Rick Perry would love to bring the Chargers to San Antonio


When the issue of relocating the Chargers from San Diego arises, the two-word city that always gets mentioned is the city where the franchise was founded:  Los Angeles.

But if the Bolts decided to bolt their current home, the Governor of Texas would be interested in having them swap the “Diego” for “Antonio.”

Rick Perry recently addressed with U-T San Diego the possibility of the Chargers moving to the Alamodome.

You’d have to ask the Spanos family,” Perry said.  “Dean is a good friend and I would be lying if I didn’t tell you, come to Texas and we would love to have their athletic club there.  But there’s a family whose been there forever.  If it gets so difficult for them to be able to operate, that’s always an option, but again you’d have to ask them.  I have no indication that the Chargers are going to be coming to Texas anytime soon.”

The Chargers have an annual window within which they can break their lease at Qualcomm Stadium, for a price that drops every year.  The Chargers already have informed San Diego that they won’t be leaving in 2013.But the suitability of the stadium coupled with an inability to sell all of the tickets to the team’s home games has made San Diego a challenging venue.

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  1. San Antonio is dying for a NFL team. Sports is huge in San Antone. The market is ready.

    Chargers would be followed heavily. They could stay in the AFC west as well.

    San Antonio Chargers sounds cool!

  2. Texas has the death penalty.. who knew choking was their preferred method of capital punishment..


    now the Chargers??

  3. That’s not going to happen. If the League wouldn’t let the Saints relocate when Benson wanted to move them, they’re not going to allow the charges to come to Texas. Besides that, I’m betting if it’s anywhere it will be LA

  4. San Antonio would be a great place for a football team. And with California slowing falling apart (economically) and Texas on the rise, it seems like only a matter of time.

  5. What’s made San Diego a challenging venue has been years of ownership and management incompetence. People will forgive falling short, but they won’t be drawn to or motivated by stupidity.

  6. “Well let’s see…they could move to San Antonio…they could move to Austin…and there’s a third big city in Texas that doesn’t have a team…but I can’t remember its name.”

  7. Wasn’t the Chargers one of the Government Departments Gov Perry was gonna shut down if elected president? Department of Education, Department of Commerce, oh crap I can’t Remember!! The Chargers, that’s right!! What a tool box!! Texas Sucks Balls

  8. neovenator250 says:
    Feb 16, 2013 12:21 AM
    There are already too many states with more than 2 franchises. Really don’t need another one

    You realize by going to Texas they would just be swapping states? California, which currently has 3, would go to 2 and Texas would go to 3.

  9. San Antonio does have a ready made NFL stadium that would only need minor renovations compared to the massive costs of building a stadium in other cities, it’s about the same size media market as cities like Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, and Kansas City, and Texas is the most football crazed state there is, so there’s that. Plus they’ve shown through their support of the Spurs for decades that they have a good fan base. That said, I think LA is probably higher on the NFL radar and if the Chargers were to move, it would be LA. But a team like Jacksonville down the road? They could be a good target and you wouldn’t need to switch divisions since they’d still be in the south.

  10. Isn’t San Antonio one of the larger metro areas in the country? I mean, football is almost a religion in Texas. I think SA could support a team.

  11. I checked…SA has more people than several cities that have a team…cincy, Cleveland, buffalo, New Orleans etc

  12. San Antonio has tried to attract an NFL team for decades–since the 1970s. The best they ever did was the USFL’s San Antonio Gunslingers in 1984 and 1985. Attendance was 15,000 per game the first year, and less than 12,000 the last year.

    The main issue was and likely still is a matter of demographics, and especially economics. San Antonio is big in population, but its large population does not compare financially with the likes of Dallas and Houston.

  13. lol at the mouth-breather who said
    “with California falling apart, and Texas on the rise…”

    California isn’t falling apart, and Texas is still and agricultural mecca but far from rising. San Diegans have better things to do than paint their faces for a mediocre product. This isn’t Kansas City.

  14. hor2012 says:
    Feb 15, 2013 11:23 PM
    That’s not going to happen. If the League wouldn’t let the Saints relocate when Benson wanted to move them, they’re not going to allow the charges to come to Texas. Besides that, I’m betting if it’s anywhere it will be LA

    The league can’t stop a team from moving, Al Davis proved that decades ago.

  15. The Chargers would not want to go there.

    That’s Cowboy country (I’ve been there) and they would not want to leave the beaches for “The Alamo”.

    No one in their right mind would decline L.A. for San Antonio.

  16. if the Chargers don’t, some other team will. San Antonio would be perfect.

    And yes, California is falling apart… Why would any free agent want give away half his salary?

  17. “we would love to have their athletic club there.” That’s a positively Romneyesque remark. – mutilating the language until it screams.

  18. San Antonio seems to be like the girlfriend you pay attention to in order to make your steady girlfriend jealous.

    When Tom Benson was toying with the idea of moving to SA after Katrina, there was the issue of whether Texas could take on a third NFL franchise.

    The concern was from the Dallas Cowboys and the Houston Texans as to what financial impact a third team would have on their revenues in terms of TV and fanbase.

    Tom Benson was looking at massive repairs to the infrastructure of his kingdom and desperately needed funding and concessions from the state and the Feds to get it done. The idea of moving to SA provided the leverage he needed to get those concessions.

    What does SA offer the Chargers’ franchise that SD does not? Do the Chargers need leverage for something?

  19. San Antonio has more than enough people to sell out a stadium every week, the city has well over one million people, far more than cities like Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Buffalo, etc… The problem is that S.A. is a relatively poor city compared to Dallas and Houston. You could sell a lot of tickets, but not for very high prices. And you also wouldn’t be able to sell many luxury boxes or club seats. More importantly, there aren’t a lot of corporations located near S.A., so it would be tough to sell corporate sponsorships and ads. The lack of corporate support or expensive luxury boxes or club seats would make it hard for a team to be viable there. You would also have to deal with the fact that a lot of people in the area are longtime Dallas Cowboys fans, and may not want to switch their allegiance

  20. Football to Texas, is like hockey to Canada. It only makes sense, if the owners are worried about selling tickets and actually having the fans support the team. Besides I don’t know how many times this past season we’ve all heard of shootings and stabbing come from the California teams home games. It’s obvisously not safe to attend games in sunny Cal. Move them make money, make the games safe for fans. Everybody wins and no one in San Diego will notice. Besides they will actually get to watch the Chargers games on T.V.

  21. I really hate it when these threads turn political. I watch sports to escape the real world, not got slapped in the face by it. Besides, politics (much like religion), has a way of turning people who would normally like each other into bitter enemies. Not to mention how annoyingly self-righteous people can get over both subjects regardless of which side they take.

    As for the Chargers moving to San Antonio, as a Chargers’ fan, if the Chargers have to move, I would find it much easier supporting them if they moved to San Antonio. I don’t think I would still be a fan if they moved to Los Angeles. LA has already had two chances with NFL teams and they both ended up moving.

    I don’t know if San diego would want to keep the “Chargers” name or not. If not, the lightning bolt could easily be changed to a soldier on a horse.

  22. It will be a lot easier to field a competitive team…not sure how any CA pro sports team is going to draw free agents with the top rate state income tax of 13%

  23. Of course he’s good friends with the Spanos family. So are the Bush’s. The San Diego UT and the Spanos family are the last of the right wing big contributors that are finally being recognized as irrelevant in Southern California. The Chargers will never be any good as long as the Spanos family owns the team.

  24. I’ve always thought San Antonio would make a good NFL city. They’ve been close to a few relocations & they were in the 93 expansion race. I see At some point next 5/8 years one of the Rust Belt teams Will probably look at relocating to San Antonio.

  25. bluestar4ever…

    The Median household income of Davidson County, TN (Nashville) is $46,737.

    The Median household income of Bexar County, TX (San Antonio) is $48,083.

    Nashville has sold out LP Field for 13 straight years.

    You talk about corporate support in San Antonio? Between the San Antonio/Austin areas of South/Central Texas, there are 7 Fortune 500 companies.

    There are only 2 Fortune 500 companies in California that are south of Newport Beach.

    You have no idea what you’re talking about!

  26. With the low wages paid in San Antonio, a team would be lucky to fill half of the seats. NFL tickets cost a lot more than high school football tickets.

  27. ytownjoe…

    The median household income for Bexar County, TX (San Antonio) is $48,083.

    To compare to a few other NFL franchises…

    Davidson County, TN (Nashville) $46,737
    Hillsborough County, FL (Tampa) $50,195
    Duval County, FL (Jacksonville) $49,964
    Harris County, TX (Houston) $52,675
    Tarrant County, TX (Arlington) $56,178
    Orleans Parish, LA (New Orleans $37,325
    Cuyahoga County, OH (Cleveland) $44,088
    Hamilton County, OH (Cincinnati) $49,218
    Allegheny County, PA (Pittsburgh) $49,805
    Wayne County, MI (Detroit) $41,866

    Need I go on?

    The residents of California have a high median income, but what you fail to realize while running down the income of those living in San Antonio, TX, is that our cost of living is about 100 times lower than yours. Our money stretches further and we SUPPORT our teams. Enjoy a California with only two football teams.

  28. San Antonio is a natural for an NFL team of that there is no question. The city will eventually pick up a team because the NFL goes where the money resides and San Antonio has plenty of money. Add to that the fact that South Texas is football crazed and moving the Chargers there suddenly becomes a great business deal if nothing else. And even if the Chargers franchise ends up staying in California another team will most likely move to SA in the upcoming years. It’s a financial no-brainer.

  29. Dear Rick:

    Here in Utah we call athletic clubs that have 40 players and use an odd shaped inflated pigskin “Football Teams” Sincerely,

    Your old pal, Mitt ROmney

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