Thomas Davis offers encouragement to Terrell Thomas

Getty Images

There isn’t much history for Giants cornerback Terrell Thomas to work from.

But the one guy who did what he’s trying to do has already served as an inspiration.

Panthers linebacker Thomas Davis, who played 15 games last year after his third torn ACL, has been a regular in Thomas’ ear.

“I told him, ‘Don’t give up on your dream, believe in yourself and continue to fight,’ ” Davis told Jenny Vrentas of the Newark Star-Ledger. ” ‘I’m living proof, and I’m going to do whatever I can each and every week to show you that it is possible. If you continue to work hard and believe in what you can do, then you’ll be in the same position that I was in.’ ”

Davis and Thomas met last spring at a Pro Athletes Outreach conference for Christian athletes, and quickly forged a bond.

Davis said he called Thomas “immediately,” after learning of Thomas’ third ACL injury last September.

By that point, Davis was well on his way back from his own third ACL rehab, and looking more and more like the explosive player he was before the knee problems.

So he’d send weekly updates to Thomas about his stats, his progress, anything to keep him going until he has a chance to prove himself again.

“If you look at Thomas Davis, and the season that he had in 2012, the guy was written off. A lot of people said that I should have just retired and hung it up and my knees were bad,” Davis said. “I think Terrell is going to be just fine.”

If Thomas does come back, he’ll owe it to medical science, and the regular encouragement of the man who blazed the trail for him.