Cowboys kept Robinson on staff to watch over Dez Bryant

The Cowboys didn’t want Jimmy Robinson to be their wide receivers coach, but they didn’t want to lose the progress they made with Dez Bryant either.

So when Jason Garrett (or whomever it happens to be making Cowboys coaching hires) brought Derek Dooley in to coach wideouts, he retained Robinson as a “senior coaching consultant.”

That’s all because of the influence Robinson was viewed to have on the enigmatic wide receiver.

Jimmy had a really positive impact on Dez,” Garrett said, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “It was a breakout year for Dez. He caught 92 balls for 1,300-plus yards and really played very, very good football.

“I think he matured a ton, and there’s no question the environment he was in certainly helped him, and Jimmy was a big part of that.”

Of course, special treatment for Bryant is nothing new, as they know he’s a talent worth cultivating. Even if that means having a personal coach on staff.

13 responses to “Cowboys kept Robinson on staff to watch over Dez Bryant

  1. I love the pathetic people in here that have nothing better in their lives but to hate the cowboys, even to go as far as setting their name to hate.

  2. Wow its nice that no one actually read the article that has the Robinson interview where he said he wanted to step back a little from coaching but wanted to stay in Dallas. But you know… whatever the media wants to feed the masses is good too I guess.

  3. Dallas put Adam Jones in a special house owned by JJ and had a security guy for him too. To no avail, as A. Jones then fought with his security guy. Now A. Jones is in Cincy and making 0 negative headlines and in fact is encouraging other players to NOT be like he was in his younger years. The moral of the story? Guys can’t be forced to grow up via having babysitters. They will grow up if and/or when they are ready. A little extra guiadance and encouragement are one thing, but having people who work for you just to handle one guy is too much in my book.

  4. Are the people who commented on this lost in the head?

    You just brought up Adam Jones, CKL. Adam Jones is a mediocre cornerback who was overrated from the jump. He wasn’t worth the personal attention.

    But unless you’re a Lions fan, Dez Bryant has the potential to be better than ANY receiver on your favorite football team could dream of. This kid is 6’3, 220; with elite receiver speed and athleticism. Not only does he catch the jump balls that few receivers can; but he might be the best Yard-After-Catch receiver in the league. Hence why he was a Punt Returner for so long. Have you ever seen one CB tackle Dez Bryant head to head? No, you haven’t, because he either used his size and stiff armed them or he juked them out of their cleats. Not even Charles Tillman was able to hold Dez Bryant and he might be the most physical corner in the league.

    If this coach is what got Bryant’s head on straight and got him to focus on his game, then yes keep that person at all costs. Jerry Jones is worth billions, he has the money to pay for a babysitter if thats what he needs. He’s using all of his assets to make this team a contender.

    I don’t even like Jerry Jones, but I have no issue with this.

  5. Thanks for the insult simmsmatic but overrated or not, Jones was a first round pick just like Dez.
    Dez had quetion marks coming out of college as well.

    My point, which you either chose to ignore or didn’t get and was clearly stated is that no one is worth that type of attention. If you disagree, fine but your comment to me was needless.

  6. @ ceschatz

    Tell that to your fellow dbag cowgirl fans who sit there and bash other teams on articles that have nothing to do with Dallas

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