Report: Andy Reid wants to trade for Nick Foles


The Eagles have renewed their vows with Mike Vick and added a backup with similar skills in Dennis Dixon.  While that doesn’t mean Nick Foles is out of new coach Chip Kelly’s plans, the guy who drafted Foles in 2012 could be hoping that Foles will become available.

Mike Garafolo of USA Today reports that Chiefs coach Andy Reid is interested in acquiring Foles, if Foles is available.

No one is talking on the record, since to do so would amount to tampering.  Actually, if the off-the-record talking is coming from the Chiefs, it also constitutes tampering.  There’s just no way to prove it.

Earlier this week, Chip Kelly said that there will be an “open competition” between Vick and Foles, which will be determined “on the practice field.”  Kelly also said he rules nothing out when it comes to potential trades.

Of all the directions in which Reid could go at quarterback with the Chiefs, Foles doesn’t seem like the best choice, at least not for the short term.  The Foles talk could be nothing more than a smokescreen aimed at obscuring Reid’s actual plans.

Also, we can’t imagine Reid and the Eagles coming to terms on a trade given that each side will be overly concerned about the possibility of doing a bad deal, given the reputation Reid’s Eagles had for always getting the better end of any and all trades.

28 responses to “Report: Andy Reid wants to trade for Nick Foles

  1. How funny would it be if the Eagles traded Foles for a 2nd round pick and the Chiefs get burned like the Cardinals, Redskins, and Dolphins did. Karma’s a………..

  2. Watch injury prone Michael Vick and Dennis Dixon get injured the first game of the season and Eagles will regret trading Nick Foles (if the trade goes down in the first place)

  3. That’s a bad sign for top QBs in the draft.

    That says a lot about what he sees in their potential and skillset.

    There won’t be 3 Rookie QBs in the playoffs next season.

  4. Been saying it since he got hired in KC. Don’t know if Reid will win the big one(highly doubtful). But Reid made McNabb a great qb who w/o probably would have been good but not great. Feely and Kolb looked liked NFL caliber QB’s in their spot starting so I think with a half decent defense which KC already has plus Foles could end up turning out ok. Would not blame the Birds for trading for a third or even a fourth considering how high the Chiefs are drafting. The Lord said to Moses “I will bring one more plague on Jeffrey Lurie and on Philadelphia. After that he let Michael Vick out from here and when he does he will drive Howie Roseman along with him forever.

  5. coltzfan166 February 14, 2013, 10:11 PM EST

    I sincerely doubt this is true. Foles is the reason Reid got fired.
    typical non-eagles fan b.s. Foles had absolutely NOTHING to do with Andy’s firing. He was put on notice after the horrendous 2011-12 season when Foles was still in college so there goes that theory. I actually believed this was going to happen the second AR was fired. I knew he wanted Foles and I’m still confident we WILL trade Foles to Andy. I think what would be ultimate karma would be a deal where we give Foles to KC and swap first or second round picks( I’d love it to be more but I don’t think that’s gonna happen).

  6. Its a leverage play for Alex Smith. The Chiefs want the 49ers to think that they have other options to drive the asking price down for Smith. The Eagles have no reason to trade Foles. The 49ers have several million reasons to trade Smith.

  7. what is the sudden fascination with backup quarterbacks? If a QB can’t start over Michael Vick, you may want to pick someone else to build around. Everyone is trying to find the next diamond in the rough.

  8. NFC East plays AFC West this season… no way Kelly wants to see Foles beat him in one of those “I’ll show YOU” moments.

  9. If there’s one thing Andy’s good at, it’s making mediocre QB’s good (i.e. Koy Detmer, A.J. Feely, Kevin Kolb, 2010 Mike Vick)

  10. Foles makes sense for KC and Reid — a guy who did show some flashes in his starts, despite a Swiss cheese line in front of him; a guy who knows Reid’s system, can start on Day One, and who will give Reid the luxury of being able to concentrate on other positions on the team while not worrying about QB. Matt Flynn is probably a better, but more-expensive choice (and keep in mind that showing interest in one doesn’t negate interest in the other), but this does make sense for the Chiefs.

  11. i would think even a hack lawyer would know what tampering is, especially florio whose favorite subject is tampering. foles is not a pending free agent ergo no tampering. talks about a future trade can be made publicly, as they always do at the combine prior to the beginning of the league year

  12. If it does happen, I don’t see any way it goes down before the draft. I have to imagine the Eagles are hoping to draft Joeckel, and sending a QB to the Chiefs makes it all the more likely that they take him with the #1 instead of Geno.

  13. coltsfan whatever…..Do you have even the slightest idea what ur talking about.? Reid was fired for the past three years. Foles had absolutely nothing to do it.

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