Greg Jennings “wouldn’t mind” playing in Miami

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Wide receiver Greg Jennings has put his Green Bay house on the market and all signs continue to point toward his departure from the Packers in free agency.

Less clear is where Jennings might be playing next. A lot of teams have been thrown out as potential landing spots and a few of them came up during an interview with Lindsay Rhodes of the NFL Network. Jennings said he’d have no trouble jumping to the Packers’ NFC North rivals in Minnesota, saying all 31 teams would be an option, and he was a bit more expansive when asked about the possibility of reuniting with former Packers offensive coordinator Joe Philbin with the Dolphins.

“I wouldn’t mind that at all,” Jennings said. “The weather’s definitely nice. They have an up and coming quarterback and they definitely have a defense that’s pretty solid and some pieces on offense that are pretty solid as well.”

This isn’t the first positive note we’ve heard from Jennings about playing in Miami. Even though Jennings still says he’d like to play for the Packers, he seems resigned to things not turning out that way and it seems he’s already got his eyes on a preferred new home for 2013.

The Dolphins haven’t made any secret about their interest in adding playmakers to the offense this offseason and Jennings certainly qualifies on that front. If they were able to re-sign Brian Hartline and add Jennings to a group that also includes Davone Bess, the options available to Ryan Tannehill in the quarterback’s second season would look a lot better than they did in Year One.

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  1. With a 12td and 13int last season its tough to do any worse.
    Only one QB was worse then Tannehill last year, Mark Sanchez.
    He is not the QB of the future, he won’t be playing after next year.

  2. Lets see what his numbers look like when he has guys NOT named Favre, and Rodgers throwing him the ball.
    Ponder, or Tannehill… Yeah, you may have the money. However, not going to win anything.

  3. People running their mouths about Tannehill like they know anything about him.

    Kid comes into the NFL with 17 QB starts, has to throw to a basically no-name group of recievers and throws for more yards than Russell Wilson RG3 and only 1000 less than Andrew luck (Which is alot, but compare the recievers.)

    Get Ryan a cast of ball catchers like those other 3 and see what he can do.

    Lets not also talk about how 2 missed Field Goals are what kept Miami from being 9-5 and having 4 rookies in the playoffs.

    And now you’re a little more educated on the person that is Ryan Tannehill and why anyone who actually watches the Dolphins are very excited about him.

  4. Tannehill will be just fine. He was the most raw QB in the 2012 draft. He’ll only get better and better.

  5. As a Vikings Fan, I would be open to Jennings, albeit not for a gigantic contract. Not sure how much he expands an offense, although I have no doubt he can be a top-10 WR when healthy.

    I also do not know how different he plays from a healthy Percy Harvin. I guess I’d rather have Bowe or Wallace, who I know can stretch the field more, than Jennings. But he would be a nice consolation prize if they don’t work out.

  6. Tannehill will be in Miami for as long as Dan Marino was there. He is underrated and very confident, another relation to Marino. Give him a full year with the same TE, his Receivers of last year and one more Veteran and I’ll bet he keeps up with the other QB’s from his class. including RG3, Wilson and Luck. His critics were wrong talking him so far down. I wish Buffalo would of been able to grab him (though I do like Gilmore) before Miami did.

  7. Miami has the advantage of having as their HC Green Bay’s former OC, who knows Jennings comprehensively.

    If Jennings makes sense, Miami will likely sign him.

    If Jennings does not make sense like Flynn last year, Miami will take a pass.

  8. Jennings is a risk for anyone. When’s he’s healthy, he’s great….but it’s keeping him healthy that’s been the challenge.

    And wherever Jennings lands, they get his sister and her quick-fire Twitter opinions of his teammates as well.

    Even Tebow’s family isn’t as ridiculous as Valencia Jennings.

  9. I’d rarer pay him than Hartline who’s looking for 5 million. I still would prefer Bowe. Bowe scores touchdowns, that’s what is missing in Miami.

  10. tsi431,

    Don’t be silly. Tannehill was a NFL rookie with only 19 college starts as a QB (was a starting WR for 2.5 seasons at Texas A&M before being the starting QB for the last 1.5 seasons in college). Sanchez is a 4 year NFL veteran with playoff experience. I’m no fan of Sanchez but he had horrible weapons at WR last season like Tannehill (Sanchez threw 26 TD in 2011). I guess you probably would have dismissed Drew Brees career as well based on the TD-INT output -> Year 1 (backup), Year 2 (17 TD-16 INT), Year 3 (11 TD – 15 INT).

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