Alfonzo Dennard says he did not intentionally hit a police officer

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Patriots cornerback Alfonzo Dennard testified in his own defense today at his trial for assaulting a police officer, and he said that while it was possible he hit the officer with his right arm while trying to pull away, he did not intentionally punch the officer.

I had no idea I hit the officer with my right fist,” Dennard said, according to the Omaha World-Herald.

Dennard acknowledged that he resisted when Officer Benjamin Kopsa attempted to arrest him, but Dennard said that he was confused when Kopsa grabbed him after a brief skirmish with another man.

“I turned around and I saw it was a police officer,” Dennard said. “He said, ‘You’re under arrest.’ . . . I said, ‘No I’m going to go home.’ He kept trying to grab my arm, I kept pulling it away.”

Kopsa testified that Dennard punched him in the jaw, and if Dennard is convicted of that felony charge, he could be sentenced to as much as five years in prison. The case is expected to go to a jury on Tuesday, after the three-day Presidents Day weekend.

42 responses to “Alfonzo Dennard says he did not intentionally hit a police officer

  1. A skirmish like that shouldn’t be considered for anything close to five years in prison.

    Let him pick up litter in a Nebraska State Park and send him back to New England now!

  2. he admits resisting arrest and I’m sorry, “I had no idea I hit the officer with my right fist” isn’t the strongest defense. the ONLY way he avoids spending a li’l time in a jumpsuit is if he gets the typical professional athlete judgement.

    I’ll bet that he’ll get off and end up on another police blotter before the season starts.

  3. Once the officer said “you’re under arrest” any attempt, such as pulling your arm away is resisting arrest. A question I have is why would Dennard have his hand in a fist after he was told he was under arrest?

  4. The sun was in my eyes
    The dog ate my homework
    I was at my moms that day
    I did not intentionally hit a police officer

  5. I still don’t understand, did he know the guy was a cop or not? It sounds like the cop was off duty and in plain clothes and got involved in breaking up the fight, did Dennard hit him thinking it was someone else? Or was he just going cray cray and say F the pO-lice? Either way, he starts for my team and he’s good, give him a pass ahahah. F tha pO-lice!!!

  6. No different than Cary Williams shoving the ref with both hands. He didn’t mean to do it. So, by NFL logic, there should be no penalty.

  7. Was this a church where this event occurred?

    Funny how these events always occur late at night in clubs where these dudes are drunk.

    Denard should call up Pacman Jones and get some advice on CLUBBIN’.

    Its not often where football players run into cops in church.

  8. But he did resist. That rarely goes over well with the police. Right or wrong, you’ll never get away with that. This would have been over and done with a long time ago if he would have complied.

  9. Everything about this case bothers me. The arresting officer testified he was by himself, but the next day there was a second officer giving eyewitness testimony. I’m skeptical.

  10. First offense I believe. Since the officer wasn’t seriously hurt he’ll probably get probation and anger management classes, maybe some community service.

  11. These players never ever do anything wrong. They didn’t “knowingly” take PEDs, it’s not their gun, she said she was 18, they only had two drinks, she lied, they didn’t kill those dogs, they didn’t shoot that guy, the glove don’t fit and you must acquit, they didn’t intentionally hit the cop, etc.

  12. You are at a bar….you have several drinks and have a slight buzz on….you get outside to leave and have a physical altercation with another buzzed patron…to you two fellows no one else exists but you and him and no way he is getting the better of you…..someone comes up and grabs you from behind….what’s your reaction? I am sure whatever happened is reactionary not intentional…he probably really doesn’t know what he was doing. And to the fellow inquiring about why he put his hand in a fist…..He was fighting and I’m sure he wasn’t hitting like a girl.

  13. “He said, ‘You’re under arrest.’ . . . I said, ‘No I’m going to go home.’

    I’m guessing you didn’t go home, SMH.

  14. I never realized that
    “No I’m going to go home”
    was a legal response to arrest.

    Definitely will try it out! 🙂

  15. It’s going to a jury so he may walk or he may do 5 years, you never know what a jury is going to do (ask OJ and a legion of others).

    It’s also Nebraska and who knows how they feel out there about this kind of thing; again, either he walks or he does 5 years.

    Personally, I hope they find a win-win middle ground – he’s did something stupid, sure, but in the big scheme of things it wasn’t THAT bad (I admit I don’t have all the facts).

    Something like 200 hours community service talking to high school kids, a $10,000 fine split between 4 charities (2 of his choice, 2 of the
    state’s choice) and 1 year suspended sentence, suspended for 3 years.

  16. I am quite sure that DOLT cop jumped right into the path of his swing. Now he’s trying to pull a fast one.

  17. It will be interesting to see how Goodell handles this. Will Goodell be gun-shy due to the Bountygate fiasco, or will he come down hard on Denard?

  18. He should of testified: “he should have ducked before he hit my fist with his face”. (sarcasm)

  19. The cop was in plain clothes. I don’t know much about Dennard, but there are a lot of cops I don’t like. My twelve-year-old straight arrow top-of-her-class daughter was harrassed by a cop for five miutes after she got off a bus after a field trip to Harvard beause she was wearing the jersey of a team he didn’t like. I’ll go with Dennard on this one.

  20. MTLighthouse69 says:
    Feb 16, 2013 9:23 AM
    It will be interesting to see how Goodell handles this. Will Goodell be gun-shy due to the Bountygate fiasco, or will he come down hard on Denard?
    I would hope he does nothing. The incident occurred before Dennard was in the NFL.

    The Terrelle Pryor case, where he did give him a suspension for something he did in college was different.

    It sounds like Dennard is saying enough that makes him look culpable such that his testimony seems truthful. He’s not denying everything. What he says sounds plausible. We’ll see.

  21. I’m sorry if someone in plain clothes tries to grab me I’m decking them with all my strength, no hesitation. Wear a uniform next time moron.

  22. Please profootballtalk,this is not news we all knows the way their pats are…. #Cheaters. Like Terrell Suggs said their three super bowls are questionable and that real talk. If u dont believe me then tell me when was the last time Patriots won a super bowl since getting caught?At least my Bills went 2 four staright super bowls,but never did they cheated or tapping other teams for greatness. And that real talk. #gobills

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