Bill Callahan: It doesn’t matter who calls plays


On Wednesday, Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said that the team didn’t need to decide on the identity of the guy calling the plays on offense until the first preseason game this summer.

It was offensive coordinator Bill Callahan’s turn to meet the media on Thursday and he got all the questions you’d imagine about the hot topic du jour in Dallas. Callahan did his best to downplay any potential tension in the topic, parroting much of what Garrett said about the play calls being a team effort.

“It’s really a collaborative effort. We all do it together. I think what’s important here is we as a staff continue to work hard, put the plan together, we do it in a collaborative fashion, and really, it doesn’t really matter,” Callahan said, via the Dallas Morning News. “I checked my ego at the door a long time ago. It doesn’t matter who calls the plays. We know what the play is going to be. So there’s no guesses, there’s no surprises.”

There’s little doubt that gameplan construction involves more voices than Garrett’s every week and the voice in Tony Romo’s helmet is less important that a well-designed scheme. The reason this continues to be an issue for the Cowboys is that Garrett’s boss said he wanted someone else to call the plays and, as of now, Garrett hasn’t said that he’s going along with Jerry Jones’ wishes.

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  1. Yes, but did anyone ask Callahan about his play-calling in that Super Bowl way back when? Always fun to dredge up an old non-story.

  2. Confusing thegreatgabbert? If you actually knew that more goes into a game than just showing up on gameday then you’d know thats how most teams do it. A coach doesn’t just sit in a room by themselves and come up with the game plan by themselves. It is a TEAM game after all. Team on the field team on the sidelines. I know its very complicated for someone who depends on Sportcenter to spoon feed them info about sports but maybe 1 day you’ll get it.

  3. Jerry should order a media blackout for All coaches during the offseason because between Jason’s presser yesterday and Callahan today
    (He said he was real happy with the current O-line’s technique) the Cowboys management appears adrift and clueless. Jerry, tells us who is calling plays, and tell your coaches to shut up.

  4. He sounds like Garrett now. A lame ass run around. It’s going to suc if Garrett gets to call offensive plays again. Something logical just got to be done!

  5. If it does not matter who calls the plays then why is it the O-Cord that takes the fall for a non productive offense?

    It was a brilliant move to let Cam Cameron go and allow Jim Caldwell lead the way to the Super Bowl. Chris Palmer was the fall guy in Tennessee, Tony Sporano took the hit in New York, Greg Knapp couldnt call a pop warner game in Oakland, and eight head coaches and their staffs have been fired.

    Honestly does it matter who calls the plays?

  6. Did anyone else hear this in The Rock’s voice?

    Hey, who do you think should call the pl….IT DOESN’T MATTER WHO CALLS THE PLAYS!

    Would be the first time Bill Callahan were ever cool if it happened.

  7. old man cowboy’s fan here, I remember back to Landry’s final days..oh how the mighty have fallen..god damn Jerry Jones and the mockery he has turned my beloved team into.

  8. I’m with you vile – the Cowboys used to be trend setters in football management. Information-based drafting/scouting was huge in helping the Cowboys in the 70s. Didn’t their draft class of 75 get 12 rookie keepers? That was in an era when teams kept an average of 6. It wasn’t until the 1984 season that they didn’t make the playoffs. Jones hasn’t done $h!t since Johnson left (with the exception of when Parcels was running things – but Jones had to go and get Owens and p!$$ Parcels off). And he won’t do $h!t until he gets his meddling @$$ out of the operations. He’s made it very clear that isn’t going to happen, so until his health fails – we’re screwed as fans. I don’t blame the skins, jints, iggles, 69ers, or any other fans for giving the Cowboys hell…the team deserves it…

  9. I couldn’t believe things can get worse for the Boys–but I was wrong.

    Now a COMMITTEE is going to call the plays?

    This season is going to be Catastrophic for Dallas.

  10. old man cowboy’s fan here, I remember back to Landry’s final days..oh how the mighty have fallen..god damn Jerry Jones and the mockery he has turned my beloved team into.

    you can’t say it any better…Jones has ruined football for us old cowboy fans

  11. don’t feel too bad Dallas fans, it wasn’t that long ago when the Redskins went through this with Jim Zorn calling some plays the running backs coach calling other plays and some guy who came from a bingo hall to sit in a booth and call plays as well. only difference here is eventually our owner grew up and got smart enough to hire real proffessioals.

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