Jim Irsay: Colts will induct Dwight Freeney into Ring of Honor

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The Colts have confirmed the report that they’re moving on from Dwight Freeney, but they’re stressing the positives as they say goodbye.

Colts owner Jim Irsay released a statement saying the Colts have already decided to put Freeney in the franchise Ring of Honor when his career is over.

Few people have meant as much to the success of the Indianapolis Colts as Dwight Freeney,” Irsay said. “He has been a dominant player, which is all the more impressive considering his size for his position, and he has won a lot of games for this franchise. Dwight was an artist, a joy to watch, and the dedication he put toward his craft was a rare quality. We will miss him, but look forward to his future induction into the Hall of Fame and Colts Ring of Honor.”

The Colts chose Freeney with the 11th overall pick in the 2002 NFL draft, and he has recorded 107.5 sacks in his 11 seasons in Indianapolis. He ranks first in forced fumbles and fourth in sacks over the last 11 years, and he’s been chosen to seven Pro Bowls.

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  1. Great player. I always point to the 2007 season and the 2009 SB. Freeney was put on IR in 2007 and the Colts defense was not the same down the stretch. In the 2009 SB, Freeney had the ankle problem and left the game. Then Brees shredded that defense. Colts were up 10-0 until he got hurt.

  2. Freeney was not a great player. He sold out on defense to get sacks. His tackle totals. tell the story. The guy averaged 18 non-sack tackles a year for his career. One year he had more sacks than regular tackles! The epitome of a cherry picker.

    By comparison, Terrell Suggs (who averages about the same number of sacks) has averaged 50 non-sack tackles per year. JJ Watt had 60 last year to go along with his 20.5 sacks.

  3. 1st-team All-decade for the 2000s, possibly borderline Hall of Famer. Certainly one of the best Colts of all-time, wish you well wherever you sign Dwight.

  4. “Jimmy’s a class act, and there is no doubt Dwight Freeney is deserving.”

    While I’ll grant that Freeney is deserving, how could anyone call an Irsay a “class act”?

  5. I think he’s a hall of famer, maybe not first ballot, but the main reason that the colts were able to keep leads with Peyton manning running the offense was because freeney and Mathis made it damn hard to get passes off and get back into the game. He did it for years, too. He wasn’t a flash in the pan who got to take advantage of having a qb capable of bailing the defense out, he’s a legit contributor and has been since he entered the league.

  6. I know it is a business decision but it is still hard to watch our aging stars getting caught by father time or a cap killing contract. This really wasn’t an unexpected move just as the Manning decision last year wasn’t. Good luck #93, you will be missed.

  7. Thegreatgabbert…u sure talk alot for being a jags fan, this is the grown folks table, jags fans sit at the kiddie tables

  8. unfortunately it happens to alot of fan favorite players, father time or their cap unfriendly contract forces a team to make a business decision, not a heart decision, happens to every player in the nfl

  9. Anyone that is 1st team All-Decade at defensive end has got to be Hall of Famer. It means he was one of the 2 best DE’s over a 10 year period. What more do you want?

  10. nsideindy says:

    Anyone that is 1st team All-Decade at defensive end has got to be Hall of Famer. It means he was one of the 2 best DE’s over a 10 year period. What more do you want?
    See: Atwater, Steve.
    1st Team All Decade 1990’s
    Eight time Pro Bowl selection
    Two time Super Bowl winner.
    Not even a sniff at the Hall of Fame.

  11. Freeney was a sack artist, plain and simple. Him and Mathis were such a great tag team of smaller speed rushers that were instrumental in such a prolonged period of success. I’m not sure Freeney makes the HOF, but he’s a HOFer in my book and definitely his spot on the ring of honor.

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