Vikings tweak Norseman logo

Seven years ago, the Vikings made dramatic changes to their uniform and helmet.  On Thursday, the Vikings unveiled what the team is calling an evolution of its Norseman logo.

The changes are subtle, and they may have largely gone unnoticed if the Vikings hadn’t announced the adjustment.

The shape of the horns has changed, a bit.  The shading of the horns has been adjusted to match the shading of the horns on the helmet.  And small variations appear in the hair, mustache, and face.

The enhanced Vikings logo will begin to appear on team merchandise in March.  Which technically makes any team merchandise purchased through the implementation of the change obsolete.

47 responses to “Vikings tweak Norseman logo

  1. Can’t notice the differences unless you view them side by side and even then it’s barely noticeable.

    Either change the logo, or leave it alone. I don’t get this whole notion of “tweaking” the logo when it doesn’t produce a noticeable difference.

  2. This is much better than their old logo! I’m sure it’s worth the millions paid to the graphic artist that did the design. Time to throw out all of my old Vikings gear and buy new gear. Still looks a lot like Brad Childress though.

  3. Vikings never had horns on their helmets. That is pure Minnesota fiction, designed to sell merchandise to the less intelligent.

  4. The Vikings have plenty of money to spend on graphic artists to change their logo, its not like they have to spend it on a trophy case or security to guard all of their Lombardi’s.

  5. Why do a story like this and then not show the two logos side by side, for comparison? Are we supposed to just guess at the changes, or are you asking all your readers to Google, so you don’t have to bother?

  6. And yet, the Browns continue their tradition of an orange helmet with a white stripe.

    What ad wizard came up wth that?

  7. Just did a quick side by side – here is what I see:
    -Original has 10 ‘braids’, with the original having 5 folded and 5 coned at the bottom – the new one 3 folded and 3 coned; Mullet is a little more integrated into the braids in the new; new has 2 levels of mullet blowing in the wind, old had 4
    -Eyebrow appears slightly less upturned and shorter in the new logo
    -Jaw line, and other facial characteristics thicker lined
    -Chin still just as hilarious
    -Horns are shorter and less oblique; new has shading on front edge; old version shaded with lines, new version more of a blended shading

  8. Scrolling through and thought, “I love their logo,” before noticing the headline said they changed it. They changed it?

  9. This is GREAT! As a graphic designer, I’ve always thought the Norseman was lacking somehow – and this enhancement hits the mark perfectly. Great, great job, whoever did it.

    And now I can’t wait to see the new uniforms … back to something more similar to what they had before the unfortunate change to the silly outfits they’ve worn here recently. Maybe like what they had in ’98, with slightly wider stripes on the pants maybe?

  10. Having him choking would have been a more fitting depiction of the Vikings over their ‘storied’ existence.

  11. It’s more bold and user-friendly to manufacture. The biggest difference is the horns which now look like the ones on the helmets that were tweaked a few years ago…

  12. Why do all these Packer trolls keep trying to put down silly little comments on every Vikings post?

    They know their few years of winning the division is over. The Packers are dropping like a rock while the Vikings young talented players are rising like the sun.

  13. Heres another fact for you Packer trolls.

    Packers or Vikings, whose the most consistent winner Packers or Vikings?

    Playoff appearances over the last 45 years.

    Packers – 17
    Vikings – 27

    Nuff said cheese brains.

  14. @purplepunisher

    Funny your analysis ends at “playoff appearances” because that’s where the viking’s best seasons end, with a playoff appearance.

    It’s about championships:

    Packers – 13
    Vikings – 0

  15. Let’s get new uniforms, too! The Vikings uniforms suck! Every fan knows it. We play in the NFC North. We don’t need these crappy new designs. We need to go back to the gray facemasks and the dark purple. Classic look like the rest of our division.

  16. purpleguy says: Feb 14, 2013 2:13 PM

    What the heck is the difference? Well, at least it’s not just a big dumb old “C” or “G”.

    You may find our logos dumb, but between them the Bears and Packers have combined for 22 NFL Championships. How many does ‘HGH Heidi’ have?

  17. Isn’t the Vikings a rasist name? Isn’t it very stereotypical to have a big blond guy with long hair as the mascot? How is this different than the Redskins?”

    something about genocide…..and one name being invented by the people who use the name for themselves, and another a derogatory term invented by those that committed said genocide. but maybe that’s a little to complex for you to wrap your head around.

  18. Still purple. Could have done something cool to make what is now the worst uniform in sports better. Could have at least gone a very dark purple or blue-purple kind of look.

  19. purplepunisher says:
    Feb 14, 2013 10:12 PM
    Heres another fact for you Packer trolls.

    Packers or Vikings, whose the most consistent winner Packers or Vikings?

    Playoff appearances over the last 45 years.

    Packers – 17
    Vikings – 27

    Nuff said cheese brains.


    Playoff appearances? Seriously? You can have your 0 Super Bowl wins in 27, I’ll take 4 Super Bowl wins in 17.

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