Eagles sign Dennis Dixon

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Michael Vick just got a little company.

It’s been expected for a while and the Eagles made it official with quarterback Dennis Dixon on Thursday. The team announced that they have signed Dixon, who played for head coach Chip Kelly when Kelly was the offensive coordinator at Oregon and was reportedly talking contract with them before they reached an agreement to sign Vick to a new one-year deal.

Dixon finished the year on the Ravens practice squad, making him eligible to sign with any team before the March 12 start of free agency. He spent four years with the Steelers, starting three times, and hasn’t played in a regular season game since 2010. He is familiar with Kelly’s offensive philosophies, though, and that gives him a little bit of a leg up on Vick and Nick Foles.

If he winds up competing with them, that is. The Eagles’ website has Dixon competing “alongside” Trent Edwards and “behind” Vick and Foles. There’s a lot of offseason left to go, though, and the Eagles situation could be more fluid than this February press release suggests.

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  1. I say why not? Let’s kick the tires on this guy, proven success in a Kelly system. Nothing to lose, only an upside here…

  2. Foles, trade bait? The Eagles are about as likely to get two first round picks for Vick as they are a second for Foles. Not happening.

  3. just draft geno smith or the guy from florida st keep dixon as #2 dump vick trade foles stop al the nonsence GO BIRDS!!!!

  4. The Eagles pissed me off with the Vick extension, but I did come off the ledge when they hired Tom Gamble…with this signing I think I’m heading back out to the ledge.

  5. Great news for Dennis! He’s got great physicality but never clicked in BA’s offense in Pittsburgh. Now that he’s reuniting with Chip Kelly, here’s hoping he’ll find his niche.

  6. PFT=crap says:
    Feb 14, 2013 3:34 PM
    So much for all that “make the system fit your players” talk.


    Works both ways my friend. What did you expect Chip to do, go into next season with the exact same roster? He brought in a possible 3rd string QB, he didn’t overhaul the entire offense.

  7. I’m not saying that Dixon will be great, but Kurt Warner was in arena league before Vermeil signed him. If Vick isn’t picking up the system, he will be traded before the last preseason game. If the Birds draft Geno, could see Dixon as starter for first few games. Actually I’d rather see Dixon start than Vick even if they don’t draft a QB. Rather see a average QB play smart than a highly talented QB play stupid

  8. Trade Foles, let Dennis sit for a year behind Vick, he will probably get some playing time considering Vicks injury history and determine then if he can be the franchise QB like everyone thought he could be before injuring his ACL at Oregon

  9. murphyboy9 says:
    Feb 14, 2013 3:14 PM
    Nick foles is now trade bait..maybe the Chiefs second round pick.


    You’ve significantly overvalued what the rest of the league thinks about Foles. You’ll be lucky to get a 4th.

  10. First of all… Just stop it with this trade Foles crap. He’s not going anywhere and I expect him to beat Vick & Dixon for the starting spot because hes smarter and a superior quarterback.

  11. Mark my words: Dixon will be the starting QB, Foles will be traded, and Vick will be released by the season opener.

    Oh, yeah, we’re gonna “mark the words'” of random internet dude #349,765.

    Íf you actually believe that, start putting money on it. I can find you a bookie that will take that prop bet.

  12. Oh damn! I really thought they would let the eagles play on Saturdays, thats too bad. You’re an idiot dude, stick to the cowboy news and stop worrying so much about the eagles

  13. Great signing. How many other Eagles have 3 Superbowl Rings?

    Dixon has shown he can play in the league every time he’s had an opportunity. He only had the misfortune of being stuck behind Roethlisberger in Pitt.

    Now he competes to back up Vick who we know can’t stay healthy for 16 games.

  14. I love how everyone thinks Foles should have done better behind the D-2 offensive line he inherited due to injuries(with the exception of Evan Mathis of course). Honestly people, what did you expect? Give the kid the O-line were projected to have this season and I guarantee you he could be a top 10 QB. Plus he was a rookie who STILL had some stats that were better than the other big name rookie QBs this season. Some(apparently most) people just don’t know how to be objective.

  15. I am a Steelers fan, and I think this was a great move for you guys. Dixon never fit in the system in Pittsburgh and his talents were being wasted, just like in Baltimore.

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