Rams won’t comment on report Titus Young will be cut

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The Rams are declining to comment on the odd report that surfaced this morning saying they would release receiver Titus Young today, just 10 days after they claimed him off waivers from the Lions.

PFT reached out to the Rams this morning when the talk of Young being released first surfaced, and the team told us that it has no comment. However, head coach Jeff Fisher is scheduled to appear at a press conference today to formally introduce Tim Walton as the team’s new defensive coordinator, and Fisher is expected to answer questions about Young at that press conference.

The story that Young would be cut began with, of all people, Rob Parker, the commentator who was fired by ESPN for making asinine comments about Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III being a “cornball brother.” Parker is now writing for a website called The Shadow League, and he reported there that Young would be cut and may never play football again. Parker isn’t known for breaking news, but he does live and work in Detroit, so he may have a connection with Young, who has played for the Lions for two years.

We’ll be keeping an eye on St. Louis for official word about Young’s future, or lack thereof, with the Rams.

52 responses to “Rams won’t comment on report Titus Young will be cut

  1. Now this is just too bizarre…I can’t imagine what Young could have done in just ten days to blow his second (and possibly final) chance.

  2. This guy ran himself out of the league just life that? How do you piss off 2 teams enough within in 2 weeks to find yourself without a job after being a highly touted draft pick

  3. That would be very odd…why wouldn’t they at least see him on the field first?

    I wouldn’t put it past Pure Blood Brother Parker to make this up just to make sure people will still notice him.

  4. It’s Rob Parker. It could go in any direction. This could be totally fabricated. parker and young are both jokes, at this point.

  5. Ha nothing but free time ahead Titus. Good for you now you can train around the clock to become better than Megatron, on Madden anyways. Rams don’t want you now thats pretty bad.

  6. You know your career is nearing its end when you are wearing a new uniform every week. Hope ya got a degree in something, Titus.

  7. Lol

    Cut before he ever got to off season workouts, mini-camps or ever touched a ball in a Rams uniform.

    Have to do something pretty screwed up for that to happen.

  8. I didn’t read through the comments section, but if someone already cracked a joke about Birds of a Feather, I’m gonna be pissed. C’mon tv426.

    It does make sense they would hang out though: Young and Griff are pretty much polar opposites. Parker fervently declared he would not associate with likeable, well-spoken, black male role models. Parker must get along great with Titus; who doesn’t even have a fiancee, much less a white one.

  9. I was disappointd when Titus Young was claimed by the Rams, who acted like a cheap hooker on her hands and knees, going down for dollars. If you let players with bad attitudes like Young suffer the consequences of their actions, it will be better for the NFL. And better for every team in the NFL.

  10. hope that the next thing that i read about this young man is that he’s enrolled in college to finish his degree and that he’s seeking counseling for his apparent “personal issues”…and NOT that he’s been arrested, or worse.

  11. Well you can rule out drugs because the Rams would be required to report that and it would be all over the news so it has to do with personel.

    If I had to guess, I would guess he failed to show up for a meeting or a physical and didn’t call with an excuse -emergency of something, so the Rams said screw this!

  12. Titus Young is so awesome he demanded that he not only get thrown every pass, but also get to throw it also. He’s so fast he could catch his own thrown balls. He could also call his own plays!

  13. I absolutely love, LOVE that you don’t dignify Parker’s new gig with a link. If Young does get cut, maybe he’ll suck it up and head north for a couple of years. Smartest thing he could be told to do. He could hit his peak with a new attitude, come back to the NFL, and produce…… or not. Either way best of luck to him (but not Parker).

  14. Wow. I’ve seen players cut in ten days before, but not without even working out. Maybe they found out more about him… Might never know. Unless Parker tells us of course, but then again if Parker tells us we still might not ever know…

  15. Young could never follow the rules at BSU, and was a poor team player. He was suspended more often than not, and for some critical games.
    Even if this isn’t true, I don’t see him lasting.

  16. still remember the priceless sight of him REACHING OVER A REF to hit a saint who trash-talked him…

    gee, titus, didya think people wouldnt see? like the ref?

    i would say he is a moron, but that would be a dire insult to mere morons the world over.

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