Titans looking to add zone-read elements to offense for Jake Locker

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The NFL has always been a copy-cat league. With the success of the zone-read option this season in San Francisco, Seattle, Washington and elsewhere, coaching staffs from around the league are bound to spend the majority of their offense studying to see how to either add to their offensive playbook or try to figure out ways to stop it.

According to Terry McCormick of TitanInsider.com, Tennessee offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains plans on adding some zone-read elements to the Titans offense in order to take advantage of quarterback Jake Locker’s athletic abilities. Loggains plans on taking a look at the offenses of the Washington Redskins and Seattle Seahawks to see what, if anything, they want to add to their offensive repertoire.

“We’re going to do just like every team in the league and look at clubs like Seattle and Washington. We’re still very early in the process of building this offense, but we’re definitely gonna look at all that stuff, just like every team in the NFL is gonna do,” Loggains said.

Tennessee will have to be careful how much they are willing to put Locker at risk for injury by adding more quarterback running options to the playbook. Locker already was forced to have surgery on his non-throwing shoulder in January. As someone who watched Locker play a majority of his college games at Washington, Locker’s not the best at avoiding hits anyway. He will lower his head to try and pick up extra yards and take unnecessary blows more frequently than he should.

Trying to find the right balance in play-calling and Locker’s ability to stay healthy will be the biggest keys for the Titans being able to find consistent success if the zone-read becomes an increased focus of their playbook next season.

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  1. At this pace the NFL is going to be like College. College is running more Pro style offenses than the NFL nowadays. Also this might be a bad idea. This guy looks like he is starting to develope Chad Pennington’s disease. First symptoms always start at the shoulder as it turns into glass and eventually work their way to the collar bone. It causes the player to only play 5-6, maybe 7 if you’re lucky games a year with very mediocre stats until eventually it kills their career. Get some targets for this kid that can stay healthy or are not in the process of being thrown in jail. But if he can do it I wish him well. Just bringing some attention to Chad Pennington’s disease. Matthew Stafford was afflicted by for two years but finally he was cured in 2011 and has played two full seaons since. Give these young quarterbacks a line and some consistent targets! That is how you fend off that career fatal disease!

  2. This story was on the Seattle ESPN Radio station this morning, and the two co-hosts think this is a bad idea because of Locker’s inability to protect and take care of himself when he runs with the ball. They had already conceded that Locker’s passing is still not up to standard.

    Exposing him to the inevitable contact of the zone-read, with his poor injury-avoidance skills, will only hasten his departure from the NFL in 2013 or 2014.

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