Vikings plan to play two seasons at TCF Bank Stadium

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It will be colder at Vikings home games in 2014 and 2015.

Vikings vice president Lester Bagley announced Friday that the team intends to play the 2014 and 2015 seasons at TCF Bank Stadium while their new stadium is built on the grounds of the Metrodome. The Associated Press reports that the team hoped to play just one year outdoors, but it wasn’t feasible to begin construction on their new home with the old one still in place.

The Vikings’ temporary digs on the campus of the University of Minnesota hosted a game when the Metrodome’s roof collapsed due to a heavy snowfall. Other than that game, though, the Vikings haven’t hosted opponents in the elements since 1981.

Bagley also said that Mortensen Construction, the firm hired to build the stadium, would draw up plans for a retractable roof, wall or window to the stadium. He said the team was “very interested” in including that feature in the stadium and that a decision would likely be reached in 90 days.

Until that stadium’s built, though, there won’t be any choice in allowing Mother Nature to play a role on Sundays.

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  1. Looking forward to it, planning on getting season tickets to those games with my dad, who misses the outdoor games at the Met. For APs sake, though, I really hope they install some heat in that turf.

  2. As a Packer fan living in Mpls I could not be happier about this. For the first time in 16 years I want to go Packer Viking game here and watch it in a great outdoor stadium instead of an outdated crappy dome.

  3. Real football is played outdoors so this is good. The Vikes were always a lot tougher when they played out in the elements.

  4. 7ransponder says:
    Feb 15, 2013 2:20 PM
    Looking forward to it, planning on getting season tickets to those games with my dad, who misses the outdoor games at the Met. For APs sake, though, I really hope they install some heat in that turf.


    Im not positive but i remember hearing something about the Vikings having to install heating coils in the turf as part of the 2 year lease. Im with you 100% on that. they need heat in the turf bad.

  5. Outdoor football in Minnesota is really neat. That would give Viking a Green Bay like home field advantage if they played full-time in the elements.

  6. Maybe the Vikings front office and those responsible for designing and building the stadium will get the message after 2 years of playing outdoors…let’s return to our roots permanently, Vikings football in the elements is what many if not most Vikings fans want! How many times have the Vikings been to the SB since moving into the God-awful dome? Do you think moving indoors might have removed one of the main advantages the Vikings had previously, not to mention changing much of its culture and identity? AP will thrive in any environment, but he will be particularly effective in the cold, in the playoffs, when the run plays such a profound role. If we don’t keep this outdoors, it could be another 40 years before the Vikings get in the SB based on history in a dome/indoor stadium.

  7. I cannot wait! The game played there in 2010 was an absolute blast (even though it was a loss). Should be a very fun two years preparing for the new stadium. So long Humpty Dome!

  8. There won’t be much tread left on the tires by the time Adrian finally gets to move in to the new stadium. It seems a shame that he had to waste a perfectly good career in the worst facility in the NFL.

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  10. The 2015 season will also be the last season that a season ticket holder will not have to pay for a license to buy that similar seat in the new stadium. Gotta love it.

  11. Yahooo!!!!!! They are finally getting rid of that embarrassing econo-dome! That thing was built on the cheap, and was obsolete five minutes after it opened. Love outdoor football in December.

    That said, the dome has seen it’s moments. It hosted the longest run from scrimmage (Tony Dorsett – 99 yards), a 99 yard TD pass, the longest play in NFL history (109 yard return of missed FG), and AP’s 296 yard game. But I won’t miss it one iota.

  12. These might be two painful seasons.

    Unless we can use the weather to our advantage, but i’m not sure we will.

    All of our players are used to playing indoor, especially Ponder.

    I do see us improving in road games now though.

  13. Vikings 2014 home opponents
    New England
    NY Jets
    NFC East opponent that finishes in the same rank within their division that Vikings do

    Vikings 2015 home opponents
    St. Louis
    Kansas City
    San Diego
    NFC East opponent…

  14. Never understood why cold area teams would want a dome. I sure wouldn’t want my Saints to travel to New England, Chicago, Green Bay or even Buffalo in December or January. Heck, Minneapolis is probably the coldest NFL city. If mother nature can give you an edge, use it.

  15. joelvis72 says:Feb 15, 2013 2:47 PM

    According to Wikipedia, TCF’s seating capacity is 50,800.

    They’re adding temporary seating so all the season ticket holders can be accomodated. It will be very interesting for everyone to see what kind of seats they’re getting.

  16. Now Minneapolis is going to want a Super Bowl. The jetsetting crowd and 1%ers are going to be in for a rude surprise at the lack of QUALITY high end restaurants, lounges, and bars. There are some good places, but are Indianapolis/ Jacsonville- esque compared to the high number of great places to go to in Miami or New Orleans.

  17. Has anyone mentioned if TCF will be heating the field? I’d be interested to see what upgrades, if any, The Bank will be making.

  18. Granadafan sounds like hes actually been to Minneapolis and eaten at all of our restaurants. Ever heard of mannys fogo de chao chino Latinos the list goes on some of the best food around and I have been around the country

  19. I have not seen one comment from anyone OPPOSED to outdoor football, so why do roofed stadiums continue to be built? Because of the corporate fat cats who are too good to watch real outdoor football?

    Number of games for which the roof was open in Houston this year = 0

  20. Funny how people make a deal about winter games in Minnesota. This will matter for what, 2 maybe 3 home games or add 1 or 2 if they make the playoffs. AP will be fine in the stadium. By the time the Vikings play some of the offense will be shifting to passing anyway if Ponder continues to improve. The U of M HAS to make accommodation’s for the NFL in order to comply and let the Vikings in. And taxpayers are contributing minimal to building the new stadium, pulltabs are the main source of revenue…give it a rest loud mouth!

  21. as far as if the roof is retractable, the Wilf will open it and even in the winter. The roof is a requirement for the multiple other purposes used in the stadium from high school to small colleges to concerts, monster truck and tractor pulls, etc. People do’t know the Metrodome is a used year round for many events. The Wilf’s wanted an open air stadium from the get go and if a retractable roof works into the budget the Vikings will open it

  22. Nice to see the vikings and their fans outdoors – That’s how the NFC North should be…

    Now all we need are those doofus lions to get out of that dome…

    Domes, smh.

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