Redskins sign former second-rounder Ron Brace


The Redskins have taken a break from clumsily defending their nickname, by signing a defender who was merely clumsily drafted.

The team announced they signed former Patriots second-round pick Ron Brace, who was released by the Patriots after a four-year stint of never quite working out.

Brace was the 40th overall choice in 2009, but the nose tackle from Boston College never made much of an impact.

But because he was once deemed a prospect, he’ll continue to get chances to prove that he can’t play, chances that other guys who weren’t as misjudged on draft day never get.

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  1. I don’t care about this at all, but that last sentence seems pretty stupid. Because there was never a talented player who just didn’t fit a system/didn’t got his stuff together with his first team and went on to play well on another team?

  2. If the Redskins are “clumsily defending their nickname”, its only because there is no reason they should need to defend it in the first place.

    If the Redskins ever change their name, that would be the biggest travesty ever in sports as a storied valuable franchise was bullied to change their name by what amounts to be a small group of radicals with no life to call their own.

  3. The Patriots had back-to-back mid 2nd round picks in ’09 and took BC DT Ron Brace at #40 and UConn CB Darius Butler at #41.

  4. Maybe Darin Gantt will take a break from clumsily bashing the Redskins, but I doubt he is smart enough to realize he should clumsily stop.

  5. Wow. I had a comment on here and seemed to get magically erased. As I said, give it a rest, Darin and Florio. I am part Native American and I personally have no issue with the name and logo. Been a fan for 25 years. Do more research and you will find out that lots of Native Americans have the same opinion as I do. As far as the signing goes, dosent hurt to bring him in and give him a look during off season workouts.

  6. Did he not quite work out because he never quite got to working out? Or did it just not work out? Nice photo of him doing something that kind of looks like working out, even though he looks wayyyyyyyyyyyy too fat to actually claim that he works out.

  7. I don’t know if he can beat out a healthy Baker or Neild at NT, but they might as well kick the tires on him since they need some depth with injuries last year at NT.

  8. Brace was part of “draft genius” Bill Belichick’s 12 pick draft class that turned up Patrick Chung, Sebastian Vollmer and Julian Edelman. I think playing with BJ Raji made him a lot of money.

  9. Brace is a good player both committed and works hard. He had his share of injuries but he was in a tough spot to succeed in New England when your behind Wilfork. I hope he excels in Washington

  10. Riiiiggghht Beezo. If Belichick could only win a FB game or two maybe he could establish some cred. That NE roster is such a joke. There are even two or three NFL teams with better ones. Can’t believe he wiffed on some draft picks. So many NFL teams have perfect draft records. No wonder they never go anywhere. Do you and the other haters realize how dumb you sound. About being a jerk…

  11. Does anyone else think the tone of this story would be completely different if he had been a former Redskins 2nd round pick that the Patriots signed today?

  12. Well, BJ Raji playing next to him in college was enough to get him a second round selection. But even Big Vince playing next to him in the pros couldnt make him stick in New England.

  13. .


    ”A lot of bad drafting will continue to plague BB”

    Patriots win totals since 2001 :
    11, 9, 14, 14, 10, 12, 16, 11, 10, 14, 13, 12.

    Way to spot the trends.


  14. Has their defense of the name been any clumsier than the attack on the name? I’ve still yet to see an article attacking the name that bothered to ask any Native Americans what they think. (And before you say that answer would be obvious, note that there are numerous examples, including Florida State, where Native Americans gave their blessing.) This seems like a manufactured problem that’s really important to a few white sportswriters but the rest of the world is completely indifferent to.

  15. The Redskins have taken a break from clumsily defending their nickname, by signing a defender who was merely clumsily drafted.”
    What’s that animal whose jaws lock when it bites something so that it literally can’t let go?

    Additionally, D is the only person on the planet who thought the previous argument he discussed was “bizarre” or “clumsy”. In response to the buzz created singlehandedly by this website, the Redskins PR department interviewed the Athletic director of a high school in area of Ohio with a large Native population about their use of the name “Redskins” for their athletic teams.

    The AD, a Native himself, said he and members of the community “viewed the mascot as a symbol of respect, and a way to carry on their traditions for future generations.” Sounds very cut and dry to me. Nothing “bizarre”, or “clumsy”, about that. A simple response to a total non-issue.

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