ProFootballTalk: Will Carolina start from scratch at RB?

After the lockout, DeAngelo Williams cashed in on $20 million guaranteed from the Panthers, but after streaky production, is it time Carolina moves on from him and Jonathan Stewart? Mike Florio analyzes their RB situation and the rest of Carolina’s off-season needs.

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4 responses to “ProFootballTalk: Will Carolina start from scratch at RB?

  1. Trade the backs if we must, BUT I want to also see some big moves at the WR position, please! Mainly talking about a little Mike Wallace or some Dwayne Bowe or both or 1 WR and a strong LT (especially since there are so many quality Tackles on the market….uh mmm….maybe a Jake Long?)

  2. Absolutely ludicrous to even think this. Yes I have a soft spot for them but they are amazing backs. It would be tough to keep both but honestly I would stick with Deangelo if I had to choose. He is older but I just think when he gets a lot of carries he becomes more and more dangerous. Hopefully they can restructure and keep both but we shall see.

  3. @diehard I want $1 billion too but thats not going to happen, just like you want carolina to sign bowe, wallace or a LT. WE DONT HAVE ANY MONEY! don’t know how else to spell it out for you. why do you think they are saying Dwill and Jstew need to go in the first place? it’s because we have no money.

    Oh, and Florio. Wonder why Dwill doesnt run for 1000 yards? oh yeah, he only gets 5-10 carries per game. he shares carries with another feature back and a QB that runs with regularity. AP wouldnt have a decent year with this time share. then factor in chud’s offense that featured little running, even though the games we won last 2 seasons were when the panthers ran more than they passed.

  4. I’m trusting our front office will restructure contracts, cut players, and trade 1 back or both. After that, we WILL have money, @chowtime! That’s the whole point!

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