Agent says Packers “getting ready” to release Woodson

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It looks like Charles Woodson’s run with the Packers is about to come to an end.

There’s been a lot of speculation about what kind of future Woodson has in Green Bay at the age of 37 with a contract set to pay him $10 million in salary and bonuses in 2013. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers and other members of the team have said that they’d like to see Woodson back in green and gold, but it isn’t going to work out that way.

Friday brought a somewhat cryptic tweet from the account for Woodson’s wine business thanked Green Bay for a great run, leading to speculation that Woodson was out in Green Bay. Woodson’s agent confirmed that development to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network.

“They’re getting ready to release him. It’s part of the business,” Carl Poston said.

Poston said that Woodson plans to continue playing and that he’d like to sign with a Super Bowl contender. There will surely be teams interested in seeing what the former Defensive Player of the Year and frequent All-Pro has left in the tank and Woodson will be able to start having those conversations as soon as the Packers make his departure official.

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  1. Thanks for the memories Charles. You will go down as one of the best Packers of all time. All time classic player who won the Heisman, DPOY and Super Bowl. What a resume! See you in the Hall of Fame.

  2. come to Washington we need all the secondary help we can get, and we are a contender chuck

  3. How can we let Chuck go? Ask him to take a pay cut or to restructure or something, but to release him? He was one of the biggest parts of our Super Bowl run because of his motivational speeches and who can forget him being step for step with Wallace in the Super Bowl before breaking the collarbone. This is a sad day for the Packers.

  4. Two fan favorites gone. You will be missed Charles, you were a class act.

    Old Ted not wasting time adding an additional 10 mil. In cap room. It’s tough to see these guys go but not hanging on to these guys for sentimental reasons keeps the Packers competitive every year.

  5. Would be the perfect fit in Washington as they could develop some young corners around him.

    Wonder what his market value is expected to be… Thoughts, Josh Alper?

    The salary cap sanctions make this move seem potentially unrealistic.

  6. Great player, great ball hawk, even greater tackle misser…

    It was a great run for a guy who seems to have gotten his head right while he was in GB. Best of luck, Mr. Woodson!

  7. Woodson was the bomb for many years in GB. Sadly, those years are behind him. He was getting injury prone, and was losing his speed. The amount of holding he got away with was amazing, but he still ended up getting called for it a lot.

    That said, he still is a valuable asset, and I wouldn’t rule out a resigning with GB, ala AJ Hawk a few years ago.

  8. one of the best tackleing corners i ever seen play. come back to oakland even at 37 CW is better than most of the players we have on defense.

  9. It’s hard to see guys like Jennings and Woodson go but the Packers got the benefit of seeing how the Receivers and Secondary played without them this past year – and they were each arguable the strength of the offense and defense respectively.

  10. @domezo

    He said he wanted to play for a contender….that leaves the Vikes out of the running for his services.

    Jennings just wants to get paid….so I can see him in Purple.

  11. Might make sense for the Pats in terms of fit, but there is no way he is a Patriot unless he is willing to sign for far less than $10 mil. Patriots are happy to take aging veterans, but only if they are willing to be paid as aging veterans. But if aging vets want superstar money, they won’t be playing in Foxboro.

    And if Woodson *is* willing to sign for far less than $10 mil, you would think he would resign with the Packers.

  12. Hate to see Woodson go but age catches up to everyone. It’s the right move by the Packers. Best of luck to you Charles and thanks for having been a great Packer!

  13. Ted Thompson has always tried to find that delicate balance of releasing a player a year too early rather than a year too late. That being said, I’m assuming “Wood” was unwilling to take a pay cut. Best of luck and nothing but well wishes wherever you end up…unless it is in the NFC North.

  14. I’d love to see him back in GB but it doesn’t sound as if he was willing to restructure his contract. That’s too bad because he is a great player, but the fact is GB has some nice young talent behind him ……..not to mention 10 mil for an aging player with Aaron Rodgers, BJ Raji and CM3 ready to cash in……..they’ll need the money.

  15. A real baller and an even better person. Millions donated, including a 2 million dollar donation to Mott Children’s Hospital. Good luck CW.

  16. He has still got good years left in him at the Safety position. Could play another 2-3 years if he wants too. This is purely a salary/age related cut if it is made.

    Woodson will be pack with the Packers under a new deal or somewhere else starting at safety. He is one of those professionals who managed their career and profile with great class.

  17. Come on Jerry sign him now!! He is a huge upgrade over Church and/or Sensi. The Cowboys need to create turnovers and need playmakers at the safety position.

  18. thesmartestmanever says:Feb 15, 2013 12:10 PM

    come to Washington we need all the secondary help we can get, and we are a contender chuck

    LOL yeah a contender with a dumb coach and prized QB that will never be the same again. The only thing the redskins are contenders for is last place in the nfc east like usual. The eagles were in the basement this year but the smell of redskins is just too overpowering being they have been down there for so long.

  19. the Packers are shaving Woodsons contract so they can pay Rodgers his 120 million. thats why they wont pay Jennings or Finley. Rodgers is pretending to want them around but he hasnt offered a home town discount to the team because he want every dollar he can drain out of Greenbay and he dont care about winning

  20. I wouldn’t mind seeing Woodson come to my broncos as a safety we obviously need some experience back there he could teach Rahim Moore what not to do…

  21. Reality is sobering sometimes. Woody had so many great years in GB but the broken shoulder blade is concerning and they need to find cap room to extend contracts. Im sure the Packers asked him to take a restructured deal with no success. I seriously doubt he gets picked up for that kind of cash or even 1/2 of it. Thanks Charles for everything you gave us. You will be back – for your induction ceremony to the Packers H.O.F.

  22. In this case and in this case only, I am happy the NFL took all that cap space away from the Redskins!

  23. Great career. Great Packer. Good luke Charles.

    The Packers learned their lesson last year with Driver. Use the money on your young core, and make the difficult and unpopular decisions to cut ties with aging vets.

  24. What is it with all these players having massive salaries at the end of their contracts that they know teams will never pay? It’s not they don’t know 4-5 years down the road they’re going to be 4-5 years older.

    I could kind of understand if the NFL had guaranteed contracts, but now all it does is get guys cut.

  25. Briggs, Urlacher?, Peppers, Melton, Peanut Tillman, Tim Jennings, and Charles Woodson.

    Dude come on. That defense would be old but unstoppable!

    Rodgers would pee his pants looking across the line.

  26. I remember I think it was his rookie season playing for the Raiders monday night against KC
    they tried to pick on him, that night he became a pro.good luck Charles.,

  27. Unfortunately this had to happen. Burnett likes to play closer to the line of scrimmage (much like Woodson likes too) which weakens the pass defense if both are at safety. When Woodson is in the slot, he is too slow to really cover quick WRs now. Woodson hasn’t played on the outside CB in awhile now for those thinking about that on their teams.

    Woodson could still be a productive member of a secondary at safety but he’ll need to be in the right scheme to be a major plus.

    Next, I expect AJ Hawk to be gone. Good chance Finley will be gone as well. I hope Aaron and Clay are not looking to being the highest paid in the game at their positions but Rodgers already is giving the verbage of a guy looking at doing that. Not that i don’t think he shouldn’t be the highest paid QB, but i think of all the extra team help you can get between making 20M instead of 28M.

  28. Another great send off by the Packer organization. Hopefully he ends up in Detroit or Chicago, that way all the Packer fans can hate him for continuing to play a sport and also get paid millions to do so.

  29. I assume people are repeating the “good years left at S” because they’ve heard it over and over in the media, but I think he’s more or less shot. He doesn’t have closing speed in his legs to break on balls, he doesn’t have the violence to be a punisher, he was losing his ability as a cover guy even in 2009 when he won DPOY.

    He knows what he’s doing, he’s still a great athlete, instinctive around the LOS and I’m sure he could cobble together a few INTs for any team, but not for $10 mil a year.

  30. No way he sign with New England. He is bitter about the tuck rule and they will no longer be a Super Bowl contender.

    I too would love to see him finish as a Raider, not going to happen.

    Here is top three to landed him,
    Cincy (from Ohio)

    Dallas (everyone thinks about being a cowboy at somepoint)

    Texans just cause

  31. My favorite Packer. Was a great story how he changed his career, and really his life around coming to GB. I completely understand why they did it, but sucks none-the-less. Thank you Wood for all you did for the Green and Gold!!!

  32. Raider fans, get a clue! No way would Woodson ever go back there. He’s way to classy for your organization! He deserves much better than that. He’s all class! And that just doesn’t fit we’ll with the black hole. Sorry.

  33. Come back to Oaktown and help begin the turn around. Come teach these rooks how to be a professional.

  34. harrisonhits2 says:

    Come play in New England for your last year or two.
    Didn’t you read, he said he wants to play for a SB contender.

  35. As a fan, I think Charles Woodson is great. He turned out to be one of the best ever and I am glad he played in Green Bay.

    As a realist, I know that Charles is running out of gas. He is old by football standards. Is his skill level up to par with his contract? Not anymore. Do the Packers need cap space to improve as a team? Yes.

    I guess that rules Charles out of the formula to be a championship team. Too many teams hold on to players too long and suffer for it. It is wise to get younger talent over keeping older talent. That is the nature of the business. Mold leaders when they are young and keep your team young. That keeps the wheels on for 16 plus games a season.

  36. landof10000lakes says: Feb 15, 2013 12:14 PM

    Welcome to Minnesota, Charles.


    Preposterous, the Vikings are going young and fast with their defensive backfield. Woodson is no slouch, but he doesn’t at all fit the mold of the plans the Vikings are executing now.

  37. Going to miss you Charles, one of my all time favorite Packers ever, along with Driver.

    blackandbluedivision, the Bears defense has seen its better days, Woodson won’t help, well much anyway. For as many holes as the Packers need to fill, the Bears have at least 2 times more. As a Bears fan, you better get used to duking it out with the Lions for the #3 spot in the division, or pray your GM hits on every draft pick this spring.

  38. raiderlyfe510 says:Feb 15, 2013 1:01 PM

    49ers is his best destination. Same system, terminology, and their safeties get torched deep.

    Woodson has lost a couple steps over the past couple years. He is better off retiring from the game than to try and hold onto a career that is probably over. Charles is smart and has all the money he needs to live a comfortable life ouside of football. He has never come across as the kind of guy who needs to be in the spotlight either. He’ll probably hang it up once he meters the level of interest he draws from other teams.

  39. How much left in the tank turning 37 this Oct- Vikings won’t touch him. Like to see him on the Bears, All-Day could finally put him to sleep..

  40. chi01town says:Feb 15, 2013 12:45 PM

    the Packers are shaving Woodsons contract so they can pay Rodgers his 120 million. thats why they wont pay Jennings or Finley. Rodgers is pretending to want them around but he hasnt offered a home town discount to the team because he want every dollar he can drain out of Greenbay and he dont care about winning

    He doesn’t care about winning? Let’s see, how many times has he beaten the Bears in the last three years, including an NFC champoionship game in Soldier field…..The Packers are shaving Woodson’s Salary because his skills have declined and Ted Thompson (unlike bears management) has drafted some quality players in the secondary that need to be on the field.

    As Far as Aaron Rodgers, no numbers have been discussed, but he will be paid for what he is worth……tell me how much success your Bears have gotten out of Cutler for the Big Bucks they gave him?

    What about Urlacher? same situation as Woodson……

  41. dear martin mayhew if u dont sign the best DB ever i will be so pissed at u. lions need a leader and a ball hawk who still can play the slot and nickel spot at the line of scrimmage and make plays with his tackling ability. woodson may lost a step but he has the best ball instincts and has a great jump to the ball. sign him now. him and delmas would be sick. best college player ever so nice

  42. Sad to see Woodson go, but this is bottom line business but paying him 10 mil next year is not good business. For those saying the Packers should try to restructure, etc. Two points. First, that is routinely explored before the decision to release is made so that was probably disscussed, unsuccessfully. Second, I recall hearing that Woodson said he would not take a pay cut.

  43. Sigh, there go my hopes of the Patriots trying to get young at DB instead of applying band aids.

    As long as he’s not looking for a huge salary, this has BB written all over it.

  44. 13xworldchump– Its not the same as Urlacher in anyway. Urlacher is a free agent. Was not cut. And the Bears are not best in North yet, but they will definitely be better than #3 n division. Vikings will not continuously finish 1 or 2.

  45. Charles lost his wheels and needs a hell of a lot of speed around him to cover for his freelancing and lack or speed.

    I’m not sure where he would fit. Too slow for Safety on most teams, too fragile at his age, too inconsistent in coverage and assignments.

    I think he’s done. He’s 37 and not fast. The mind may be willing but the body…….

  46. The Raiders won 3 Super Bowl’s picking up players like him.

    Also to all you Vikings fans saying too old and that junk. What has the beloved purple done ever that worked? Ever.

    Think about it. 4 SB losses. 5 NFC Championships since 77. All losses.

    So maybe that Vikings will go against conventional thinking that honestly has resulted in NOTHING and go for it for once.

    Solidify the corners & safety. Get 2 new LB’s. Go for Wallace & Bowe at receiver. Re-sign Percy Harvin. Sign a quality QB as a backup maybe starter option if Ponder fails and get the Vikings a Lombardi trophy before it’s another 50 years!

  47. I love how every one if these stories involving a player being released results in throngs of fans trying to justify why said player would be a good fit on their team.
    Gotta love homers.

  48. sad to see him go, but you dont pay 10 million to a backup safety – really, he’s essentially positionless – who is 37 years old and spends most plays committing pass interference.

    Still one of the greatest to ever wear the green and gold and a guy im gonna annoy my kids with talking about 20 years from now.

  49. Giants agree in the market to replace KP, and Woodson would be playing on the SB champs team who literally beat up on his former team.
    Have a feeling this might work, but were all guessing, not even released yet.
    But when your in the media capitol of the world, things seems much bigger and brighter.

  50. First they benched one of their all star receivers pretty much the whole season. (Driver)
    And then they are letting another one possibly go. (Jennings)
    Now they are letting go one of the best defensive players. (Woodson)

    Instead, they should keep these players and get rid of Dom Capers.
    What the hell is wrong with my Packers?
    Even though I have no clue on how to run a football team, is this really the way to run a football team? Not using and getting rid of key players who contributed so much to their success?

  51. Woodson would not redo his contract to force the Packers to cut him so he could sign with the Vikings since he knows they are winning the division in 2013 and making a run back to the super bowl

  52. I’m not so sure if this is the same team anymore that has the Lombardi legacy.
    Yeah, I know it’s different times and change is hard. But I don’t think back in Lombardi’s day they got rid of players that were good. They got rid of them because they were bad.
    To paraphrase the immortal Vince: What the hell is going on over there in Green Bay?

  53. Is a great man, was agreat player but these days all he can do is hope to read a play right before it starts. His gambling became a liability when he no longer had the speed to recover from wrong guesses. Certainly wish him the best, but it would probably be best to retire.
    And no way does he want to go play in a college stadium in East Dakota.

  54. Dumb move by Ted Thompson! I agree he isn’t worth 10 mil but who else on the roster is any better. Ted probably didn’t even discuss a pay cut with him. It will free up cap space to maybe help extend Matthews, Rodgers, and Raji but you still need alot of help on defense not to mention o-line and running back. Ted’s build thru the draft way of doing things isn’t going to help this team this upcoming year with even more holes to fill now!

  55. Would love to have him in NY! As often as our secondary is injured he would be a fantastic addition. But if we cant get Woodson Id settle for Laron Landry!!! Haha

  56. blackandbluedivision says:
    “Rodgers would pee his pants looking across the line.”

    Only because he doesn’t want Cutler to feel alone.

  57. jblandbeardown says:Feb 15, 2013 3:01 PM

    13xworldchump– Its not the same as Urlacher in anyway. Urlacher is a free agent. Was not cut. And the Bears are not best in North yet, but they will definitely be better than #3 n division. Vikings will not continuously finish 1 or 2.

    Yet, are you kidding me, the Bears are a mess, the defense is old and faded down the stretch, Cutlers a mess….so you have to resort to name calling……Urlacher is the face of the franchise drafted by you guys, never played for another team and hasn’t been offered a contract for the same reason Woodson is being released…..on the wrong side of 35, injury prone the last few years and lost more than a step…….that’s the comparison I’m making.

  58. trippymane says:
    Feb 15, 2013 12:17 PM

    One word…. SEAHAWKS


    No thank you, Seattle is doing just fine in that department.

  59. Stop saying that age is why he won’t be able to contribute.

    To say that turned one year older and therefore he is too immobile to even move a limb is laziness! That defense was at its worst when he and Matthews were gone.

    He needs a creative DC who will use him as a utility football player that can line up in all sorts of spots. The way Kroy Biermann is put inside the d-line, at LB, or even at S Woodson can do similarly.

    Houston should sign him!

    Then the Texans can show Florio why picking the Titans to win the AFC South in 2012 was a stupid idea!!! Oh yes, a team that’s won 25 games over the past two seasons with an injury piling roster is worse than a team that lost Cortland Finnegan and had a bad QB dilemma: an aging and bench prone Hasselbeck, and unnamed starter in training camp, Jake Locker; and two QBs whom Peyton Manning could have replaced!!!

    My goodness Charles Woodson could help the Texans go to the Super Bowl next season if they sign him.

  60. I would love to see Rodgers get at least one more ring than Burnt Fail.
    But getting rid of key players (Driver, Woodson and maybe Jennings) is that really the way to do it?
    I dunno. The only way I can have any more faith in my Packers is to see them continue winning. And I dunno if that’s still possible now. Especially since they are letting these players go but still hanging onto Dom Capers.

  61. 13x– 10 wins a mess?? A few tweaks here and there are needed. Bears have offensively inept last 3-4 years and still have been competitive. I apologize for chump reference. But Woodson plays position based on speed. Urlacher can lose 3 steps and be effective to some degree(depending on scheme). You just can’t compare 2. Plus Woodson made 30-40% more than Brian U. Every team has deficiencies, but you as a rival fan have to be curious at the least. If Bears can put up 24 a game, they are right there w/ Pack. Green Bay is long in tooth in certain places as are Bears, but Bears have more than enough talent to compete.

  62. 13x– 10 wins a mess?? A few tweaks here and there are needed. Bears have offensively inept last 3-4 years and still have been competitive. I apologize for chump reference. Urlacher can lose 3 steps and be effective to some degree(depending on scheme).Green Bay is long in tooth in certain places as are Bears, but Bears have more than enough talent to compete.
    I say a Mess because not many 10 win teams dump their coach……a 10 win team starting over with a veteran group is unprecedented I think in the NFL….I disagree with you talking about Urlacher’s loss of speed, that was his game, being able to cover and run sideline to sideline. The Packers had the third youngest Roster in the NFL last year…..Other than Pickett, the next oldest player on Defense is 29.

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