Jeff Fisher: Titus Young is better suited for another organization


Titus Young, the 2011 second-round draft pick who lasted less than two years with the Lions, has now lasted less than two weeks with the Rams.

Rams coach Jeff Fisher confirmed today that the Rams have waived Young, ten days after they picked him up off waivers from Detroit. Fisher declined to get into specifics, but he said that after spending a few days with Young at the team facilities, the Rams’ coaching staff decided he wasn’t a good fit.

“We felt Titus is better suited for another organization,” Fisher said.

Reading between the lines in Fisher’s comments, it sounds like the same attitude problems that plagued Young’s career in Detroit cropped up again during his brief stay in St. Louis.

“We felt like by claiming Titus we would have the opportunity to spend a good deal of time with him,” Fisher said. “We spent that time with him, we spent probably four or five days with him, and as an organization, at the end of the interview process, you might call it, we felt it was best to go in another direction.”

Fisher described Young as “an outstanding young talent” and made clear that there were no injury or health issues, which pretty much leaves the off-field concerns as the only reason the Rams wouldn’t want him.

Although he showed flashes of talent with the Lions, Young proved to be more trouble than he was worth. Penalties and talk that he wasn’t working enough in practice plagued his rookie season, and in his second year with the team he stepped up his trouble-making by sucker-punching teammate Louis Delmas in practice, and by purposely lining up in the wrong spot on the field to protest his belief that the Lions were throwing too many passes to Calvin Johnson and not enough to Young.

The Rams were the only team to put in a waiver claim for Young, and now the Rams have decided they don’t want him, either. At this point, the odds seem good that the 23-year-old Young has played his last NFL game.

131 responses to “Jeff Fisher: Titus Young is better suited for another organization

  1. That sounds like what my ex girlfriend told me when she dumped me. Fisher should have also said, “It’s not him, it’s me.”

  2. Sounds like a perfect fit for the Steelers.

    That “we own you guy” should jump all over this this gem.

  3. I was one of the people saying this was an attention grab by Parker…my bad….

    More details are needed on this….I just can’t fathom what a man has to do to get cut from a team with such a massive need at your position! His attitude was so poor that they didn’t even care to see him in a practice? Not even one practice?

    I wanna have a convo with this guy. It must be a great lesson in lunacy.

  4. I don’t know why anyone thinks this guy could actually hold a job at McDonald’s. You tell him to cook cheeseburgers and he’ll line up at french fries…

  5. I was disappointd when Titus Young was claimed by the Rams, who acted like a cheap hooker on her hands and knees, going down for dollars. If you let players with bad attitudes like Young suffer the consequences of their actions, it will be better for the NFL. And better for every team in the NFL.

  6. This kid clearly came up with everyone kissing his a** all the time. GET IT THOUGH YOUR THICK SKULL TY!!
    Much like your carrer those days are OVER!!

  7. “We felt Titus is better suited for another organization,” Fisher said.

    Titus will most likely be a better fit at a fast food takeout window.

  8. Hey, not fair comparing Young to T.O. Owens was always a hard worker and never loafed. Owens may have attitude problems, but no one ever accused him of not practicing and playing hard.

  9. Seems like a perfect fit for the Jets. Metonio Holmes and Titus Young on the same team. That’s a combo we can only hope for.

  10. I think Titus has a mental illness. Maybe with the right medication, he can be productive.

    How do you administer an additional 40 points of IQ?

  11. Wait… Some commenters want us to give Rob Parker credit for being the first person in the media to report this… because he was the only one in the media who had a connection with Titus Young?

  12. Think about this: NFL players are only paid during the 17 weeks of the regular season. So Young got fired before he even cashed a check from the Rams.

    It reminds me of the movie ‘Friday’, where Ice Cube’s character gets fired on his day off. Same idea: Young got fired before he even showed up to do his actual job (play in a regular season game).

    That takes real talent. Not a talent you actually want or can get paid to do, but a talent nevertheless.

  13. Maybe the NFL should have Titus speak at the rookie symposium warning them check your ego at the door and not be the biggest diva on the planet.

  14. A few weeks or month unemployed may help him realize that perhaps he really won’t play in NFL if he doesn’t change. Maturity comes with age so lets see if this move by Fisher makes TY age quickly.

  15. conner87 says: Feb 15, 2013 3:17 PM

    Yeah better suited for the CFL
    Better suited for Pros vs. Joes. Since he won’t be a “Pro” anymore, he could be that really obnoxious “Joe” that rubs everybody the wrong way.

    I don’t watch a lot of reality TV, but I can guarantee you that the more obnoxious characters don’t actually behave like that in real life: out-of-control behavior boosts ratings, so they’re paid to act that way.

    And I totally understand the appeal of normal people acting like an outlandish, uncivilized, bipolar knuckleheads for a fat paycheck. What I can’t understand is why an incredibly talented athlete would act like an outlandish, uncivilized, bipolar knucklehead in order to lose his steady stream of fat paychecks.

  16. Funny you should talk about age and maturity: his actual name is Titus Young, Sr.

    He’s 23 and has a kid he named after himself. When you think of guys who are called ‘senior’, you often think that they are mature and all that. Not with TY.

    The other thing is ego: what guy *that* young names his kid after himself who doesn’t think the world of himself already? A guy like TY, apparently.

  17. Some might think he might only have a future in the fast food business. But I doubt that, you still need a sense of “team work” to work those jobs. As a fryer he would push the drive through person down and piss in the special sause. This dude can’t even wash dishes. Not much hope for him until he gets an attitude adjustment.

  18. What makes any of you think a fast food franchise would want him? ” I’m the best fry cook in the country” he deliberately screwed up the milk shakes because he wasn’t getting to flip enough burgers!

  19. ravenator says:
    Feb 15, 2013 3:19 PM

    Loser. Enjoy working at McDonalds

    Why is working at McDonalds always the “bottom of the barrel” occupation joke? I’m sure the pay is awful, but it’s better than selling your body for crack or cleaning up human waste.

  20. “…there were no injury or health issues, which pretty much leaves the off-field concerns as the only reason the Rams wouldn’t want him.
    I think the Lions felt that the on-field BS led to his dismissal.

  21. I have a feeling Rex & Co. will be calling very shortly. He has JETS written all over him.

  22. it took 2 weeks to figure this out jeff? this guy is better suited for the neighborhood saturday afternoon flag football 8 on 8 challenge, comptons most un-wanted

  23. raiderufan says:Feb 15, 2013 3:28 PM

    I was one of the people saying this was an attention grab by Parker…
    Me, too. I apologize to Mr. Parker. He was spot on–for once.
    coltzfan166 says:

    Sounds like a guy the Bengals will sign
    Nope. The Bagels sign criminals, not crazies. Masybe the Jets or the Raiduhs.

  24. He’ll “magically” answer all the questions correctly, plus study and work hard when a playoff team shows interest. You’ll see. I’ve said it from the instant he was released by Lions.

  25. Biggest punk in the league, I hope no team touches his dumbass. 2nd only to Sherman in Seattle.

  26. I long for someone to start videotaping this guy just so I can watch 30 minutes of the actual train wreck that he appears to be. I will shake my head and then never think about him again, but first I really need a little fix of idiocy.

  27. If your last name is young you likely will not be able to coexist with Jeff Fisher. I guess my prediction of him not being on a roster next season is going to come true, but it has taken place in a different set of circumstances.

  28. Young probably referred to himself in the third person so much the Rams staff got confused and thought HE never actually showed up to work.

  29. Biggest punk in the league, I hope no team touches his dumbass. 2nd only to Sherman in Seattle.

    You’re seriously comparing this turd to a guy who is elite in his position, has never been in trouble, and by all accounts is an awesome teamate, just because he talks a lot? I know it’s fashionable to hate on Sherman but get a grip.

  30. should not insult T.O. by comparing TY to him .. TO _NEVER_ sabotaged the team by purposely lining up incorrectly .. that is just dumb.

    complain all you want about not getting the ball .. but to purposely ignore the gameplan and line up wherever you want just to go ‘intercept’ the ball???

    he did say that .. he said he was going to where the ball is going to be .. to me that is an offensive interception .. HAHAHHA.

    TO is not this guy

  31. I really hope the teams teach him a leason and boycott him. Unfortunatly, some loser team will think they can change him and give it a try.

  32. vikingdoode says: Feb 15, 2013 3:58 PM

    I smell a ESPN 30/30 on him….
    What if I told you that the most slightly above mediocre receiver ever to play the game would have only one season as an overrated fantasy option? And what if I told you that he would walk away, not from a life-threatening injury or a devastating personal tragedy, but because he was a complete d1ckhead?

    He had overcome a privileged upbringing and the challenges of playing opposite the best receiver in the NFL rise to rise to the very middle of the pack and become “the most pretty good that never was”.

    ESPN films and 30 for 30 present
    Turd: the Titus Young Story

  33. Hopefully he hooks up with an agent who can rehab his image, and with his talent he’ll get another shot….whether he makes anything of it is anyone’s guess….

  34. this has cowboys written all over it, lmao! Jerry’ take him. Bein the football genious he is. NOT!!! But seriously I could see JJ grabbin him up. America’s soap_ opera. Another reciever to destroy what lockerroom they do have.

  35. I’d bet money that Tim Walton made his opinion of Titus young evident very quickly once he was hired. It is not a coincidence that young was released so soon after Walton’s hiring.

  36. Man, at the end of the day, you played at Boise freaking State. Be happy you got to the NFL and be a team guy. Amazing.

  37. I need to search for videos of this guy actually speaking because I’m curious if he can actually put a complete sentence together in the English language. I’m extremely curious to find out how dumb this guy really is. It has to be completely amazing, google/YouTube here I come.

  38. If Schwartz and Fisher are giving up on you, you must be a once in a generation knucklehead.

  39. toybkshr — how can you give Fisher credit for due diligence when the Rams were the ONLY team to file a waiver claim? why didn’t they do some ‘due diligence’ before making the claim?

  40. why do I see billy b in NE giving this db a shot. There or cincy will come calling. Take it to the bank.

  41. Enjoy working at McDonalds.

    This is an ignorant statement. There’s nothing wrong with working at McDonalds. It’s only the most successful restaurant chain ever in the history of the world. It’s a major corporation and probably chock full of executives making more money than you right now. Generations of kids have learned something about responsibility by working their first job at McDonalds and there’s no need to denigrate that.

    This loser from the Lions is not going to get any job, he’s going straight on welfare, you’re going to pay for him. Enjoy that.

  42. When this kid played for ND I thought he was an awesome Receiver with the potential to be one of the best. I was a little bummed that Detroit was the team that landed him, but I still checked up on him every now and then to see how he was progressing. Man, what a disappointment. All that potential and he burns every bridge he crosses. You figured after Detroit that this kid would straighten up. I guess he is not worried about his future. That or he is just plain dumb.

  43. Is it safe to say, Fisher saw too much Vince in Titus over those 10 days. Probably almost gave Coach Jeff a heart attack.

    And Titus; When you show up for work in St Louis with a handle like TY; Well you really are on the 3rd strike. Get a clue dude.

  44. Someone will pick him up. Is Belicheck up for another rehab project?

    And props to the Rams for doing due diligence. Ya gotta kick the tires before ya buy.

  45. Way to blow an opportunity to make millions upon millions of dollars while playing in the National Football League.

    I absolutely loathe you for crapping all over your opportunity.

  46. Yes, please give it a rest with the McDonalds and fast food references. I see this guy more as a 99 Cent Store or 7-11 type. Then of course there are always the self-serve laundromats that need somebody to wipe the machines down and sweep the floors.

  47. someone will pick him up this offseason, speed is to valuable a commodity in the NFL. off the top of my head a young Randy Moss comes to mind, Michael Westbrook, T.O. Andre Rison. trust me he’ll be in someone’s training camp. Raider Nation? Belichikland? Miami? Jacksonville? you’ll see

  48. “…better suited for another organization”

    may be the best line I’ve ever heard in the NFL!

    It seriously makes
    “It’s not you…it’s me”
    seem sincere and genuine by comparison. 🙂

    Kudos Fisher (which I never thought I’d say!)

  49. Being a Lions fan, I’ll offer up a few things that weren’t mentioned in the article or incorrectly stated in the comments above. First off, it wasn’t just that he lined up in the wrong spot. He lined up in the wrong spot on many goal-line plays and committed a number of bone-headed penalties to boot. At least one of them directly affected the outcome of a close game, if not more. The Lions staff looked at the tape of the 11/18 game against Green Bay and came to a conclusion that he was sabotaging plays. Some of the coaches had suspected it all along. (Before that, I would assume, some had wondered if he was just really unintelligent, as his usual reply was probably “I’m sorry, didn’t know, won’t happen again.”). Before then, his attitude hadn’t just started to cause a rift among him and at least one of the coaches, but the coaches and other coaches, some of whom hadn’t yet came to the same conclusion. I’m sure that once the team asked the players to look at the tape, they also realized that he’d been intentionally botching plays. Mid-week (after the GB game) a number of players who had been in his corner voiced their thoughts in obvious displeasure. Also, the only two people he’d had altercations or arguments with with were receivers coach, Shawn Jefferson and current Lion, Louis Delmas. I’m not sure that he even ever had an argument with Schwartz, who was probably more concerned with larger matters. TY went to Boise State and played alongside fellow Boise alumnus Kellen Moore who was drafted by the Lions last off-season. He’s 5’11, thus not a top endzone target, nor would he ever be. He did have talent somewhat akin to Steve Smith of the Panthers when Smith came out of Utah as a rookie. TY was really upset that the Lions drafted Ryan Broyles with an early pick last year, and that may have been the start of his slide towards self-destruction. In conclusion, on behalf of all of us lowly Lions fans, Young Mr. Young Sr., you can suck it.

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