Torell Troup compares his injury to Johnny Knox’s

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One of the biggest draft blunders committed by the Buffalo Bills in recent years came with the 41st pick in the 2010 draft.

That’s defensive tackle Torell Troup.  Who was taken one spot before the Pats plucked tight end Rob Gronkowski.

After appearing in 15 games as a rookie and six in 2011, Troup hasn’t played at all, due to a back injury.  Via the Bills’ official website, Troup has compared his situation to the career-ending back injury suffered in December 2011 by former Bears receiver Johnny Knox.  Specially, Troup says they had the “same injury.”

But there are more differences than similarities.  Troup, as explained by, had a herniated disc removed and suffered a fracture of the spine.  Knox had spinal fusion surgery and nerve damage.

Apart from the medical distinctions, Knox’s injury falls into the Theismann category of gruesome football incidents.  If Troup wants to create sympathy for his own struggles, trying to hitch his wagon to Knox is more likely to create scorn.

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  1. Having a disc removed is MAJOR surgery.

    VERY stupid to throw the scorn word at him. Makes him uninformed, perhaps. The guy might be talking pain level and risk levels and shouldn’t be apologizing because his injury was not You -tube worthy.

  2. Am I missing something? The guy might never play again due to back injury and you call him out because his injury isn’t exactly the same? Pretty harsh man.

  3. Seriously? The guy wasn’t out looking for sympathy or trying to “hitch his wagon to Knox”. He simply tweeted his surprise that Knox was retiring follow the same injury and procedure to remove a disc. It obviously wasn’t exactly the same, but it surprised him that Knox had to retire. He also said he wanted to get in touch with Knox to learn more about his injury.

    I love that you just try to create some story here about Troup trying to garner some sympathy. Typical stirring of an empty pot out of you. Those were harmless tweets filled with surprised and a desire to talk more about his injury with a player who faced the same issues.

  4. I’d like to see YOU simply move around after having a disc removed, let alone play football! specially as a D-lineman with your hand in the ground all the time. it has to be killer on the back already!

  5. Though I don’t think that any Scorn should be thrown his way, I do think Troup is trying to garner sympathy. After Pettine was hired, Torell was the first one to remind everyone he was still a Bill. And now he comes out with this.

    I have written him off. If he is recovered and delivers on some of the promise he had when he was drafted- bonus. But if he doesn’t get a roster spot this year I would not be surprised or disappointed. Maybe slightly disappointed since we need some beef to play in Pettine’s Defensive Scheme.

  6. Ever had a disc removed as well as a fracture in your spine Florio? Didn’t think so.

    Troup went on to say that he wanted to talk with Knox about their injuries and asked for anyone’s assistance in helping contact him.

    But yeah, it is a much more exciting read in making it sound like Troup was looking for sympathy and should be scorned for it. Grow up.

  7. A fractured spine is a very serious injury. It’s the type of injury where you’re happy if you can walk afterwards.

    btw, one of the reasons you may need spinal fusion surgery is fractures to the bones in your spine. Next time, take 30 seconds and google spinal fusion surgery before you spend thirty minutes making an… out of yourself.

  8. I don’t believe any scorn should be pointed at him for just trying to get in touch with Knox and discussing their trials. Might not be the same injury but both are severe. Pretty ignorant for you to jump to conclusions and assume he’s trying to draw attention from this situation when he’s stated he’s just wanted to get in contact with him to see what he’s been through.

  9. I had a disc removed two years ago and I still have sciatic pain every time I use the bathroom. I imagine playing in the NFL’s trenches is pretty rough after a surgery that is very much MAJOR.

  10. Also, they play a different position, Troup relies on his back 100 times more than a wide receiver.

  11. Is it just me or does anyone else find it strange that so many players become “injured” or just quit trying to play at a high level once they get a big fat payday from Old Man Wilson?

  12. Wow. Have you had a severe back or neck injury (or both)? A spinal injury? Ever been on the floor where you couldn’t move at all, totally helpless? Imagine extreme nerve pain and no medication or shot helped – nothing, just constant extreme pain. Do you know how it feels? I do. It’s debilitating.

    Does my spinal injury have to be YouTube worthy and gruesome to be taken seriously? If not does that mean I am looking for sympathy if I talk about it? Will I be scorned?

    It’s rare for someone to have a severe injury with their neck/back/spine and come out the way Peyton Manning did. Having such an injury is depressing and it can be a 24 hour job to just live. I’ll compare myself to Knox and Troup, though my situation is different and has it’s own context as does their health issues. Still I feel in the same boat. The only thing I feel for Troup is sympathy. Why? I don’t want anyone to feel that kind of pain, as I know it all too well.

  13. Mike,

    I get that a lot of these sort of stories are just dashed off as a way of throwing some meat to the hungry readers, but I think this one deserved a little more thought and consideration.

  14. The way Gronkis starting to break apart it might not be tht big a del anymore. 3 broken bones in less than 2 years for Gronk. Troup is squatting with weights, so I assume he’ll be good to go and the surgery was successful.

  15. “One of the biggest draft blunders”? Who knew that Gronkowski was going to be “all that” at pick #42. Apparently all of the previous 40 picks were the “biggest blunders” also. If Gronkowski was so highly thought of before the draft, why wasn’t he in the top 5 or 10?

  16. Draft blunder?

    Explain again, how it was a blunder when Gronk was hurt before the draft, and Troup was hurt after it?

    What position on the defense does Gronk play?

    Is there really a question whether or not the Bills needed defensive players (and still need them)?

    Look up draft blunder in the dictionary, it’ll be right next to a picture of Aaron Maybin.

    BTW Gronk’s not Gronk without Brady throwing to him. He would not have broke any records with Fitz.

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