Report: Redskins believe RG3 has “legitimate chance” to start opener


It has been a little more than a month since Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III had his right ACL and LCL surgically repaired, which is apparently enough time for the Redskins to develop an idea about when Griffin will be ready to start playing games again.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the team is already encouraged enough by Griffin’s rehab that they believe he has a “legitimate chance” of being on the field when the Redskins start the 2013 season. “Legitimate chance” is one of those purposefully vague phrases that leave a lot of wiggle room and it is with good reason in this case.

Griffin’s rehab is just starting and there are plenty of other checkpoints that he’ll have to hit in the seven months before the start of next season before he’s given the green light to lead the Redskins offense. Encouraging signs are just that at this point in the process because there’s no way they or anyone else can know how RG3’s knee will progress over the long road ahead.

It’s certainly better than the alternative, but we’re still a good distance away from serious talk about starting the opener.

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  1. Come on. It’s too early to tell. Sounds like the Skins are trying to put a good spin on their bad decisions which contributed to this injury in the first place.

  2. When is the last time a star wasn’t ready? Seriously with the development of blood cycling and platelet enrichment therapy how can he not be. The fact is acl simply isn’t as bad as it used to be nor does it take as much time to recover.

  3. The same mentality that kept Griffin in that playoff game is the same mentality management has for his recovery. I fear this kid will be done in a couple years. Kirk Cousins should start the season. Maybe at the midpoint of the year, bring back Griffin, but even then why rush? This kid – if healthy – has a decade or more of football in him. The Redskins seem to be willing to trade all that in for…being able to start the first game of his SECOND SEASON???

  4. I feel like AP really made the expectations for rehab from a serious knee injury unrealistic for other players in the league. Medical science has advanced a lot in the past few decades, but it still has its limits. I feel like people take AP’s exceptional genetics for granted, and they’re going to expect that a full offseason recovery will be the new normal.

    That said, I definately hope RGIII heals back to 100%, what a dynamic young player, so fun to watch.

  5. He’s young and healthy, and just may pull it off. But unless the Skins replace that terrible field, he and many other players will be injured again & again. It’s a shame that someone with the God given talents like RG3 will have his career cut short by something so simple as grass.

  6. DC sports. Where the baseball team shuts down a star player for the playoffs out of fear he might re-tweak a 6 month old injury, but the football team can’t wait to throw its star player onto the field with half his leg hanging on by a thread.

  7. If I ran the Skins I’d fire anybody making any statement beyond “we’re looking forward to him coming back.” Building anticipation for an early return is a horribly short-sighted idea. Now, if he makes it back for the opener that’s just what everyone was told to expect, but if it takes any longer the story becomes how he’s “way behind” in his recovery.

    And the crazy part is they might actually be better off if he didn’t make it back for the opener. Kaepernick last year was healthy for the playoffs probably in part because he only played half the season, while RG3 started from Day 1 and was hurt by the end.

  8. This kid isn’t Adrian Peterson. He’s not a workout-warrior that is practically Optimus Prime.

    He’s hard working, but he is not a work out warrior. The Redskins need to stop being so selfish, impatient, and eager and just let him heal. This is the second time he tore that ACL. One more slip up and he’s done and the Redskins are back to being one of the biggest laughing stocks in the NFL.

    This kid can turn around this franchise completely if he’s healthy. Him and Alfred Morris are a PROBLEM. But not if he gets rushed back into playing. He’s the first QB that I’ve seen remotely close to as mobile as Michael Vick with a legit and accurate arm. There have been plenty of mobile QBs with pinpoint accuracy; Aaron Rodgers, Steve Young and etc. But none of them have had world class speed to go along with it.

    But knowing the Skins… They will. And we might miss out on a potential QB that could be a star for years to come.

  9. Josh, you may think there will be checkpoints along the way to starting, but Shanahan has a different way of approaching this. He will start RG3 opening day whether he is ready or not. That’s the Shanahan way.

  10. This guy won’t last another 2 years in the NFL when taking the Redskins poor judgement of rushing him back, the mess they call a field and his own propensity to play QB like a track star into account.

    He’s pretty much toast. Sad but true.

  11. as talented as this guy is he cleary looks like he will have a short career, and stubborn heads like shannahan dont no how to be give things time,already 3rd time his acl has been worked on, the redskins best draft pick last year might have been cousins not rg3

  12. Everybody that is hating on the Redskins for announcing he has a “legitimate chance” to start need to calm down. Do you really expect them to announce he has no shot at starting? They need to sell season tickets you know.

  13. Translation: We really want our season ticket holders to renew in spite of raising ticket prices for 2013.

  14. How can one site be the home to so many idiots??? How many of you have trained/worked out with RGIII? Better yet AP? How many of you did the surgery or know exactly what the doctors and trainers have him doing now which give them the expertise to make such a statement that he could be ready for opening day? None of you so all your stupid thoughts and are baseless and have no credibility. Dr Andrews did the surgery on AP, did it ever come to you based on those results he learned something and tweaked his procedure to actually enhance the chances of someone recovering even sooner?

  15. Griffin should not be pressured into playing. These kinds of injuries take a year to fully recover from. Some players never recover from them, but Griff is young and should be able to get back.

    It would be a huge mistake for the ‘Skins to push Griffin to recover. That kid is going to be great and the last thing he needs is another knee injury.

    Get him healthy and then put him on the field. It has been a long time since the Redskins have had a good QB and good QBs are hard to come by.

  16. I’m a Skins fan. Want him to be back at the beginning of the year. But, I’d be fine with Kirk Cousins starting the first 4 games to give him that extra month & to see how good this team can be without him before deciding to bring him back too quickly.

  17. I bet this statement was only made to help out in the recruitng of free agents thinking that it might be easier to pursuade someone to join the team if RGIII is quarterbacking instead of Cousins.

    If not, remember that this is his same injury on the same knee so you cannot or must not try to compare him to AP.

  18. It’s not like the head coach would put him out there injured. Oh yeah,I almost forgot that’s how he got hurt in the first place. Their statement makes it much easier to sell luxury boxes and advertising.

  19. Deadskin fans please take a moment to consider that you have a great NFL organization already playing in MD who happens to be Superbowl Champs. I love RG3 but the idiots who run the skins don’t deserve your money or faithfullness any longer. Get yourself some Black and Purple and hope Danny sells soon!

    Seriously if RG3 gets used in DC the way it’s going so far than that has to be the final straw!

  20. Last line: “It’s certainly better than the alternative, but we’re still a good distance away from serious talk about starting the opener.”

    Then why are you talking about it? I know, I know, it’s called “fill,” and you need all of that you can find for the next two months

  21. I continue to be amazed by the “Shanny and the skins will ruin him”. Do you seriously think Shanny wasn’t listening to RG3 in that Seattle game and has since made it vehemently clear that he will make the decisions from here out? Do you think a two-time bowl winning coah wants his legacy to be the guy who ruined RG3? I don’t think so. Get over it. Get over the lambasting. He will come back when ready but not at the expense of his health/career. Quit with the simpleton assumptions.


  22. It makes me really nervous them saying this.

    From a football perspective, it absolutely makes sense to say, “as of now, we’re planning on the fact that Kirk Cousins will start the season, but if Robert can go, of course he’ll start the season.”

    This would set the right expectation with the team and quite frankly with the coaching staff, who needs to prepare game plans for all contingencies.

    Saying the RGIII will likely start the season smacks of a marketing move designed to sell tickets. No value from a football perspective, and quite frankly irritating to me as a Redskin fan.

  23. If RGIII is smart he’ll voluntarily submit to HGH testing throughout his recovery so if he does get back by the beginning of the season there will be no way anyone can claim he healed so quickly because of PEDs.

  24. The chicken littles really came out for this one; watch out guys, the sky is falling.

    Meaningless statement, not attributed to any source, in a meaningless time of year. Yawn.

  25. This is hilarious. Look at a smart player w a very smart coach in Chicago right now. Derick Rose said he won’t play until he is 110%.
    Still leaves people guessing by saying it could be tomorrow, next week/month, or next year but not til I’m ready. When a team accepts you as a TRUE franchise player (not when you have played extremely well for 13 games) then the decision is put into your hands.

    Believe all you read about how its his decision but it’s understand he isn’t sitting on the bench until Shanahan asks him to take a seat and announce Cousins as the starter.

    Enjoy 15 more years of misery once he aggravates it again.


    Your Valentine

  26. The Skins are bound and determined to ruin any kind of future this kid has. It will be just like them to throw him back out there before he’s really ready.

  27. Not a Skins fan, but I hope they don’t rush him back before he’s ready. Watching RG shred defenses was fun to watch for football fans, and I’d hate to see him crippled because they pressured him to return early or didn’t protect him from himself like the Nationals did with Strasbourg.

  28. Please do! That way you will be out permentaly by week 5. The new Vick, minus the arm and knees hail

  29. Snyder just wants to ensure he can squeeze every bit of fan interest in the name of ticket sales. Nothing more than that with these foolish proclamations they’re making about this kid’s recovery.

  30. The Redskins are always determined that he play regardless of injury, etc. They are seriously going to burn through this guy in a handful of years.

  31. The best thin to happen for the Redskins chances of winning next year would be for Kirk Cousins to start and continue playing for the remainder of the year. He is not as flashy as Griffin but he is a better NFL QB.

  32. There is a significant chance Shanahan will need to go into the Witness Protection program if they rush RG3 back too soon and his career is ruined as a result of it.

  33. They thought it was a good idea to start him his last game too. If he can walk, he can start. That does not make it a good idea. The issue is whether he is healed or not when he does start. I doubt he will make a comeback that quickly. As others have stated, it looks like a way to keep ticket purchasers interested and hopeful.

  34. Got my season ticket invoice. The team raised ticket prices. Renewals are due by April 1. Schefter is close to Shanahan after writing his book together. RG3 is in jeopardy of missing games.

    Add all that up and it might be that Schefter is shilling for Shanahan/Allen to encourage a higher ticket renewal rate.

  35. Lets remember that RGIII had the same injury in 2009 at Baylor and had a good year in 2010 but not the same level as 2011. When you have the same injury twice in 3 years its not a good thing to rush him this time. Play cousins and make him more valuable as trade bait. Like Greenbay did with Matt Flynn, he couldn’t beat out R. Wilson but Green bay got draft pics. Next years draft looks a little deeper at QB so trade Cousins say to the Chiefs,Cardinals, Jets,Miami or Oakland. You can bet these teams will be in the top 5 in next years draft.

  36. Seattle fans knee ankle and leg Injuries occur at a 22% higher rate on TURF field or otherwise. Curt Warner ended his career on YOUR carpet. Ever hear of Grass Toe? Nope! RGIII and Clemons WILL be back next year. 1st game? Hope not, make sure it’s SOLID.

  37. I say it every time. Everyone needs to get the idea that it is great to have a mobile/running QB out of their head. RG3 may be one of the best QB’s in the NFL, but no one will know that if he is hurt and unable to pay.

    Every time I read about how the “Read Option Pass/Run” is the next best thing I roll my eyes since what happened with RG3 is exactly why you dont feature this sort of offense. Luck played and is fine for next year in his playoff game – RG3 didn’t fair well – and his team lost.

  38. Can we please be realistic here ? Griffin will never be better physically than he was in his age 23 season. I am sorry to pee on everyone’s parade, but those are the facts.

  39. of course Shanny would say that.

    his history of handling RG3 when he was basically hopping around out there proves he either is a moron or doesn’t care about the kid.

    nothing funnier than watching Shanny lie to the press afterwards…..

  40. stevenreichert says: Feb 14, 2013 10:42 AM

    Come on. It’s too early to tell. Sounds like the Skins are trying to put a good spin on their bad decisions which contributed to this injury in the first place.
    Obviously it’s too early to tell, but what exactly is the problem with good spin? Everyone seems to be reading way too much into the “legitimate chance”. There is a “chance” I will start for the Redskins next year. Obviously Griff’s chances are much higher than mine, and all the organization is saying is that it is a possibility, nothing more. The press release is not meant to convey anything more than optimism about his rate of recovery.

    Whatever your opinion of Griffin, Shanahan, or the Redskins, these are not stupid people. They made a mistake, and it won’t happen again. No one will put any pressure on Griffin to do anything before they’re 100% sure his body can handle it.

  41. gocaps8 says: Feb 14, 2013 2:21 PM

    Got my season ticket invoice. The team raised ticket prices. Renewals are due by April 1. Schefter is close to Shanahan after writing his book together. RG3 is in jeopardy of missing games.

    Add all that up and it might be that Schefter is shilling for Shanahan/Allen to encourage a higher ticket renewal rate.

    That is what I am saying.

  42. hateforeveryone says: Feb 14, 2013 1:09 PM

    Please do! That way you will be out permentaly by week 5. The new Vick, minus the arm and knees hail

    RG3 is Vick 2.0 hater. Far better accuracy, far better decision making, Far better character, same speed and same arm strength?
    Vick is old, tired and broken ribbed. Skins 2 – Eagles 0.

  43. Irg3 is overated n out the league in 3years top, watch and see…rams thank u for the picks n bust they avoided

  44. Just over 1 month removed from major reconstructive knee surgery of a Mobile / Scrambling QB and you’re talking about him starting on Day 1 already?

    Ask D Rose about ACL rehab. Earlier in the day ESPN runs an interview with him, Paxson, and his trainer about his rehab and he said he was taking it slowly and will return when ready. That is the RIGHT way to handle an ACL. Not to mention, D Rose doesn’t have 300 pound DLinemen tackling him every game, RG3 does.

    Wanting to be ready on Day 1 and proclaiming 7 months ahead that he’ll be ready on Day 1 are 2 completely different things.

    Crazy thing about an ACL injury… it’s not up to the Redskins or RG3, IT’S UP TO THE ACL when he’s ready.

  45. If he’s ready he’s ready. Worst case scenario, IMO, is that he’s put on the PUP list for six weeks.

    Then Kirk Cousins goes 4-2, looks like a stud, and the Redskins trade him to Arizona, NYJ or some other schmuck for a first and a third.

  46. wasnt this said about peyton mannings neck being healing ahead of schedule and he would be ready to play in week 1 also?

  47. Also, we’re talking about a R ACL repair, but if I’m not mistaken, his L knee was used to donate tendons (or something) because in repairing his previous injury, the R knee tendons had already been used.

    So both knees have been compromised and are both in need of rehab.

    Hope they don’t (let him) rush this just to be starting on opening day.

  48. Redskins are the only franchise in the league that would have let their star QB play with a wheel as bad as RG’s against Seattle. It’s not surprising they are willing to risk him in game 1 of next year. If I were a Redskins fan I would be beside myself over Dan Snyder’s stupidity.

  49. Since he got hurt…i havent seen a rg3 commercial …corporate America even pulled the plug on this overated cornball

  50. Ok, so I tried to post earlier, but for some strange reason, I don’t see it on here anywhere. Maybe, I’m short bus special tonight and messed it up somehow. Oh well, take 2 right? lol.

    Speaking from experience, after having my ACL reconstructed 4 times, I would not be making any goals to get back as soon as week 1. The only goal I would be making is to get back as soon as possible, AFTER getting as close to normal as possible. Unfortunately, the percentage of a chance that it will return to normal drops with each surgery, and seeing as he’s on his second it’s now below 50%. With that being said, I’m just a retired vet, he’s a professional athlete so his treatment/care will be 10x that of what was available to me. Anywho, basically what I’m trying to get at is unless he keeps it braced, and can be as close to normal both physically and mentally, I wouldn’t try to rush it for week 1.

    I also saw someone posted that he had his first injury in 2009 while with Baylor, then he returned for a ‘better’ 2010 season only to drop back a little for 2011. I understand that you want it to be similar… But this is not the NCAA anymore. This is the NFL now, so everything is more aggressive. I’m not a Redskins fan, but I actually don’t mind RGIII; he’s entertaining, so I’m rooting for him to pull through it better than expected. Unfortunately, based on personal experience, it doesn’t have the best percentage of a chance that it will. Still, I’ll keep my fingers crossed and I’ll say a prayer for him. (Like I said, I’m not a Redskins fan, so I’ll pray for ONLY him haha).

    Thanks for reading. I’m going to be starting my own blog, so feel free to keep a look-out.

  51. wasnt derrick rose supposed to come back this year too, but now hes being shelved for the year, SMH, too bad redskins fans, this is gonna set u clowns back another 20 years, cause u guys havent been relevent since ronald reagan was in office, all fail to the redskins (like always)

  52. Rush him back out there, and he’s likely to break again.
    Better keep him throwing from the pocket a little more.
    Unless of course, they’re looking to draft another QB in a couple of years…

  53. I Han an ACL total rupture and a MCL tear, it really takes 18 months. I hope for RG3’s future, even beyond football, he takes the time to really heal. He never should have been playing in the playoffs. Shame on Mike Shannahan.

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