Report: Goodell made nearly $30 million in 2011

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There is no salary cap for NFL employees, and if there was, it certainly isn’t flat.

According to Daniel Kaplan of SportsBusiness Daily, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell nearly tripled his earnings in 2011, making nearly $30 million.

The numbers come from the league’s tax return, which was scheduled to be filed today.

Goddell’s $29.49 million includes a $22.3 million bonus. He earned $11.6 million in 2010, before he brokered a 10-year labor deal (after a lockout) and new television contracts.

“The NFL is the most successful and best-managed sports league in the world,” Falcons owner and compensation committee chair Arthur Blank in a prepared statement. “This is in no small part due to Roger’s leadership and the value he brings to the table in every facet of the sport and business of the league. His compensation reflects that.”

While it seems a mammoth number, his bosses (the owners) willingly chose to give it to him.

And that should make it clear to everyone what kind of profits they’re making.

126 responses to “Report: Goodell made nearly $30 million in 2011

  1. The media always does re drafts of players. I bet if they re drafted the commissioners, he’d be an undrafted FA.

  2. All those fines handed out help pays his BALLIN a$$ salary!! Im in the wrong line of work! !!

  3. Oh great. Are you trying to stoke the fires of entitlement amongst players again? Management always makes more than Labor, and they deserve to make more.

  4. Also makes clear who got the better end of the new CBA. If you hadn’t already figured it out by the fact the salary cap will remain less then $130M during the next 10 years, while profits jump in excess of 30%+

  5. Exactly how equal all people are to all others! Greatest system in the world! Would have been justified for that asteroid to have made on direct hit on this earth run by man.

  6. What a bargain for the owners. They each paid close to $1 million for the commissioner to serve their interests.

  7. To all those who were crying that the players were making too much in the new labor deal and should lower their demands, how do all you Goodell-slurpers feel now?

  8. Really he’s been a good commissioner if you ignore all of the idiots in the peanut gallery and consider his job description: to protect and further the interests of the NFL. By trending the games towards player safety and working to prevent future lawsuits by injured players, he’s doing just that. And if you think he’s overpaid, the people who actually wrote that check disagree.

  9. There should be a salary cap on all owners and NFL Exec’s salaries. Rest of the $$$$ should be given to the charities that Roger takes from players for throwing footballs to fans and wearing orange cleats.

  10. For you idiots dreaming he will get fired, and calling him the worst…this is what the owners think. Ponder that while you’re hating on him.

  11. Hate for the man aside, his job is terrible. He’s a human punching bag. It’s easy to say he’s the worst commissioner ever, but most anyone else would collapse under that kind of stress. He won’t be enjoying much of that money until he’s retired and he doesn’t need to worry about wrangling idiot owners and not screwing up the biggest sport in America.

  12. He earned it………He is successfully running a huge company and is making investors rich……This would be expected for anyone in a similar business position.

    Don’t agree with him on issues/fines/direction, but have to admit it is successful.

  13. So what? I thought free-enterprise and CEO windfalls were perfect? Where’s the problem?

    Meanwhile, if a certain chief executive rakes in some money for a 20 year old memoir…

    (Hi, Pig Dog!)

  14. Takes a lot of effort to blow up a team’s season based on a flimsy case that ignores that bounties have been going on since the dawn of football. Well-deserved salary for a dummy.

  15. This page if FULL of haters! Let the man get paid ! The man runs one of the largest business in the country. If the owners want to pay him that much, clearly they are happy, that as their agent or rep. (Goodell) is doing a good job. Plus, if you really stop to think, each owner is paying him around a million a year, not bad for a man running their multimillion dollar business.

  16. He’s wildly overpaid. The players are the attraction and what the TV money is paid for. The owners have equity interests in the 32 franchises. To pay an administrator more than the best players is ridiculous. This is simply a reward for hosing the players in the last labor deal. De Smith’s seat just got a little hotter.

  17. Corporate CEO’s make a lot of money. A true measure of Roger’s worth is; How much did he make for his employer? The owners of the NFL Franchises. Those figures should be disclosed. Well they most likely will not as one never finds out how much the owner is making. It’s buried in various partnerships, ownerships, expenses etc……….

  18. While the revenues certainly went up during Roger’s watch, how responsible was he for any of that? I think a blind monkey could have gotten fat TV deals. The NFL is a runaway winner for TV viewership, whether regular season, postseason, or the Super Bowl that is constantly setting ratings records.

    But, given that all of the owners are filthy rich, I am sure they all have the big corporation mentality. Give the CEO a big, fat bonus if you have even the smallest amount of success. Have to make sure you don’t lose him to some other company. Even though that isn’t as likely in this case, as there are limited sports leagues, I’m sure the owners are just used to rewarding themselves, so it just comes natural to give Goodell an overpriced bonus.

  19. Damn!! Rodger Ballin! I know all that cheese wasn’t from being commissioner..When you have $ its easy to make more $

  20. Zat’s why he said he’d take a dollar if there was a lockout, which they’re was, because he was an overpaid lackey for the owners, which he is.

  21. Daaamn! Mr commissioner looks like he’s making commissions on those fines he gives out. If i make that in my lifetime I’d be ecstatic. So now retire and let someone else clean up your mess, commish.

  22. PeterKingLovesCoqAVin says: Feb 15, 2013 4:04 PM

    Hate for the man aside, his job is terrible. He’s a human punching bag. It’s easy to say he’s the worst commissioner ever, but most anyone else would collapse under that kind of stress. He won’t be enjoying much of that money until he’s retired and he doesn’t need to worry about wrangling idiot owners and not screwing up the biggest sport in America
    Thank you Mrs. Goodell. Yeah, right, he and supermodels both have the world’s toughest jobs, and get all that hate because of it.

    Cry me a river.

  23. Really though that’s like 6 times what I would expect. That’s like legit the best job I’ve ever heard of now.

  24. amazing how you small people think

    He is the CEO of the a big business he does not work for players or fans.

    He works for the owners all of which must be very happy as he still has a job.

    What he does is at based on what the owners want not the fans not the players the owners.
    The men who own the NFL.

    Stop crying and go back to work and maybe you can make $30,000.00

    Keep up the good work and thanks for the NJ Super Bowl

  25. If you made the owners as much money as Roger has, you’d want a bonus too. So what? Sorry folks, but this is the way the world works, period. And if you think being commisioner of the NFL is trained-monkey work, just take a gander at the NHL or the NBA and you’ll appreciate that a perfectly good thing can be screwed up royally. I was railing against the owners during the lockout for all I was worth, but the bottom line is that as a fan, I didn’t miss even one regular season game. Say what you want, but Roger was pretty much the guy that made it happen.

  26. One thousand seven hundred college educated,supposedly, currently employed players in the NFL and they can’t figure out how to run their league to benefit themselves the most. Sounds like they choose it this way.

  27. It is hilarious reading comments about how “bad” Goodell is at his job. The NFL is making money hand over fist. Goodell is doing an amazing job. He is obviously the best commishioner in the US today and on the short list of greatest commishioners in sports history. He’s helped to transform the NFL into the most talked about pieces of entertainment media.

    He’s hated by most fans and players, but that hate is manufactured to some extent and is also a reason for the NFL’s recent success. The NFL has found that controversies and conspiracies fuel profits in today’s Twittersphere and he’s leveraged the changing times like a master. He’s so ahead of the curve right now it isn’t funny. He’s also a strong business strategist just in the X’s and O’s of selling merch and seats.

    He really is a phenomonal commishioner and business mind. Unreal how good he is. Profits are through the roof and they are dominating right now. The part he plays as the villian is one of the most talked about storylines in their sport. He’s going to be here as long as he wants to be and the NFL owners will love every minute of it.

    $30 mil is less than he’s worth and he’ll probably command more in the future.

  28. In fairness to Roger Goodell, he had to make up for that $1.00 per month salary he accepted during the holdout.

  29. People have to consider that this really is on the low side compared with other CEO’s pay for major F.500 companies. Some of those CEOs make 100’s of millions in compensation, and they also get the added plus of stock options etc. No stock in NFL – so $30m is a deal.

    I know that is hard to believe.

  30. The monster is growing… Soon Goodell will be like one of those steroided out weightlifter pictures where very muscle is grotesquely inflated.
    Goodell did not create the NFL. We, the fans, did.

  31. Hold on really? Do people defending Roger really think the league couldn’t find another competent smart individual in this country that could do the job Goodell did just as well for far less than $30 million? He doesn’t have some kind of specialized skill that only a handful of people in the country can competently do like QB. The NFL practically prints its own money. All the Commissioner has to do is avoid f–ing up. BooBoo the clown could have been commissioner and they still would have signed multi billion dollar TV deals….still would have been able to hose the players on the labor deal and still would have been able to pinch pennies from their refs. Give me a break.

  32. miriam needs to learn the rules. players can’t be cut while they’re injured. they can agree to an injury settlement, but not allowed to be cut just because they’re injured.

  33. 6thsense79:

    Why stop there? Do you really think the NFL couldn’t find people who could provide nearly the same game play quality as the current players who get millions? We all enjoy NCAA football, and really the NFL could just say we are paying players a max of $500k per year and they would still have loaded teams. In fact, the existing players today WOULD end up playing for that range since no other league in the world pays anything else.

    So why not do that? It fits your logic. Maybe they should, but they dont.

  34. It’s too bad they had to lay off all those office employees a year ago or so, just so he could reel in all that dough himself.

  35. I’d do the job for 5% of what this walking turd took down in 2012. I’d save the league a lot of money by canning half the lawyers and all of Goodell’s butt-kissers. My butt-kissers would work for less than his, too.

  36. I can certainly understand all the hate for Goodell, but if I’m an owner, this is exactly the kind of guy I want being the commissioner of my league. He isn’t afraid of being the bad guy and makes all the tough decisions. He takes a whole heap of crap from everyone, and the article is right, the league has done nothing but flourish with him at the helm.

  37. I don’t see the owners complaining so I don’t understand why so many people are hating on
    Roger. I guess you fellas would turn the money down.

  38. Come on now, Roger is only slightly over paid. So they gave him $29.3 million more then he earned. Give him a break.

  39. What’s the response you hear whenever somebody says a player “isn’t worth it”? – that you are worth whatever someone is willing to pay you?

    The owners – you know, the billionaires – are paying, and they have spoken.

  40. Yea let’s all bash Goodell over his salary. For $40 mil, I’ll gladly be the guy that every NFL fan and player hates. Just like Goodell, I wouldn’t lose an ounce of sleep either.

  41. Agree with the non-haters here.

    It comes to about 900K per team. Ave profit per team is probably $20-25M. That’s chump change for the owners not having to take the abuse he takes from players, fans and media. If it wasn’t him getting the heat, it would be the owners. And they don’t want it. They gladly pay this price.

  42. despotism is as despotism does…he earned it because they GAVE it to him – draw whatever parallels you will…

  43. He’s done a lot for the league. The fines are a little outta hand and the referee-ing needs to be seriously looked at as far as the on field side of football.

  44. He worked his way up to the top. A lot of angry, jealous posts that are really saying they wish were as successful as him.

  45. To all of you who think that he is the reason the NFL is so successful how many times have you wanted to watch a good football game and thought the reason why is because of what Goodell has done to “improve” the game.

    I can’t think of one thing that Goddell has done that makes the game more enjoyable, can you? Don’t give me this “safer” BS because that’s exactly what it is, and don’t even get me started on the whole bountygate facade that was blown way out of proportion just to cover the NFL’s collective a**es.

    People love American football and it doesn’t make a damn difference who the commissioner is unless they are changing the rules of the game to benefit those in power (oh wait that is what he’s doing) and looking for scapegoats to blame the problems of the sport (oh yeah he did that too).

    He is not an honorable man.

  46. Too bad Roger Goodell is not good at his job. If he was, then profits could be up to double, and he would deserve a bonus in excess of $100MM per year. Oh well. Back to enjoying the greatest game on earth at 50% capacity of the max potential.

  47. The owners used reverse psychology on the players, like I do with 6 year old. They said we need 52% of everything and the players said NO! WE WANT 50% of TV money, and you can have 52% of the rest. The owners expressed mock disbelief then agreed. And the rest is player disappointment for 10 years.

  48. The NFL would be even more popular without Goodell. He has severely smeared the leagues integrity. The ONLY good thing he has done is scheduled more division games at the end of the season.
    Goodell’s league mismanagment is the sole reason I have almost lost all interest. The game is no longer competetive. All offense, BS fines, horrible officiating, inconsistency. Those are Goodell’s legacy. The league will continue to grow due to it’s trendiness. Casual fans will fade away eventually I would think.

  49. As we all know, this is just not right. He’s the poster child for greed, and fabricating safety villains to distract attention away from himself.

  50. I really don’t think the NFL is nearly as profitable as people think. I bet it would rank fairly low in terms of net profits on the Fortune 500 index. If an entire team is valued around $1billion, then both Apple and Microsoft make enough money per year to buy all the teams just with their profits.

    The B2 bomber is $1.5billion per jet, and so we have over the value of the entire NFL in that 1 single plane type.

    The NFL is more for fun with these owners.

  51. The NFL is the most successful and best-managed sports league in the world,” Falcons owner and compensation committee chair Arthur Blank in a prepared statement. “This is in no small part due to Roger’s leadership and the value he brings to the table in every facet of the sport and business of the league. His compensation reflects that.”

    this has nothing to do with the leadership abilities of Roger Goodell, the league was already popular and growing before he he became commissioner. actually it may become less popular if he continues to try to micromanage how the gm is played. let the players who made this gm what it is now is play. nobody believes you Roger when you say player safety is your first concern so stop the charade.

  52. This is just a sports league for crying out loud. Without the NFL our country would get along just fine. They don’t build cars or tractors, build roads or airplanes, grow food or provide medical care. In other words, they are useless. It’s a game. They are bottom feeders in America. .

  53. Obviously his bosses think he’s doing fine. I’m satisfied with the job he has done. I think he’s truly interested in the fans, just not all the booger eaters who whine about him making his money off fines when we all know that money goes to charity or corn dog smellin’ Saint fans.

  54. Incompetence is once again rewarded. He should run for political office since he’s already experienced at getting paid for doing a crappy job.

  55. If the NFL owners only had the wisdom of Goodell’s detractors in this site, maybe they could have been successful businessmen.

  56. “And that should make it clear to everyone what kind of profits they’re making.”

    Feels like I am reading an article in the “Daily Worker” every time I hear PFT talk about what someone else is making.

  57. “The NFL is the most successful and best-managed sports league in the world,” Falcons owner and compensation committee chair Arthur Blank in a prepared statement.

    They’re so successful, yet they still cry poor when they are demanding that the taxpayers fund their lavish stadiums.

  58. “As a part owner of the Packers, I don’t recall approving this kind of compensation…”

    Probably because your “stock” is a worthless piece of paper.

  59. RELATIVELY SPEAKING, the players are getting screwed. Contracts that can be terminated at any time. People are praising the Bears for paying Knox for a year after his injury while I say how can they get away with killing the last year of his contract when he suffered a career ending injury on the field. And this bozo gets 30 million…….

  60. Can Packers owners do anything about this?
    Oh yeah. That’s right. It’s just a crummy worthless piece of paper that is meaningless.

  61. How much does Tags get to clean up Goodell’s messes? I don’t think a botched bountygate investigation, replacement ref disaster, extended lockout, etc make Goodell a top performer.

  62. Ya the NFL Network is not successful, negotiating a very good deal for the owners is not successful, being the bad guy for culture change in the sport is not successful, TV rights are not successful.

    Not sure what you haters are seeing, but if you delude yourself that you could have delivered those things for the owners, your very mistaken.

    People that can lead teams that big, are leading them.

  63. I have no doubt that he is a brilliant businessman. However, he is ruining the sport itself with the pushing of certain rule changes. Let him manage things in the office, not on the field.

  64. I don’t agree with Thursday night football, in fact I don’t like it at all especially the first game of the year. I don’t agree with moving the first round of the draft to Thursdays just to create more revenue, it should’ve been kept on weekends. But this man has to babysit this league of grown adults and it’s embarrassing to say the least. All the excuses that are made by the media and the public so these men can be above the law and make asses of themselves and get away with it. Goodell has more than earned his money, who else of us would want to babysit a bunch of overgrown assclowns-go ahead make some more excuses. I love football but I get sick and tired of grown men who can’t control their actions or their mouths.

  65. IS this a Bad Joke or something what morons thought it was gonna be a good idea for FRAUDGER pun intended to earn more for what he does than who? the president and any doctor teacher C’mon now this idiot shouldnt be makin 30 mill a year. what a shame

  66. This would suggest that the NFL players union left a great deal of dough on the table if Goodell is worth 30 mil. to the owners. Without endorsements was there any NFL player who made 30 mil last year? No sure but I don’t think so.

  67. I had forgotten the whole Johnny Knox matter. The fellow will never play again and the Bears can cut him without paying him the last year of a 1.3 million deal and Goodell makes 30 mill for last year? Regardless of what you think about Goodell if you think that’s OK you’re lost with me.

  68. peytonsneck18 says:
    Feb 15, 2013 3:52 PM
    All those fines handed out help pays his BALLIN a$$ salary!! Im in the wrong line of work! !!
    Holy Crap… Peytonsneck finally said something halfway intelligent! Congrats

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