Duce Staley thinks LeSean McCoy can be best back ever

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There’s been plenty of focus on who will be playing quarterback for the Eagles in Chip Kelly’s first season as head coach, but that’s not the only offensive position impacted by Kelly’s arrival on the sideline.

Kelly’s Oregon teams ran the ball with great success and that’s got people in Philly excited about what LeSean McCoy might be able to do in the offense. He’s coming off a year ruined by a concussion, but McCoy has shown the skills to thrive in an offense that gives running backs plenty to do and his position coach believes the sky’s the limit for what McCoy can do in the years to come.

“He can be the best,” Eagles running backs coach Duce Staley said, via Sheil Kapadia of PhillyMag.com. “He can be the best to play the game.”

Staley gets an A+ for hyperbole to throw out such a thought at this point in McCoy’s career, although we wouldn’t be surprised to see McCoy get a lot more chances to prove Staley right than he got in some moments during Andy Reid’s tenure. The new Eagles offense should give McCoy plenty to do and should make good use of his abilities as both a runner and a receiver over the course of the season.

He might not wind up being mentioned alongside Brown or Payton, but the Eagles don’t need him to be in order to see the kind of productivity that gets their offense back on track.

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  1. Everyone realizes that VINCE YOUNG was the genius behind the “dream team” title, right? The guy shouldn’t have even been on that team…..morons talk about it like that’s what the Eagles actually refer to themselves as

    Reasons you should not reference anything that comes out of VY’s mouth:

    6 on Wonderlic
    Claimed he would be in the NFL HOF
    Blew through 30 million in 3 years.
    Fans booed him, so he almost kills himself.
    Claims to not remember signing legal documents for a multi million dollar loan.
    Threw a 300k birthday party, for himself.
    Does not have a job.

    Need I say more?

  2. All I can remember about duce staley. Is him standing on the sidelines for 2 years when he was with the Steelers playing grab azz with Bill cowher and bettis every Sunday. He was stealing. A check then and he’s stealing one now. I would like to blame his delusional comments on concussions. But I don’t think standing on the sideline every year makes you susceptible to those!

  3. As a huge Shady fan, not gonna say he can be the “best to play (ever)”…but he’s definitely capable of being the top 1/2 RB’s in the league today!!!! He almost was in 2011.

    Have you seen this kids’ speed/ acceleration/ lateral movement after breaking through the line??? See him explode through a screen-pass??? RIDICULOUS!!! Reminds me of Barry Sanders’ style of running. McCoy is one of the true standalone stud RB talents in the widely committee-team based league.

    Bryce Brown will continue to be a great 3rd-down boost for us. Shady needs more screen-passes on early downs!!!!

  4. I think we will be seeing a lot more of Brown this year, and that will only help to keep Mccoy healthier and more explosive.

    Honestly though, Mccoy is elite level talent. We need him to get close to 20 touches a game, running or receiving

  5. If you watch McCoy every Sunday like we do in Philly you’d see that he is the best “make you miss” back in the league. He does an even better job of it than Westbrook which is saying something. Is he gonna be the best ever? No, but he’s young enough to put himself in HOF consideration as long as he stays healthy. Frankly it was amazing what he was able to accomplish behind that line last year. It was one of the worst lines in NFL history. And he still managed 750 yds and a 4.2 average in 10 games. Almost all of his runs started with 3 defenders in his face. He’s not better than Peterson today and he’s not better than Barry Sanders, but he could one day be mentioned amongst those type of names. And saying he’s not the best back in the NFC East is a joke. Props to Alfred Morris, but Mike Anderson and Orlando Gary looked good in Shannahans scheme.

  6. Plus he was completely misused by Reid. Reid passed to establish the pass, and totally neglected his best weapon.

  7. Posted by Josh Alper on February 14, 2013, 12:15 PM EST
    fuglyflorio says:
    Feb 14, 2013 12:16 PM
    Pretty much everyone who plays for the Dream Team is the ‘best ever’ by definition.
    Stalker level: Dream Team

  8. Behind AP, McCoy is the next best RB in the league. People hate on him because of the team he is on, but just remember, he was the top back in 2011 in TD’s and total yards, even though he played for an 8-8 team with a pass happy coach. That’s pretty impressive.

  9. Duce was an Eagles Legend same as B-West.

    If LeSean can emulate B-West level consistently, Iggles will be fine.

    Anything above and beyond that would be gravy

  10. I think the window of opportunity for creatively referencing the “dream team” has closed. It’s not original, it’s not funny, and it’s not relevant.

  11. Let’s see, through 58 games played, LeSean McCoy has 3866 yards and 30 TDs. When Jim Brown had played 62 games, he was sitting on 6463 yards and 57 TDs. Anyone nominating Shady for GOAT status is 15 different kinds of insane.

  12. For anyone saying he isnt even top 5, you base your opinions too much on ESPN, and not enough on what you actually watch.

    He is top 4, without question. The only other backs in the equation are Peterson, Foster, and Rice. Obviously, AP is in a league all his own, no question, the only people not putting him #1 are NFCN fans not of the Vikings.

    But McCoy makes people miss like nobody else in the league. He led the league in yards in 2011 until the end of the season where he had to miss a game. And the OL he was playing behind last year was an absolute disaster, and he still made something out of nothing.

    No, he is not close to the best ever. But he is 24 years old. He has elite level talent that few other NFL players possess. If he can improve his blocking, and stay healthy, I see no reason he cant rack up a ton of yards in the next 7 seasons, and be in the top 5 of all time rushing leaders.

    That is, as long as Chip Kelly doesnt pull an Andy Reid.

    The Eagles were 9-1 in games where McCoy touched the ball 20+ times. And every time that gets mentioned, Reid would call a game with 12 rushes, and the Eagles would lose a close game.

  13. It will be hard to produce numbers, i’m guessing Philly will utilize all 4 running backs in this offense there will be at least 2 on the field in every formation.

  14. 1bigtex says:Feb 14, 2013 1:52 PM

    Let’s see, through 58 games played, LeSean McCoy has 3866 yards and 30 TDs. When Jim Brown had played 62 games, he was sitting on 6463 yards and 57 TDs. Anyone nominating Shady for GOAT status is 15 different kinds of insane.

    And you are a dolt. McCoy rarely gets to run the ball. 2013 will show us how good McCoy actually is.

  15. Once again the small minded haters are out in full force trying to turn this into something that it is not. He simply said ” he CAN be the best.” So basically he’s just acknowledging the skills that McCoy possess and know he can do great things in this league if used correctly and stays heathy. Even those of you hating know that McCoy is BA. So stop acting like Duce said he is hands down the best ever right now, cuz that isn’t what he said and it’s time to drop the whole “DreamTeam” comments, it’s not original and it’s not funny and never was, Vince young is the idiot who started it, and only the idiot media and eagles haters ever used it. Get over it

  16. For anyone saying he isnt even top 5, you base your opinions too much on ESPN, and not enough on what you actually watch


    Talk about homer opinion. Seattle has a HB that carries his team ahead of guys like Rice Foster McCoy. Shady can’t even stay healthy which is big factor for a legit every down back. McCoy is on level of CJ2K- Sproles-Charles-Run DMC until proves otherwise.

  17. You’re spending way too much time thinking with your cob, bob. McCoy will be lucky to be a top 10 all time RB. Best ever? No way! The guys that were the best ever were really good really soon. For example Eric Dickerson’s first four seasons in the league were better than any other RB’s best four season.

    BTW, if he was the “best ever”, wouldn’t they make it a point to get him the ball? Unless, of course, they are dolts.

  18. He has the talent. Individual accolades in football are 60% team driven though. He will shine, but only go as far as his fellow offensive teammates allow him to.

  19. He could. The guy is really hard to tackle, and if he has a healthy offensive line the guy could be great

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