Bills re-sign Colin Brown

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The Bills have re-signed a backup quarterback.  So it makes sense that they also have signed a backup offensive lineman to protect him.  On the bench.

Colin Brown, who would have been a restricted free agent, has signed a two-year, $1.445 million contract, per a source with knowledge of the deal.

Brown received a signing bonus of $25,000.  He’ll earn a base salary of $630,000 in 2013, along with $30,000 workout bonus.  The deal contains a split salary of $358,000, which will be paid in the event Brown lands on injured reserve.

For 2014, Brown has a base salary of $730,000 and a workout bonus of $30,000.

9 responses to “Bills re-sign Colin Brown

  1. Anyone add an unknown player to their practice squad…or other blockbuster deals like this shocker?

  2. Ok can we start a new rule where the mod deletes any comment like “super bowl!” or “huge move!” EVERY time a journeyman gets signed? We get it, it wasn’t Tom freakin’ Brady. It takes about the IQ of a sloth spliced with a lemming to post this garbage.

  3. Brown is a super solid back-up. With some footwork help from the O-line coach, he could eventually become a starter. He has to learn to keep his stance a little lower and not let his feet get too far under him. If he fixes that he’ll be a beast, because he is already Ox strong with good hands. Welcome back Colin!

  4. Colin Brown was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs. But I never new the Chiefs released him till I saw this article. This guy went to school at Braymer Missouri and this guy was a stud. Even though the Braymer Bobcats sucked in football and only played with 11 players on both offense and Defense. They had a total of 16 players on there roster one year and 5 of those players ended up getting injured and they had to have there offense even play defense as well…Was one of the most toughest years for the Braymer Bobcats…But the guy is still a stud..

    2 freaking bad the Chiefs released him.

  5. buffalodiehard says:
    Ok can we start a new rule where the mod deletes any comment like “super bowl!” or “huge move!
    You tell em skippy…Bills to the Super Bowl, they resigned Brown…whoo hoo

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