Jason Garrett says leaving Dallas was the best thing for his brother

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When Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett’s brother, John Garrett, left the staff in Dallas, there was some talk that he had been forced out as owner Jerry Jones tried to get Garrett to give up some control of the team’s offense. But Jason Garrett says leaving was actually the best thing for John Garrett’s career.

As his press conference on Wednesday, Jason Garrett said that John Garrett leaving as Cowboys tight ends coach and passing game coordinator to become the Buccaneers’ receivers coach was an opportunity for John to advance in the coaching profession.

Johnny had some opportunities to leave here in the last couple of years, and we kept him here,” Jason Garrett said. “We made it worth his while to stay here. And as we’ve restructured this thing, I would never put him in a situation where he would call plays on our staff. He and I had that discussion; we had that discussion in our organization. We felt like the best way for him to grow was not to be here. He’s got a great situation down in Tampa with guys that he knows and respects and he’ll do a great job for them.”

John played briefly in the NFL and had eight years of NFL coaching experience and four years of college coaching experience before his little brother hired him in Dallas in 2007, so it’s not like nepotism is the only reason he had a job. Perhaps leaving was the best thing for John — even if it’s fair to wonder whether Jerry Jones nudged him to look for another job.