Spielman says Vikings have “no intent” to trade Percy Harvin

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Last week, Vikings G.M. Rick Spielman tiptoed around the question of whether he wants receiver Percy Harvin on the team in 2013.  On Friday, Spielman was clear on one point.

He has no plans to trade Harvin to another team.

Speaking to a small group of reporters, Spielman said the Vikings have “no intent” to trade Harvin.

The key words are the words in quotes.  “No intent.”

Intent can change.  Especially if someone offers the Vikings a package of picks and/or players that could prompt intent to change.

The Vikings can’t maximize the return for Harvin if the other 31 teams think that the Vikings want to dump him.  But they’ll either have to trade him or pay him.  Otherwise, they’ll have to deal with a holdout that could, in theory, extend all the way to Week 10 of the regular season.

For now, it sounds like the Vikings aren’t thinking about paying him.  Spielman said he expects Harvin to be at training camp.

Regardless of whether and to what extent Harvin was a headache in the past, he’s destined to become one soon, unless he gets a new contract.

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  1. I really hope the Vikings and Harvin can find a way to work this out. He does deserve to get paid like other Vikings veterans heading into the last year of their contract. He is a dynamic playmaker and very good compliment to Peterson. With those two, Kyle Rudolph and another play making receiver added either through free agency or the draft and this offense has the potential to be potent. Get er’ done!!!

  2. I guess you can pay him, but the next time he is unhappy with the team (probably by week 4), it will be weird how all of the sudden the migranes start back up, causing him to miss time.

  3. Harvin is overrated. I have said it before, he hasn’t had 1000 yards receiving in a season, and he hasn’t scored 10 TDs in a season.

    I don’t get where this giant contract is coming from.

  4. I have to believe this is somewhat damage control against Percy Harvin asking for $10mil. That lowered his trade value. Admitting you want to trade him lowers it even more. I just hope this problem solves itself before the draft. It is getting annoying. Trade him or sign him. My biggest fear is holdout because then the Vikings both get nothing in the form of a trade, and we don’t have him for the year anyways.

  5. They weren’t going to panic and reach with their first round pick either and they were going to pick the best player available on the board and then along came Ponder…………

  6. I haven’t seen this much time wasted on interpreting statements since Clinton’s impeachment proceedings. If he wrote this in stone someone would still say the carved font demonstrated an unwillingness to commit.

  7. Just don’t pay him $10mil either, or 9, or 8. There is no Viking fan that can honestly look in the mirror and say:

    1. Raising his salary by 3x times will help us be a SB champ. We are still missing key components…components that could be acquired via that extra $7mil.
    2. This guy has earned a contract equal to Adrian Peterson.

  8. Let’s say our passing game sucks this year then Percy was right. In another world let’s say ponder is a champ at what he does and connects with long effortless passes downfeild and Peterson has his best season yet, then percy harvin will wish he never left.

  9. Let Harvin hold out. Either he returns to the team by the deadline or this year doesn’t count and he is still just as far from Free Agency as he is right now.

    If he returns and causes disruption then suspend him…and again he will be no closer to Free Agency then he is right now. (plus his future contract will take a hit as even more teams will shy away from another Owens)

    If Harvin really wants to leave then let him do so once we (the Vikings) are totally out of reasonable options.

    That means wait until we have franchised him once…and maybe even twice….and only franchise him when we absolutely must.

    If on the other hand our front office doesn’t think he will give the Vikings any trouble then feel free to pay the man now and make him a Viking for life.

    No matter what….DO NOT TRADE him. There is no way we will get value in return for him.

    I would much rather have him sit at home and watch the NFL on TV because he is holding out or suspended for conduct detrimental to the team then to watch him lead another team deep into the playoffs or even worse the superbowl while we (the Vikings) get some shlep in the 2nd round that “might” turn out to be a future star but almost for a certainty will not ever be close to the talent that Harvin is and probably the replacement guy we get in the draft won’t even be in the league in a few years.

    Just keep saying “NO”.

  10. People who are saying harvin is over rated need to get their facts straight. Percy has been argueable the best kick returner in the NFL over the past two seasons. He also plays half back when peterson needs a break and makes finding holes in the line easy. He also is one of the best run blockers in the league as well as the most aggresive. Yes he has missed 10 games in his career but he not injury prone as 7 of the games were last year due to torn legamints in his ankle. And the other three were because of migranes which have since been non existent since they found a way to get rid of it

  11. Percy is a Viking for at least another 3 years unless the Vikings decide otherwise. 1 year left on contract, franchise tag, franchise tag.

  12. Pay him. Pay that man his money.

    Getting just a 2nd round pick for Harvin isn’t enough. Just pay him and roll your eyes when he whines and throws weights and yells and then release the beast on game day.

  13. You think a team that had guys like Moss, and Carter. Would better understand giving out big contracts to WRs that actually produce.

    I understand Harvin’s argument he is going to point at his overall yards, and say look at the production.

    Randall Cobb has produced well in a similar roll.

  14. The key to public relations when it comes to this sort of thing is to tell the truth about 50% of the time. If you usually lie or usually tell the truth, then you let other teams know your intentions and put yourself and your team at a competitive disadvantage.

    I personally believe that the Vikings do want to keep Harvin. They need WR help and Percy knows the system. I think the key is whether or not Percy wants to stay and if Percy feels he can move on from whatever the problems are, even if the coach and QB are still in place.

    While Percy has had issues, he’s overall been a good team mate. He comes to camp in terrific shape, practices hard, plays like a maniac, and helps his team win. The guys in the locker room like him and want him there.

    Hopefully he can accept playing for a crappy QB on a run first team with a coach that doesn’t share his volatile personality.

  15. I sure wish the Rams had the cap space to trade for him. Amendola and Gibson are probably gone and he would make a great WR to line up with across from Chris Givens. Not to mention he would give them a dynamic kick returner that the Rams haven’t had in god knows how long

  16. I’m assuming they are just holding this out there until training camp to see if they get any bites from other teams.

    If they don’t, I have a feeling they will offer him a good contract (not as big as Fitz) but definitely reasonable.

    We need to keep our good players, and Percy is easily #1 playmaker on offense.

    Vikes have the cap space.

  17. Bleedinpurple, how can you say you think harvin is the top playmaker on an offense with the reigning NFL MVP who just came up less than 10 yards shy of the single season rushing record? A guy who can run for almost 300 yards in a game is going to be the top playmaker on pretty much any offense, whether its a current team or some of the most prolific offenses in NFL history. He would have been arguably the best playmaker even on the 18-1 patriots team and they had Tom Brady and Randy Moss. That was a crazy statement you made lol.

  18. smithopher,

    I have to think the guy was referring only to passing targets. It would be a little insane to put Harvin above a guy who just put up 6 yards a carry and 2000 yards against defenses hell bent on stopping him.

  19. northfootball89 says: Feb 15, 2013 3:11 PM

    People who are saying harvin is over rated need to get their facts straight. Percy has been argueable the best kick returner in the NFL over the past two seasons.

    So what the Bears had who I would think is the best KR ever. They didn’t need to back an armored truck to keep him.

    If hes good as a spell back, then why waste a 2nd rounder on Gerhart in the next draft.

    I believe he gave in the year Chilly was coach, and guys like Berrian and Moss, have probably put some input on his mentality.

    If they didn’t the fan base sure has, but its ironic, because you are the same ones that will turn around and call a guy like Aaron Rodgers a whiner, and he’s a Superbowl Champion.

  20. Proof is in the picture. Spielman has the new logo on his jacket so that means he’s willing to spend the money to keep Harvin. That is the new logo right? He was a great pianist!

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