Koa Misi sentenced in 2011 battery case


Back in October, Dolphins linebacker Koa Misi pleaded no contest to felony battery charges in hopes of avoiding jail and getting a judge to knock the charges down to a misdemeanor.

Misi’s wish was granted this week. The Santa Barbara Independent reports that a judge sentenced Misi to three years of misdemeanor probation on Wednesday for punching through the front door of an apartment and then hitting a man in the face during a 2011 incident that started when Misi reacted to something yelled at him from an apartment balcony. Misi paid restitution for the door and the man’s medical bills, which, along with Misi’s clean prior record, helped convince the judge to bring down the weight of the charges.

The terms of the probation mandate Misi take 12 anger management classes and perform 400 hours of community service. He will return to court in June to show that he has been adhering to those requirements.

Moving the charge to a misdemeanor would seem to make it less likely that Misi is disciplined by the NFL for the incident. If that turns out to be the case, he’ll be available to the Dolphins all season as he finishes out the rookie contract he signed as a 2010 second-round pick.

12 responses to “Koa Misi sentenced in 2011 battery case

  1. He still deserves a suspension of 1-2 games, IMHO. (Only 1-2 due to his lack of issues before or since that incident) That is the kind of behavior that the NFL should make an example of. It makes no difference what his lawyers were able to negotiate. The NFL discipline should be based on what he did rather than the lenient sentence he paid his lawyers to obtain.

  2. Punches his way through a door and punches a guy in the face–and it’s a MISDEMEANOR?? It makes me wonder what a jock has to do to be convicted of a felony in some places.

  3. people should read about the case before making comments on why the charges were dropped to a misdemeanor. The guy was calling his girl friend the worst things in the world. Let’s see what you do if someone called your wife some mean and nasty things.

  4. I hate people that talk tough and start crap from a safe place. While I can’t condone violence, I’m not upset with Misi. It seems both men learned a lesson that day.

  5. 1. The guy is an idiot for yelling at a nfl linebacker. 2. Too bad Misi got in trouble for this. 3. Too bad he only punched him one time.

  6. Anger management? I like to think I’m a reasonable man. That being said, if you stood shouting vile, vulgar insults at my girl/wife, and thought there would be no repercussions, you’re as mistaken as the guy with the new door!

    As for him getting a break because he’s a football star? Go sit through a day of your local criminal court. Almost all first offense cases get leniency from the judge. This was a domestic dispute, that got out of hand. Stop trying to blow it all out of proportion.

  7. Here is the real deal with the story from the miami herald.. A guy yelled at misi from the balcony of an apartment.. Misi knocks on his door guys opens the door with the chain on and gets socked in the eye..

    Im sorry some people deserve to get their ass whooped when they are that dense.. The incredibly huge guy i was just talking smack to from far away is knocking on my door let me open it and see if he is trying to sell cookies. SMH

    If this guy were in the animal kingdom he would be eaten in 10 seconds.. Its like a rabbit staring at a Wolf outside his hole and deciding to stick his head out..

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