under thrown; both hung in the air for 20 seconds; both defenses misplayed the ball.

    Rarely does that happen once let alone twice in 3 games.

    Just look at the stats for Flacco and Romo

  42. I used to say that Romo was the reason that the Cowboys were in games and also the reason that they lost games. I firmly believe that he is the only reason they are in games and the offensive line is the reason that they lose games. Any QB in the league behind that line that isn’t named Aaron Rodgers would have been on IR. Romo had to scramble for his life on virtually every drop-back. He lost his #1 RB for nearly half of the season. When teams know that your O-line has a guy named Free, some French dude named Bernardeau, a Cincinnati reject, and that you aren’t going to run the ball, they are going to pin their ears back and destroy your QB. In 5 years when we’ve got a guy the caliber of Curtis Painter behind center, Cowboys fans are going to realize what a special player we have in Romo.

  43. Maybe if he didn’t, you know, keep choking in big game after big game more people might appreciate his abilities.

  44. It could be worse – your QB could have just caught fire at the right time, and now you’re forced to pay $20M/yr for an average QB, leaving no money elsewhere so your team promptly downslides to a sub-.500 season for years to come.

  45. Give Romo a decent O-line just one year and see what he can do. The guy almost threw for 5000 yards with perhaps the worst offensive line in the nfl

  46. I think Romo is a good QB , but Troy would have a lot more credibility if he wasn’t continually pronouncing that every Dallas player is an All Pro.
    Reference saying a couple years ago that Larry Austin was the best wideout in football.

  47. I’ll end the debate on Romo and Flacco. He might throw a pick, but Romo would never throw a checkdown on 4th & 29 with the game/playoffs on the line.

  48. As a jets fan, I’d take him on our roster no problem. I don’t think he’s elite or anything but he’s better than Sanchez tebow and McElroy for sure.

  49. austinoxford says:Feb 13, 2013 4:05 PM

    I used to say that Romo was the reason that the Cowboys were in games and also the reason that they lost games. I firmly believe that he is the only reason they are in games and the offensive line is the reason that they lose games. Any QB in the league behind that line that isn’t named Aaron Rodgers would have been on IR. Romo had to scramble for his life on virtually every drop-back. He lost his #1 RB for nearly half of the season. When teams know that your O-line has a guy named Free, some French dude named Bernardeau, a Cincinnati reject, and that you aren’t going to run the ball, they are going to pin their ears back and destroy your QB. In 5 years when we’ve got a guy the caliber of Curtis Painter behind center, Cowboys fans are going to realize what a special player we have in Romo.


    Good QBs make their OLine look good by getting rid of the ball quickly. Cassel was sacked 47 times in 2008 for the Patriots. With basically the same OLine in 2007 and 2009 Brady was sacked 21 times and 16 times respectively.

    It’s not the OLine… it’s Romo.

  50. Tony Romo is a good regular season QB and he’ll put up his stats. When it comes to the big game Tony Romo folds like a lawn chair and he can’t so anything. He’ll start though bc Dallas has no one else.

  51. Tony Romo is a great QB. The bottom line is he’s posted some of the best stats ever put up by a Cowboys quarterback.

    I admit he makes boneheaded plays at the absolute most inopportune time. But you can’t ignore everything else he does.

    This guy isn’t Mark Sanchez. He puts up Top 5 QB numbers every year.

    And the playoffs thing is a team problem, not just Romo. Now that Romo and Dez have built a real chemistry and have an off season to develop even more. Romo won’t be making those same plays. He actually has a consistent, big time receiver now. Not just a receiver who will go on a 4 game stretch of dominance then fade like Miles Austin.

    Dez Bryant is here to stay.

  52. Always admired Aikman as a player and as a FOX color guy on their big games with Buck. Aikman just tells it like it is with a humble approach, not the hype that is so obvious with other TV guys who have an overt agenda/bias for a team or player.

    The sad thing about Romo is he is always going to be just good to great enough to break your heart. The pattern has been set with years of coming up short, starting with that botched FG hold in the playoffs at Seattle. Why would anything change now?
    Garrett is not the answer and we all know Jerry Jones is a big part of the problem. A year or two from now JJ is going to realize he needs a new QB.

  53. I always maintain that Romo is a top 10 qb, which is pretty good. He makes a lot of throws other qbs can’t make. He also is a high-risk high-reward qb. I’d still rather have him than say, Alex Smith, who rarely challenges a defense downfield for fear of making a mistake.

    Problem with the Cowboys is not Romo being overrated, it’s the rest of the talent on the whole team being overrated. That’s where Troy is wrong.

  54. been a cowboys fan as long as I can remember and also a fan of Romo, but this past year showed if they don’t do something with this terrible O.line play not even Brady Manning Brees can win..especially in crunch time.

  55. please dont comment on past cowboys if you can’t even spelll their names correctly or werent alive to see them win superbowls. im fine w him being the mext flacco, at least our team is always optimistic and eexpecting to win unlike the raiders browns redskins cards etc. rgknee

  56. Romo ended their season on a halfback swing interception. That’s just flat out pathetic, not to mention the two other picks he had in that game.

  57. He’s about as clutch as Tom Brady has been the last five years which is to say, not clutch at all. Can’t wait to watch the Patriots lose in style again this year! Life is good!

  58. I see the average fan is represented here on this message board. If you know football and watch football, especially the Cowboys you know that Romo is a good QB.

    The problem is our GM/Owner/Crypt Keeper. Aikman knows what makes a good QB as do others who know Romo has what it takes such as Phil Simms, Peter King, Mike Francesa, Jim Nance. ect. No one is more critical of the Cowboys then Aikman. Try listening to him when he does a Cowboy game. But the average fan knows more about the game then guys who have played the position and whose living revolves around football.

    Those who continually bash Romo really don’t watch this man play week in and week out. Spending the day at a birthday party every other Sunday or going to the mall during football and watiching a few plays of the game or watching highlights doesn’t consitiute a die hard knowlegable football fan.

    Those true football people know they would have won 3 games without him this year with a pathetic O-Line and terrible running game (that hasn’t produced a 1000 YD rusher in the last 5 years).

  59. No question Romo is talented but he holds onto the ball at least a full Mississippi too long on plays that break down. His Risk/Reward ratio is tilted toward Pick 6’s.

  60. Aikman is right. Most NFL fans don’t realize how great of a golfer Romo is. Regarding football, Troy, don’t insult us. Romo is NOT a ” Great” quarterback. The reason Romo is such a good golfer is that
    There are no interceptions in golf.

  61. bobzilla1001 says:
    Feb 13, 2013 3:43 PM
    Here’s all you need to know about the importance of quarterbacks in the Ultimate Team Sport: Trent Dilfer and Joe Flacco each have Super Bowl rings, and Dan Marino does not…
    What more needs explained?
    This statement is so overplayed it’s ridiculous. Dilfer was on a once in a generation team with an All-Time defense. In Goodell’s modern NFL, those days are long gone. If you don’t have a machine at QB, you’re the Bills. Do not pass GO, do not collect $200. Simple as that.

  62. So nice to see the Patriots lose again this year! The dynasty that they are. Dynasty of losing in the most wonderful ways! Who could forget the helmet catch and last years Superbowl was pretty good to! Oh wait! Yes, there’s time, let me go play my Giants 2007 and 2011 Superbowl DVD’s and watch them lose in style again! Yeah buddy! Wait, you mean there is more to come next year! I can’t wait. See ya next year Patriots fans when Tom Brady will choke in style and Bill Belichick will come up so close but just short again! Can I get a woa Patriots! WOA Patriots!

  63. I know how good he is and constantly defend him. I think he can win us a Superbowl. All 8 wins last year were won by Romo. If he had a defense say like the Bears, the Cowboys go 12-4.

    That being said, I understand the doubt against Romo too. People who do not watch every Cowboy’s game, and let the media paint the picture of him for them are most likely to have those negative thoughts about Romo.

  64. “I maintain that they’re close,” Aikman said.
    You’ve been saying that since 2004 …

    In that time – The Packers had two rebuilding years, a QB switch – and won a superbowl.

    Saints had a hurricane – rebuilding years, then a superbowl win.

    The friggin’ jets won 4 road playoff games with Sanchez.
    That doofus Eli won a superbowl – The Cardinals made it to a superbowl – etc, meanwhile, in that same time frame, the cowboys have accomplished as much as the 2011 denver tebows – 1 playoff win.

  65. Dear Troy,

    Dude, I didn’t mean to scramble your brain up for the rest of your life. I’m really sorry, but that hit I put on you did WAY more damage than anyone thought.


    LaVar Arrington.

  66. I’m not a huge Romo fan, especially after last seasons meltdown against the Redskins, however I think people’s unusual hatred for him (just read the comments on this site) are stupid and speak to the ignorance of NFL fans. Romo has his issues but the Cowboys have way more problems than their QB. It’s also nice to see Aikman trying to help the guy out rather than just protect his own legacy.

  67. The rest of the league realizes exactly how good Romo is and they’re sitting back hoping for that extension.

    Jeff George also had a lot of skill at QB.

  68. Romo is the least of the problems in Dallas.

    -That offensive line can barely contain a junior college d-line.
    -The running game shows up 1 in every 4 weeks.
    -Witten is due to physically break down.
    -Miles Austin is fragile like a girl scout.
    -Dez Bryant cannot be relied on this much – but can be beast.
    -Watching Romo align everyone withe playclock running down makes you wonder who the hell is calling plays.

    The other side the ball is also a mess but all of it can go back to one core element: executive management.

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