Rams won’t comment on report Titus Young will be cut

Getty Images

The Rams are declining to comment on the odd report that surfaced this morning saying they would release receiver Titus Young today, just 10 days after they claimed him off waivers from the Lions.

PFT reached out to the Rams this morning when the talk of Young being released first surfaced, and the team told us that it has no comment. However, head coach Jeff Fisher is scheduled to appear at a press conference today to formally introduce Tim Walton as the team’s new defensive coordinator, and Fisher is expected to answer questions about Young at that press conference.

The story that Young would be cut began with, of all people, Rob Parker, the commentator who was fired by ESPN for making asinine comments about Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III being a “cornball brother.” Parker is now writing for a website called The Shadow League, and he reported there that Young would be cut and may never play football again. Parker isn’t known for breaking news, but he does live and work in Detroit, so he may have a connection with Young, who has played for the Lions for two years.

We’ll be keeping an eye on St. Louis for official word about Young’s future, or lack thereof, with the Rams.