Report: Eagles have “no plans to trade” Nick Foles

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The Kansas City Chiefs have already reportedly expressed an interest in acquiring Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles to reunite with head coach Andy Reid.

But Foles might not be so readily available despite the Eagles electing to keep Michael Vick and signing Dennis Dixon to a two-year deal on Thursday. According to, the Eagles have “no plans to trade Foles” unless they are “blown away with an offer.”

The Eagles planning on keeping Foles would fall in line with comments by head coach Chip Kelly earlier this week saying that he expected Vick and Foles to compete for the starting job.

However, that was also before Dixon was added to the roster. The Eagles now have four quarterbacks on the roster in Vick, Foles, Dixon and Trent Edwards. If Philadelphia is going to maximize any potential trade market for Foles, the best way to do so is to make it seem that they aren’t trying to get rid of him. The Eagles could very well decide to keep Foles in Philadelphia but it doesn’t make sense for them to say otherwise if they want to maximize Foles’ trade value.

For now at least, it appears as though there will be one fewer quarterback available on the market this off-season.

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  1. Restructure Vick… Sign Dennis Dixon… Chip wants runners. The Eagles certainly do plan to trade Nick Foles. They’re only saying they don’t want to in order to get Reid to up his offer.

  2. Let’s see you got an injury prone/over the hill qb in Vick, you got a guy who couldn’t even get to be Ben’s backup over Charlie Batch in Pittsburgh, you got a career journeyman in Edwards, and you got a guy who had he been around at Arizona this year probably wouldn’t have beat out Matt Scott since Arizona runs the same offense Kelly ran at Oregon…..,this is going to be an epic qb battle in training camp

  3. Trent Edwards has done a nice job of staying in the league long enough to qualify for the minimum NFL pension. That’s better than J.P. Losman has done.

  4. I hope they don’t trade him. I think Chip can tweak his offense around Foles, because I honestly believe the kid deserves a fair shot as the starting QB this off season.

  5. You write: “For now at least, it appears as though there will be one fewer quarterback available on the market this off-season.”

    Wasn’t your whole write-up explaining how they are just holding close to the vest to keep the value up for any trade offers? Doesn’t sound like he isn’t off the market anymore than say someone like Matt Flynn or Alex Smith……I bet those two teams would say almost word for word the same thing…..

  6. Unless the Eagles get at least a 3rd round pick it makes no sense to deal Foles. They need to get at least equal value in order to justify trading a quarterback with some potential to Reid and the Chiefs.

    If I was Roseman and Gamble I’d hold out for at least a 2nd round pick and see if Reid gets desperate with an average at best quarterback draft along with a bad FA quarterback class.

  7. duh… every true eagles fan… no football fan knows how good of a QB Foles is for being a 3rd rounder. You can say what you want about the kid but he improved game by game with an even worse oline then vick had. Foles can command the line, audible his wr’s, and get rid of the ball quick. At 6’5 he has great field vision and with a little fine tuning on his mechanics this offseason he will be a stud. Mark my word. This kid wants it I think eagles fans will be veryhappy with the QB competition this year.

  8. If I’m Andy Reid, I’m going to do everything in my power to get Foles. He has a year of experience. He’s better than any QB in this years draft. And he actually played pretty well. 4 out of his 6 games he had a passer rating higher than 85+ with an injury riddled receiving corp.

    Kinda crazy how good last year’s draft is. Even Foles , Cousins, Tanny are in the mix. We haven’t even seen Osweiler yet!

  9. Another Eagles quarterback trade. However, this one would be interesting to see who gets screwed this time. AR usually does the screwing for the Eagles. Would the Eagles come out on top against AR?

  10. Given Vick’s injury history, keeping Foles around shouldn’t surprise anyone.

    What is surprising, is that the Eagles decided to bring Vick back.

  11. I have at all been impressed by Kelly’s move to date…I guess not having NFL experience does make a difference. Keep Foles because you can’t depend on Vick and Dixon is worthless as a backup.

  12. Foles already has his bags packed. This sucks that we have to get rid of the best quarterback on our roster because this inept coach has to run his inept system. This Chip Kelly project is such a disaster and training camp hasn’t even started yet.

  13. This has Matt Cassel written all over it.. Stay away from Foles for those who think he’s the 2nd coming of Tom Brady I say “Buyer Beware”.. The kid has tons of hype from Philly fans due to their unjust hatred for Vick or anybody else for that matter that plays for this POS franchise. Philly always roots for the unknown underdog don’t drink the kool-aid & regret the obvious next year.

  14. As an Eagles fan, it is frustrating that Nick Foles seems to be being pushed right out of the starting job in Philly because he “doesn’t fit the system.” Running, gadget QBs don’t win championships. But, big-body QBs like Manning(s), Brady, Roethlisberger, and Flacco do.

  15. For a team that has not won a playoff game since 2008, and have only won 3 playoff games since 04, they get a lot of attention. Why is every off season filled with the Eagles made the greatest move since the Hershel Walker trade, and every season seem to be how they have failed to reach their objectives.

  16. This 2012 class of Quarterbacks is one of the most promising looking groups since Marino, Elway, Kelly and O’Brien in 1983. Before the draft most scouts and Draft guru’s were saying that besides Luck and Griffin, the QB class wasn’t very strong. Boy were they wrong!

  17. “mackcarrington says: Feb 15, 2013 12:44 AM

    Trent Edwards has done a nice job of staying in the league long enough to qualify for the minimum NFL pension. That’s better than J.P. Losman has done.”


    Losman lasted 8 years. Edwards has made it 6… he won’t last much longer after the Eagles cut him.

  18. God please trade these fool i cant stand him over hyped fool n y is everybody saying this kid played good… what r u talking bout did u c the games last year picks fumbles ect open ur eyes

  19. Posturing. Chances are the Iggles knew this was coming (if it really did). Andy should not think he is immune to the fleecing this organization has become known for.

  20. The Eagles need o-linemen. The Chiefs want Foles. Swap first round picks. The Eagles get Joekel and the Chiefs get Foles and Jarvis Jones with the 4th pick.

  21. Nick Foles doubters his small window of work (6 starts) were better than the likes of Eli Manning, Drew Brees, Jay Cutler, Phillip Rivers and Sam Bradford’s first 6 and I’M sure there were many others. I’m not ready to let this guy go to run a gimmick offense.

  22. I think he’s going to be traded. He jus doesn’t fit the system Kelly wants to run. Now, I’m a Saints fan. But, I’d love to see him come and back up Drew for a few years and when the time comes hand him the keys to the car. I watched in a couple of games. And, I believe that if he would have be the starting the entire year he would have put up some wow numbers. He has a presence about him the put in mind of Roger
    Starbauch. And, I’m being totally serious. I think he’s going to be a special player. And

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