As Steven Jackson weighs his options, he hasn’t met with the Rams


Rams running back Steven Jackson has yet to sit down with the team to discuss a new contract, less than a month before the start of free agency.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that no meeting has taken place between the Rams and Jackson’s camp, although such a meeting may take place this month at the Scouting Combine.

Jackson has the ability to void the final year of his contract and become an unrestricted free agent. He may also play out the 2013 season on his base salary of $7 million, or work out a new deal with the Rams before free agency starts on March 12.

A month ago, Jackson said he was undecided on his future but was considering all of his options, including returning to the Rams, testing free agency or retiring. It appears that Jackson is no closer to choosing from among those options.

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  1. Well it’s been speculated that GB and Ted Thompson have been enthralled with him for years.

    I’d love to have him in GB! He’s got a little tread left of those tires.

  2. Dallas would be a great place for Jackson. He would compliment Murray perfectly, provide a tough back for the Cowboys, be a great teammate and leader in the locker room – which they need, and wouldn’t need to carry the ball as much as in the past, though the Rams have a younger back, Pead, now as well. The Cowboys passed on him before, like Moss years ago, and it was a huge mistake (drafted Julius Jones), so this would be cool.

  3. After having been run into the ground in St Louis with minimal relative glory over his career, I would really like to see Jackson get a chance to play for a playoff contender and blossom elsewhere. The Packers would be a good fit, and Rodgers would help get the most out of Jackson.

    Also, how about the Lions? They could use someone reliable to tote the rock 15-20 times a game. How about the Broncos or Colts? These are 4 playoff teams with GREAT quarterbacks that could really use the services of a guy like Steven Jackson to help balance out their respective offensive attacks. This particular player deserves a legitimate chance at a Lombardi Trophy…

  4. If the Rams don’t offer a new contract and he voids that last year I expect he’ll have quite a number of options on where to play next.

  5. As a Rams fan – if Jackson doesn’t resign, then I almost hope he signs on with the Packers. That’s a team desperate for a solid running back and adding him to the backfield with Rodgers would mean that he has a legitimate shot at contending for a championship, which he deserves after all his efforts for the Rams in losing seasons. As a Rams fan I want him back, but if he instead chooses a contender then I would be very happy for him.

  6. Packers certainly make sense, so do the Giants given that they have no clear power RBs in the stable. Miami is also in need of a running back.

  7. Isaha Pead is hoping he leaves. He’ll be a good back when he gets the chance. Dude was a beast at University of Cincinnati.

  8. If he leaves the Rams it will only be for a chance to get a ring. No way that he gets $7M from anyone else.

  9. as a rams fan if he doesn’t come back I hope he goes to GB. He is such a great player, one of my favorite players and the only reason I would tell other ppl I’m a fan. he made the team not an utter disgrace

  10. harrisonhits2 says:
    Feb 14, 2013 4:49 PM
    If the Rams don’t offer a new contract and he voids that last year I expect he’ll have quite a number of options on where to play next.

    I doubt he’ll have more than a couple options and for very little money comparatively.

    He’s got 8 yrs in already and will be 30. As great as he is, most teams will look at him as a short term, very short term fill in.

  11. I’d love for him to go to the Redskins, he can be the home run hitter for Morris and extend both of their careers.

    Everytime we have played the Rams, Jackson hurts them; he is nothing but a class act. It is a shame the Rams wont tie up one of their own for his whole career. Where is the loyality these days? (Hell, the Skins dont have it either)

  12. It’s sadly ironic that this reminds me of Jerome Bettis.

    I was there at the TWA Dome when the fans booed Jerome off the field to welcome Lawrence Phillips to the city. Jerome knew that the team was only going to run him into injury without a chance of a playoff run.

    The fans are not upset with Jackson at this point however, he is only running for the Hall Of Fame at this point with the Rams. If there is a player in the league that deserves that shot, it is him. Maybe he will sign with Atlanta and go Gonzo.

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