Lomas Brown says he and Scott Mitchell are now friends

Getty Images

Lomas Brown, the former Lions offensive tackle who said last year that he purposely missed a block in a 1994 game because he wanted teammate Scott Mitchell to get hurt, says he and Mitchell have now smoothed things out.

Although Brown initially bragged that he was the one who forced Mitchell to be replaced with backup Dave Krieg, who played well for the Lions that year after Mitchell’s injury, he later was the target of intense criticism and apologized. Now Brown tells DetroitLions.com that with time to think about it, he feels “sick” about what he said.

The good news, Brown said, is that he called Mitchell and the two of them became friends ove the course of their conversation.

“If that would have been me getting a phone call from me after what I said, I wouldn’t have reacted the way Scott reacted,” Brown said. “I would have been mad. I wouldn’t have been laughing on the phone with me. Scott wasn’t like that.”

Apparently Scott Mitchell is a bigger man than Lomas Brown.