ProFootballTalk: How can 49ers build off 2012?

After appearing in the Super Bowl, the 49ers have a few items on their off-season list to check off. Do they trade Alex Smith or let him walk? Is an improved secondary on the horizon?

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7 responses to “ProFootballTalk: How can 49ers build off 2012?

  1. They’re going to build a specific offense for and around Colin Kaepernick, get bigger, taller and more depth for their defensive line, and add some more DB’s. They’ve got 14 picks to play with and lots of cap space. Their defense will come back better and their offense won’t be a work in progress this next season. They’ll be back.

  2. Pass rusher,Cb,te,k,dt .. AKers cost us more games than any other single player(1 1/2). We need the best available kicker! We need a number two wideout,a tight end if walker leaves(celek maybe) or a safety if we lose gold. A dt if we lose soap and Rjf,maybe 1st round. Overall our the niners are pretty talented imho..

  3. Make no mistake, the secondary will need to be revamped. As much as I like Whitner and Goldson they got absolutely torched in the playoffs. Liabilities is what I call them. Rogers is getting old which showed in the playoffs also. The way I see it Brown and Culliver will be starting even though Culliver had a bad superbowl. He is young and up and coming. They need to find a counterpart for Justin Smith.

  4. Signing Goldson is #1 priority, like they said in the video. Goldson is the most talented DB they have. I see Soap and Ricky jean being resigned. I think after the Patriots game during the regular season Whitner(SS) was exposed badly. His pass coverage skills is HORRENDOUS ! What do you expect from a 5-9 Safety. =/

    I dont see the 49ers resigning Tramiane brock(CB), and Carlos Rogers will most likely lose that 3rd CB position. 49ers will look into the draft for secondary help. Culliver(CB) got ripped up in the SB but he had a good season. The big lights and his immature comments during SB week had more of an impact on his play than his lack of talent. I believe in the young man.

    And in regards to Delanie Walker(TE), I luv this dude. he is def multi talented. He plays FB,TE,WR, and special teams! I just hope he can work on his hands with Vernon Davis during the offseason. 49ers will definitely resign him, he is to talented and fits in the 49ers scheme 100%.

    Draft positions by priority: CB/Safety, WR, Pass rusher, DL, Kicker

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