Tannenbaum thinks Tebow will succeed “or die trying”


The failed Tim Tebow deal isn’t the only reason Mike Tannenbaum is a former general manager now, but the old Jets boss is still defending the Jets backup quarterback, saying he still thinks he can succeed.

During the appearance on the NFL Network in which he said he regretted the Mark Sanchez extension, Tannenbaum held firm on his belief in Tebow.

“This is a guy who was successful in high school, won championships in college, and he’s the type of person who’s either going to be successful as a pro quarterback or die trying,” Tannenbaum said, via the Newark Star-Ledger. “He’s highly competitive. Obviously there’s some skills he has to work on. He has to be a more consistent thrower from the pocket, we all know that; the accuracy. But with that, there are things he does bring to the table.”

We’ll find out in the coming weeks if anyone agrees with him. There can’t be a trade market for him, not with the Jaguars publicly disavowing him as soon as general manager Dave Caldwell got the chance.

So if/when the Jets cut him, he’ll be free for anyone to take a chance on. You can’t rule out the Patriots bringing him around, because of Josh McDaniels’ presence and Bill Belichick’s tendency to take otherwise unwanted guys to prove he can make use of them. But beyond that, it’s hard to find many quarterback depth charts that would be upgraded by his addition.

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  1. It blows my mind that he didn’t get one chance to start in New York. He definitely would have been a better option at QB in Arizona this past season than anyone they were throwing out there. Tebow deserves a chance.

  2. Is it really any wonder that the Jets are/were such a trainwreck with someone like Tannenbaum in charge? Worst GM personnel guy I’ve ever seen. It almost makes you feel sorry for them. Almost.

  3. I still don’t understand the Patriots talk. Yes, McDaniels drafted Tebow, but after working with him in person refused to let him in the field. He had a first-hand look at what a terrible player Tebow is and how he’s the most divisive player in the league. You could even argue that Tebow got McDaniels fired.

    And I really don’t think the Pats are looking for ways to get Tom Brady off the field for 10-20 plays per game.

    This Tebow-to-NE stuff makes no sense!

  4. If he played FB and special teams he would be in the league for 10 years, barring injury.

    It’s time for his “people” to let go of the QB experiment and allow this kid to just play the game. It seems to me he might have a few too many people in his ear, not to mention all the praying he does.

    There could be a few too many voices bouncing around in his head.

  5. Wonder if Tebow’s skill set, would be a good fit in Chip Kelly’s offense, in Philadelphia ? This guy turned around the Broncos season two years ago, and beat the Steelers in the playoffs.

  6. If Andy Reid can make Mike Vick work in the West Coast Offense, why can’t he do the same with Tebow?

    Sign him, Chiefs.

  7. I would definitely like to see him start for a team somewhere.. at least then, the media will actually have something to report on regarding him, rather than pumping out thousands of stories that state “Tebow – still a backup”

  8. Well, I am NO Tebow fan by ANY means; quite the contrary. But the kid is a very good to excellent athlete. Just play another position and you should be fine.

  9. I’m sick of everyone pretending like this is a league of elite quarterbacks. There are only 3-5 elite QB’s. Half the teams in the league have a serious QB problem. A quarter of the QB’s each season become injured and can’t play. The NFL is full of Ryan Lindley type QB’s. Every NFL team is forced to take on projects. There just isn’t enough depth at the QB position.

  10. Sad actually. He’s a really good guy. He didn’t create the media circus around him, the media did because of his personality and the Cinderella story in Denver two years ago.

    That being said he could probably stay in the league if he changed his goals and switched positions. Notice I didn’t say give up his goals, just change them.

  11. Man if Tebow becomes the backup to Brady, Brady will become even less replaceable than he already is.

    Also, Tebow’s religious zealotry just won’t fly here in New England like it might down south. We prefer our sports folk to play their game and keep their mouths shut. See Tim Thomas and how reviled he is here in New England. Same with Schilling, who blew all kinds of goodwill with his loudmouthed politicking.

    That said, if I was Brady’s O-line, and I knew Tebow was one ACL away from becoming the starting QB of the Pats, I’d probably start taking my job even more seriously.

  12. In order for Tebow to become a legit NFL quarterback, he’s going to need playing time behind center, as a regular QB, running regular pass plays. Unfortunately for him, that doesn’t seem likely to happen anywhere in the NFL.

    If Denver had allowed him to stay and learn behind Manning, it would have been the perfect situation for him; he’d have been a backup in a place where he’d actually gotten some results as a starter.

    Tebow’s hope of playing QB is suffering from the same plight as Joe Webb of the Vikings; both need more playing time at that position to get better, and neither is going to get it. Both could stay in the league by playing other positions, and neither will likely get a shot to play QB full-time again. Both these guys could go to the CFL and probably play very well there as QBs.

  13. “Also, Tebow’s religious zealotry just won’t fly here in New England like it might down south. We prefer our sports folk to play their game and keep their mouths shut.”

    You also prefer your sports folk to cheat so Tebow won’t fly there for sure.

  14. cuda1234 says: I still don’t understand the Patriots talk. And I really don’t think the Pats are looking for ways to get Tom Brady off the field for 10-20 plays per game. This Tebow-to-NE stuff makes no sense!


    No one is suggesting the Patriots would use him as a QB or take Brady off the field for even one play.

    They’d use him as a FB for a hand-off or screen pass then let him run – occasionally running a reverse where he might look for an open receiver.

    THAT’S how Tebow could effectively be used. Puzzling that the Jets never even tried that once.

    But since Tebow wants to be a QB, not an FB, he’s likely not going to land in NE. (CFL may be more likely than that)

  15. If no NFL or CFL teams takes a flyer with him, there’s probably at least one Arena League team that would take him just so they could sell more tickets

  16. After the Haynesworth and Ochocino flops I’m not so sure Darth Belichick would take on Tebow. Especially since wherever Tebow goes there’s going to be a lot of unwanted attention by the media.

  17. “it’s hard to find many quarterback depth charts that would be upgraded by his addition.”

    Umm…no it’s not.

    I would give Tebow a shot over these guys:

    Bruce Gradkowski
    Byron Leftwich
    Matt Cassel
    John Skelton
    Blaine Gabbert
    Joe Webb
    Caleb Hanie
    Terrell Pryor
    Brady Quinn
    Derek Anderson
    Kellen Clemens

    …and probably more. Tebow has an 8-6 record as a starter, has a 75.3 passer rating, is an excellent athlete, has a great attitude, and has won a playoff game. That’s a better resume than most NFL backups.

  18. if Tebow continues to insist his success needs to be as a starting QB…

    it’s gonna be “Die Trying”….

    when the Jets skipped over him on benching Sanchez…. that killed Tebow’s QB career….

    everyone knows now that he looked so bad in practice as to convince the coaches that there was NO way he could QB AT ALL….

  19. So since Tebow can’t throw, he’s supposed to go to the CFL or AFL where they throw the ball on every play? That makes as much sense as Josh McDaniels taking him back in NE to give Brady some time off!

  20. Akso the person who said there are only 5 elite QBs is right. They are Aaron Rogers, Drew Brees, Joe Flacco, Peyton Manning, and Eli Manning. Tom Brady was but getting too old.

  21. I never cease to be amazed at how “inside the box” people are. Throw them something that doesn’t fit or match what they already “know” nor believe, and 99 times out of a hundred they’ll reject it. TT’s an entity that defies your typical box, and uncreative minds will never get it–or him.

    Try this: I don’t care if you call him a fullback or whatever you like, but put the guy on the field FOR THE WHOLE GAME (to the extent anyone is ever on the field “all the time.” Put him right there beside the traditional quarterback most of the time–one side or the other, or behind him, or ANYWHERE ELSE POSSIBLE!!! Oh, excuse me–before you do that, devise a book of plays so outside the box that no opponent will know what to expect. Leave the guy in there all the time, and start by–for better or worse–using him enough to let opponents know they have to pay attention to him–and no opponent will ever be sure if the “traditional”quarterback is going to do something “normal” or TT might run, throw, or both. And how about some downfield monkeybusiness (think Aussie rules.) Yes–all the guys at the pro level are good. Even the “worst” is good and fast and strong by most any standard. So why not somebody–SOMEBODY!! have guts enough to challenge the freaking status quo?!

  22. As a long time Jets fan, I’ll never understand nor forgot how the Jets didn’t use Tebow enough. When he came in for one play, you knew what the play was.
    What a shock!

    As far as his rep as having bad practices , Tebow probably flourishes in those “adrenaline” moments in games, as in Denver where he made the most of broken down plays, or runs that required his “all”.

    A mess from Woody to Tanny to Rex to Tony.

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